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Chapter 35: Meeting the Mind healer / Last Weekend 8/29-31

To say that Harry did not sleep well that night was an understatement. He did not sleep for more than an hour before he was screaming. Severus went into Harry's room and pulled Harry into his lap where he held the boy to calm him down. three more times that night Severus was awoke by his son's screams. Severus could not believe that the nightmares were breaking through the dreamless sleep he had given Harry. At 8:00 Lolly peeked her head in " Master, there be the Head Mistress here to sees you. She be saying it be important."

Severus told Lolly to let her in and show her into Harry's room. There was no way he was waking the boy now. Minerva walked in following the elf and looked at Severus on the bed holding Harry in his arms. Severus cast a silencing spell around Harry so they could talk. "What can I do for you Minerva?" Severus asked.

"Minister Garland of the Department of Wizarding Child Welfare fire-called me this morning early. Someone has been in touch with her about Harry and the Dursley trial. She needs to speak to you as soon as possible, preferably this morning." Minerva said quietly looking at Harry.

Severus looked down at Harry sleeping in his lap "I gave him a dreamless sleep last night. Four times the nightmares broke their way through the potion." Severus looked at Minerva with sad eyes. "Please tell Madame Garland I will speak to her anytime if she does not mind coming here and finding us like this." Severus said. Minerva nodded and left after giving Harry and Severus each a kiss on the forehead.

An hour later Harry started moaning and mumbling in his sleep. Severus rubbed his back and talked softly until he once again settled down. Taffy came into the room. "Master, the Healer Stephan and Miss Poppy be here. Should I be bringing them here?" Severus asked her to bring them through and shifted under Harry trying to get more comfortable. He really needed to use the loo but was not letting Harry down.

"Severus," Stephan said as he walked into the room "How is he doing?"

"Not good Stephan. I gave him dreamless sleep last night and he broke through it 4 times with nightmares. Even now I don't dare lay him down. Everytime I move he grabs on and starts moaning." Severus said looking at the healer with sad eyes. "My boy has been through so much. I knew it would be hard but I did not know it would be this hard."

Stephan looked at Severus. "I need to do a check on Harry. I need you to lay him down then go take a shower and get something to eat and drink. Poppy and I will be fine and so will Harry for a short while." Severus got Harry laid down on his bed and went to his room. Within 15 minutes Severus was back in fresh robes and followed by Snip with a platter of tea and food. Stephan was just finishing up his scan when Severus returned so they all sat down to have some tea and talk. "Physically Harry is doing fine. His legs are healed as much as they can be with Potions and Spells the rest is up to Harry's body. Hopefully, with therapy, he will regain more use of his legs. We will have to wait and see." Harry started to stir but it was the normal waking up from a nights sleep kind of stirring. "Severus, I will be calling the Mind Healer and request she come today. She was going to wait until Harry had settled some but he needs her now."

They three adults sat there talking about the trial and the verdict when they heard a muffled voice coming from the bed. "Papa. Is it time to get up yet?" Harry mumbled feeling on the table for his glasses.

"Yes son, it is time to wake up. Poppy and Stephan are here and the elves have brought us breakfast. Do you think you could eat something?" Severus said softly as he went over to the bed. Harry pulled Severus closer and whispered that he needed to use the bathroom first so Severus picked him up and carried him in. When they returned Severus sat Harry in his chair and they joined Poppy and Stephan at the table where Severus got Harry started on eating some scrambled eggs and toast.

Stephan started talking "Harry, remember when I told you about my friend who was a mind healer?" Harry nodded "Your Papa told me you had a bad night with nightmares." Harry hung his head and nodded. Stephan put his finger under Harry's chin and raised his face until Harry was looking at him. "Harry, that is not your fault. I'm calling my friend and asking her to come see you this afternoon so you can talk to her." Harry nodded. Stephan turned back to his tea before he spoke "Now how about you have one of these pancakes. I do believe they have chocolate chips in them." Harry began eating again and the 3 adults talked about things other than the trial and Harry's problems.

