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Yesterday, while searching through Sesshoumaru inheritance, he was going through a hell of a time. His father's things meant everything to him, sometimes he just wanted to be nearer to his father and so often just wanted to touch, feel, and read his father's belongings. Even if he was demon, he still felt sad and hurt about his father's death. Sesshoumaru thought "How dare father leave this world when I was merely 13. How much pressure had he put on me at such a young age? And for what? That half breed! Of all things... why him?" It wasn't long for Sesshoumaru to find a letter that was addressed to him, which would turn his whole life upside down. He ripped it open as if his life depend on it. "Why didn't I see this earlier, when I was moving into my father's quarters."

Dear Sesshoumaru,

I hope you find letter this soon, son.

I know you will be thinking I gave up my life for some worthless half breed, but that is not the case. You see your younger brother, Inuyasha, is a full demon. He smells like a half breed because he is a breeder.

I don't know why anyone would have thought that I would ever have mated with a human, of course they need to be respected but that's it. I would never actually love one of them.

Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha doesn't know what he is, he thinks, he is a worthless half demon and not something special. I need you to train him and protect him.

He loses all his powers one night every month and on that one night he can mate and breed to enlarge the clan. Inuyasha has no idea of his potential and he losing his power for that one night when the new moon takes place is why everyone including Inuyasha believes he is a half demon.

Sesshoumaru, you must tell him! You must help! You must keep him safe!

I know this is much to much to ask of someone so young, but I need you to do this for me, for Inuyasha, and for the future clan.

Our kingdom will always be indebted to you my son.

Your faithfully

Your proud father.

Well that changed everything for Sesshoumaru, he knew why his father gave his life for is little brother and now he too wants to make sure Inuyasha is safe. He was feeling a little paternal, (love) towards his little brother. As Sesshoumaru is the lord of the dog clan, Inuyasha shouldn't say no to Sesshoumaru's request to move to the Dog Kingdom, but he thought that Inuyasha may have different ideas about living in one place, so Sesshoumaru was going to be forceful. There was not way he was going to send a lesser demon after Inuyasha, Inuyasha would just tear them apart. He certainly would not listen to a weaker demon and obviously a too-bit demon would never be capable of dragging Inuyasha to Sesshoumaru's kingdom. Then Sesshoumaru had a thought, "But if he is of age, he can simply say no." Then it just hit him how he didn't know how old Inuyasha was. "I have no idea. The 50 years stapled to that tree does not count. That's just an ageless sleep like a stasis spell. Lucky Bastard! And that human girl! What's her name! Oh, who cares, I do not approve of her and their relationship anyway! He needs a strong demon in his life. Hmm back to my original problem, maybe Jocken might know how old my little brother is, after all he seems to be the biggest little know-it-all in my kingdom and knows just about everything in my family. Maybe I can actually get some usefulness out of the miserable cretin.

Sesshoumaru yelled "Jocken!"

Jocken dashed up to his lord and stumble his words "Yes my lord?"

"How old would you think Inuyasha is?"

Jocken was stunned by this he had to know why "Why would my lord even want to know the worthless half breed's age?"

Sesshoumaru was not pleased by this at all, he had to put a stop to all of the rumors about his little brother at once. "Jocken, he is not a half breed at all. He is special. A full demon and a breeder to boot."

Jocken eyes were just about to pop out of his head after that statement "Lord Sesshoumaru there has not been a breeder in our kingdom in at lest 100 years. How can he be one of the "Chosen" or be a full demon, wasn't his mother human?"

"No! No she was not! But how old do you think he is?"

"Well um it's far too hard tell just by his looks. I'd say he would look about 13 to 15, but with him being sealed to that tree for so long..." then he was rudely interrupted as he was just about to finish his quick add of fifty years to make Inuyasha a young 63 to 65 years of age.

"That doesn't count I'll have to ask him" with that Sesshoumaru ran off only to find that he didn't have a clue where to find him.

5 days earlier.