Harry sat there listening while he ate when suddenly something peaked his interest "Aunt Poppy" Harry said and the medi-witch looked at him "You like Healer Stephan don't you. You're going to go on a date with him. I heard you say so." Severus and Stephan laughed as Poppy's face got red.

Poppy looked at the 2 men then back to Harry "Yes, my nosy little man, I do like Healer Stephan and thanks to you we will be going on a date." Harry looked at her puzzled Poppy laughed before she continued. "All those days and nights we spent together taking care of you we found out that we really liked each other so we decided that perhaps we should try dating. We both have been alone for a long time."

Harry looked back and forth between them got a smirky smile on his face, pumped his fist and said "YEA" The adults looked at him shocked. Harry smiled at Poppy "I was hoping you would find somebody so you could be happy like me and Papa." His voice got quiet and he leaned toward Poppy. "I heard you talking about wanting a family when I was really sick. I couldn't talk to you but I liked listening to everyone talk to me." Harry turned to Severus "I don't remember a lot but I could tell you really cared for me from the way you talked when I couldn't wake up." Severus gave Harry a hug and then so did Poppy looking at him with tears in her eyes.

Poppy and Stephan left and Severus helped Harry with taking a bath in his sunken tub then gave him a compete massage before getting him dressed. Harry did not want to let Severus out of his sight. The 2 of them hung around their rooms getting everything set up for school. Harry helped Severus and Snip in his class room getting the tables rearranged and things prepared for classes to start in a few days. At lunchtime Harry and Severus had the elves bring them food to their quarters. Harry wasn't ready to face the rest of the teachers yet. Minerva came to their quarters just before they finished. She was accompanied by Minister Garland of the Department of the Wizarding Child Welfare.

"I am terribly sorry to interrupt your lunch but I needed to check on Harry and talk with you, Severus" Minister Garland said. Severus assured her it was fine and she turned to Harry. "Hello Harry, you look a lot better than the last time I saw you."

Harry smiled. "I remember you. You took care of the papers for my adoption by Papa." he said.

She smiled at Harry "Yes I did Harry, and I was happy to do that for you. I am here today to talk to you and see how you are doing." she said and sat there talking with Harry for about a half hour before saying "Harry, can I ask you to stay here with Minerva while your Papa and I go to talk in the other room." Harry nodded and turned to Minerva while Severus led Minister Garland through to his office and put a silencing spell. "My office was notified this morning by our legal liaison with the Muggle world about the trial results of the Dursley's trial. I will be receiving the transcript of the trial within the next few days. I wish for you to know that unless it is needed I will be placing it under an unbreakable charm that only the Head of the WCW can break." Severus started to protest. "I also wish to inform you that everything that has taken place after the adoption will be filed under Hadrian Severus James Potter-Snape." Severus nodded and after talking some more they went back out into the sitting room where Minerva and Harry were. "Harry I told your Papa and I wish to tell you. I know about the trial and I am pleased to know that those people have been found guilty of everything they did to you. Mister Potter-Snape I will be seeing you again and I hope it will be under more pleasing circumstances." Minerva led Minister Garland back to her office so she could floo back to her office.

Harry and Severus decided to take a walk outside for awhile before dinner. They went down to Hagrid's hut and talked to the half-giant for an hour or so then headed back to the castle. They wandered up to the library and talked to Madame Pince. Harry floated over to the nearest shelf and tried to raise his chair and see if he could reach any of the books he would need for doing his homework. Harry decided he would be needing help with that so he would have to have some of his friends help him with that. When Severus had finished with his business with Irma they went back down to their quarters. As they were getting ready for tea Stephan knocked on the door of their quarters. He was accompanied by a very pretty woman. She was about 5'8 - 5'9, nice build, with long platinum blonde hair and baby blue eyes. "Please come in." Severus said to Stephan and the young lady. Turning toward the sitting room he called "We have guests Harry." Harry floated his chair to the entry and stopped just behind Severus.

"Harry, Severus, I would like you to meet Miss Aislin Delacour. She is my friend and I think she may be of help to you Harry." Stephan said. Severus greeted her and welcomed them into his quarters. Harry was very quiet he stayed behind Severus and kept peeking at Miss Delacour. She did not overtly pay any attention to Harry but talked to Severus about school and other things.

Stephan told them about Aislin's interest in art, music and languages. Harry perked up as he liked art and music too. "Harry," Stephan said "Could you show Aislin your room? I think she would really like what the elves had done there. I need to talk to your Papa about the healing class for a few minutes." Harry nodded and led the way. Severus watched them go with concern written all over his face. "He'll be fine Severus, she's really good with youngsters." Stephan and Severus went into the sitting room to talk while Harry and Aislin went to his room.

Aislin looked around Harry's room making comments on how nice it was. " 'arry, did Stephan tell you what I am?" she asked.

Harry nodded before speaking "He said you were a mind healer. He said you could help me with my bad dreams." Harry looked down and was biting his lip for a few moments before speaking again. "Did Healer Stephan tell you about my ... umm the ... ahh those people?" Harry asked looking up at Aislin.

Aislin sat down on the chaise and Harry floated his chair over near her before lowering it. Aislin looked at him before speaking "I 'ave read your whole file, 'arry. I know about what 'appened to you physically and I know what 'appened mentally. I also know about your testimony at ze trial and before." Harry sat there looking down totally embarrassed. " Zere is nothing to be embarrassed about 'arry. You are not to blame. You are just a boy and 'e was a grown man. Do you understand?"

Harry nodded "I know it in my head but I still keep thinking about what happened and I get scared." Harry leaned toward Aislin "I had a bad night. I heard Papa talking. He said I woke up with nightmares 4 times and he even gave me a potion before I went to bed." Harry looked at Aislin. "Miss Aislin, why do you talk funny?" Aislin laughed.

"I was born and spent most of my early life in France. I 'ave tried very 'ard to speak English well but I still have some trouble wiz certain words." she said.

Harry smiled "I like the way you talk. Will you tell me about France?" Aislin nodded. Harry continued "Am I ever going to get over being scared of them? I know the judge said that he had to go to jail but he'll get out sometime and then he could come after me." Harry looked at her again. "You're very pretty."

Aislin laughed and said "Zank you very much 'arry. You are very 'andsome yourself." She said and Harry blushed " Do you remember 'ow many years ze judge said 'e was going to jail for?" Harry shook his head. "We will find out but I zink 'e will be going to jail for a very long time. I zink by the time 'e gets out you will be a grown man and a wizard at zat." Harry nodded. " 'arry, do you like to draw?" Harry nodded. Aislin reached into her bag and pulled out a sketch tablet and a box of charcoals. As she handed them to Harry she said. "When ze bad zings come into your 'ead, I want you to take zese charcoals and draw zem on ze paper. We are going to put all ze bad zings here zen when I come again we will talk about zem. OK?" Harry nodded "Now I zink we should go out and talk wiz Stephan and your Papa." Aislin walked by Harry's side and they went to the sitting room where Severus and Stephan were having tea.

Severus had Snip bring tea and a snack for Harry and they all sat around and talked. Aislin looked at Severus " Mister Snape" Severus stopped her and told her to call him Severus. "Severus" she said "I will not be telling you what 'arry and I talk about but zis I need to know. Did zey tell 'ow long ze person will be in ze jail?" Severus told her that the jail term had not been given yet. " 'arry is worried about ze chance zat ze man will be getting out of ze jail and come to find him. 'arry needs to know what ze sentence is when it is given."

Severus knelt down in front of Harry " Son, as soon as I know you will know. I will also let you know right now if he ever gets out of the muggle prison he will then face justice in the wizarding world. We just went through the muggle world first so you would have less problems here." Harry nodded. "You do not need to worry. I will teach you to protect yourself both with magic and without even if I have to arm you the muggle way." Harry leaned forward and hugged Severus. Severus sat back in his chair and they continued talking. They made arrangements for Aislin to stop by on the 31st at 4:30 to talk to Harry again. When Stephan and Aislin left it was almost dinner time. Harry and Severus decided to go to the Great Hall and eat with the staff.

Harry had a good time. They talked about school and the new classes. Minerva wondered what the students would think when they came back and everything was different. Severus was telling about his plans for Potions. He had already changed the tables so there would be 2 students from each house at a table and when they had partners they would be from the other house. "I figured if they had to partner with each other they wouldn't be sabotaging each other." Severus looked at Harry " Actually it was Harry and Miss Granger that clued me in that the Slytherins were the reason the Gryffindors had so much trouble. Now that we do not have to worry about Voldemort or Dumbledore I think we can finally have some unity." Minerva and the other teachers were talking about their plans to bring the students together.

"I have been thinking about something and I would like your opinion." Minerva said. The teachers all turned to her. "I want to change the points system. I would like to have points awarded for good things. For example answering questions, assisting another student,and other positive things." The teachers nodded. Filius asked about what to do with misbehavior. Minerva smirked "I thought we could ask Professor Binns to act as our detention teacher. Students who misbehave will be assigned lines or an essay for a first offense after that they will be assigned detention with Professor Binns." The teachers all thought that was a great idea and desired to give it a try for the first term.

Harry and Severus went to their rooms after dinner. Severus had Harry take a bath using the whirlpool tub then he gave him a rubdown with his muscle cream. Harry was tired after his hard night the night before so he was more than ready to go to bed early. Severus sat going through his lesson plans and then he headed off to bed too.


Harry had a good night. He woke once with a dream but Taffy settled him down and did not have to wake Severus. When Harry woke in the morning Severus was still sleeping so Taffy and Lolly helped Harry with his morning routine. Harry got his own clothes out of the wardrobe and dressed himself with some help from Lolly. After getting settled in his chair he made his way out to the dining table and called for Snip. "I would like some breakfast please. Could I have waffles and fruit, scrambled eggs and a glass of milk, please. Papa is still asleep but if you want to bring his and keep it hot that would be great." Snip popped out and soon was back with Harry's breakfast and a tray with Severus' food and coffee under a spell to keep the hot things hot and his juice cold. Harry ate his breakfast then decided to surprise Severus.

Picking up the tray Harry said "Severus' bedroom" Harry's chair carried him to the door which opened for Harry when he got there. Severus started when Harry came in the door. "Good morning, Papa. I brought you breakfast." Severus sat up in his bed and leaned against the headboard while Harry placed the tray on his lap. "I woke up and Lolly and Taffy helped me a little get ready. I went to the table but you were still sleeping so I asked Snip to bring our breakfast. I had waffles, fruit, scrambled eggs and a big glass of milk. You were still sleeping so I brought your breakfast to you. Was that alright.?"

Severus smiled at Harry "That was more then alright my independent little one. I kind of like getting breakfast in bed. I'm glad you are feeling more confident in yourself." Severus said. The two of them say and talked while Severus ate. Snip brought in the mail and there was a letter addressed to Severus from Remus. Severus knew that Minerva had asked him to take over the History of Magic class but he would not be there until the 1st as he was taking care of Sirius after his release from Azkaban.

Severus Snape,

As you know I have accepted the position of History of Magic Professor. I know that you and Sirius had problems during our years at school and yes I do realize that it was mostly our fault. I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive him and if not forgive at least be civil. I have received permission from Minerva and the Board of Governors to bring Sirius with me to Hogwarts to recuperate.

Severus he is not the man he used to be. Azkaban has changed him, he is suffering from depression, amongst other things, and has regular visits with the mind healer as well as his medi-wizard.

The main reason I am writing is he would like to see Harry. I thought perhaps waiting until we arrive on Monday would be better then Harry coming to St. Mungo's. If you feel it is alright that is. I have enclosed a letter from Sirius to Harry. Sirius said that you may read it and if you feel it is alright you could give it to Harry.

Thank you,

Remus Lupen

Severus read the letter, folded it and placed it on his bedside table then opened the letter to Harry.

Hey Prongslet,

I hear that Severus is taking good care of you. You don't know me but I was best friends with your father. I know from Remus that you were at the will reading when they found out I was put in Azkaban illegally.

I'm in a pretty bad way right now but Remus and the healer's are helping me get better. Remus told me that you were getting over a rough spot too. I will be coming to Hogwarts with Remus. He is helping me like Severus has been helping you. I hope to see you when I get to Hogwarts but I will leave when up to Severus and you. Please let me know when you feel up to seeing me.

Padfoot (Sirius Black)

Severus read the note then handed it to Harry. Harry read it and looked at Severus. "He wants to see me, Papa. He said he was friends with my Dad like Ron and I are friends." Harry said.

"Yes Harry, Sirius Black and Remus Lupen were both friends with your father. They did not get along with me very well. They did not like the fact that I was friends with your mother because I was a Slytherin and they were all Gryffindors. We had a lot of fights while we were in school but we are all grown up now so I will try to get along with him. I'm not going to say we will be friends but I will be civil and he is an important part of your history." Severus said.

"So you guys were like Malfoy and I were last year." Severus nodded " But now Draco and I are trying to get along and you're going to try to get along with him too." Severus nodded again. "Thank you, Papa. I bet he is really sad." Severus told him what he had learned from Remus' letter. "So he's got to do rehabilitation and mindhealers too."

"Yes, Harry, he will be going through a lot of the same things you have to go through." Severus said. "If you wish I would suggest you start a correspondence with him until he is a little more stable then perhaps you can get together during some of your free time. If I remember correctly he was rather good at charms and transfiguration. He also was quite the prankster."

Harry took his letter and went into his room and decided to write Sirius a letter. Harry spent a lot of time trying to figure out just what he wanted to say. When he had the letter written he was going to show it to his Papa but Severus told him unless he really wanted him to read it, he trusted Harry to write his own letter. Harry sent Hedwig out with the letter then went back to his room. Harry started drawing pictures of how he felt when he thought of his former relatives. Before he realized it Severus was coming in to tell him it was lunch time. When Harry looked up at Severus, he started laughing. "Your face is covered with black streaks Harry" Severus said when Harry asked what was wrong. Harry went into his bathroom but Severus grabbed the camera and snapped a picture before Harry washed his face. They decided they wanted a picnic outside so Severus had the elves pack them a basket, he grabbed a blanket and they headed out onto the grounds.

It was a beautiful day out. Harry and Severus were soon joined by Minerva and Poppy. They sat relaxing and talking. Harry told Minerva about Sirius' letter. Severus told her about Remus' letter and that he had already told Harry that they hadn't gotten along in school but that he would try to get along with them for Harry's sake. When Minerva and Poppy went back to the castle Harry just lay there watching the clouds while Severus read. The next thing Severus knew Harry was asleep on the blanket so they just stayed there until Harry woke up at tea time then they made their way to the castle.

When they got back to their rooms Hedwig was back with a letter for Harry. It was from Hermione. "Hedwig must have went there after she delivered my letter. She always seems to know when Hermione needs to send me a letter." Harry said as he sat down to read his letter as Severus ordered tea to be brought to the sitting room. "Papa," Harry said to Severus "Hermione's birthday is coming up soon. Can I buy her an owl then she can write to people? She can write her parents without having to borrow an owl. Last year she used Hedwig." Severus said that they would talk about it when it was closer to her birthday.

"So my son what does Miss Granger have to say?" Severus asked. "Are you two perhaps planning a date."

Harry got red "Papa!" Harry said " "Mione is my friend. She's like my sister if I had one that is." Severus laughed "Papa, quit teasing. She just wanted to say she would see me on the first and she had a lot to tell me." Severus and Harry had tea then wandered around the castle making sure Harry's chair was set for the different classrooms. Harry decided to make a map with the classes being changed they were going to be using different classrooms. Minerva had also changed the wards on the stairs so that from 8 AM to 6 PM the stairs would remain stationary but from 6 PM to 8 AM they would move like normal. He figure out he would have a few days as the classes won't actually start until Wednesday.

Dinner found Harry and Severus in the Great Hall. Most of the teachers were there and the talk again turned to classes. Harry asked Severus if he could go to their quarters. They called Lolly and the elf walked with Harry back to their quarters. When they got there Harry used the loo then sat at his desk writing things down that were bothering him. Severus returned in a few hours and found Harry sitting on the chaise reading a book half asleep. Severus helped Harry into the shower then did his massage and got him into bed. Severus sat on the age of Harry's bed and they talked until Harry fell asleep. Severus worked on school plans then went to bed.


'The last day of peace. Tomorrow the dunderheads return.' This is what Severus was thinking when he got up that morning. Harry had sleep through the night. After breakfast Severus had some potions to brew for Poppy. Harry decided to work on his map some more so Taffy went with him. It was quite the sight a boy in a floating chair chatting with a house elf who walked along side of him. By the time lunch came Harry had the first three floors mapped out with stairways and classrooms. He even marked the empty rooms, the teachers offices and their quarters on the map.

Severus and Harry met up in the Great Hall for lunch with the others. After lunch Harry went and helped Filius get his room set up for classes while Severus finished up the potions he needed to do. At 4 PM Harry went back to his quarters to get cleaned up for tea and the visit by Aislin.

At 4:30 on the dot there was a knock on the door. Harry was sitting at the dining table while Severus answered the door and let Aislin in. When they were all seated Snip brought their tea, biscuits and Harry's extra snack. While they had their tea they talked getting to know each other better. When tea was over Harry and Aislin went into Harry's room to talk. Aislin sat on the chaise and Harry sat in his chair. "Well 'arry, 'ow 'ave your days been?" She asked. Harry got out the sketch book and showed her the pictures. The first one was a picture of a giant man with a little boy under his foot. "What is zis one about 'arry?" Aislin asked Harry.

Harry explained "It's Uncle Vernon he always was crushing me down. Even if it was with his words. I always felt some small and worthless. A freak... good for nothing ... a waste of air. That was some of the things he said." Harry said. " I can't say those things around Papa. They make him angry at Vernon. He says they were the freaks not me."

The next picture was dark. It showed a man laying on the ground with knives and spears sticking out of him. Aislin looked at it then turned to Harry "who is zis 'arry?" Harry didn't answer he just looked at his hands. "Is zis the man who 'urt you?" Harry nodded. "Is zis what you wish to do to 'im?"

So quiet that he could barely be heard, Harry whispered. "He did bad things. I didn't do anything and he did things. I want to hurt him bad like he hurt me." Harry did not say anything else he just looked at his hands.

Aislin did not say anything she just leaned forward and hugged Harry. " 'arry. you did nozing wrong. Zis creature was just evil. You are a little boy there was nozing you could do. Now I am giving you permission to do whatever you ant to zis zing on paper zat you wish. Chop his head off. Do whatever you want to do to him on paper. you need to get zis out of your head so you can start to heal. Your Papa and I are boz here to help you." Aislin said. They talked some more then went out to the sitting room where Severus was sitting. They made arrangements for Aislin to come on Tuesday at 4 PM for Harry's next session.

After Aislin left Harry sat there quietly not talking or reading, just sitting. Severus left him to his thoughts knowing that sometimes it was the best thing to do. The only thing Severus did was to lift Harry out of his chair and sit back down with Harry in his lap. Harry laid his head against Severus chest and Severus carded his fingers through Harry's hair which was much longer and softer now.

At 7PM Snip popped in. "Master Severus do you be eating in your quarters tonight?" Severus looked down at Harry then told Snip to bring them a light meal and some treacle tart with ice cream for Harry. Snip brought their meal and they sat at the table and ate it. Severus thought if you asked Harry later what he had he would not be able to answer.

At bedtime Severus helped Harry with his bath, did his massage and got him into bed. Harry looked up at Severus "Papa, Aislin said that he was an evil creature for what he did to me." Severus told him that Aislin was right. "She said I can kill him all I want on my sketch paper." Severus nodded. "You know what Papa... It felt good killing him on my paper." With that Harry rolled over "Goodnight Papa. I love you." Harry closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Severus made his way back out to his chair and sat there for a long time thinking about what Harry said. Aislin gave him permission to kill him all he wanted on paper... she gave him permission to get revenge ... she empowered him ... he was no longer just a victim. Severus was beginning to like the way this girl worked.