A/N: This song means more to me than just another fic. I originally wrote this just to get my feelings out because like Lennon and McCartney, my friendship with a very close friend is falling apart and it's breaking my heart cos we were more than just best friends, we were closer than sisters. While writing, I realised that we were just like them in that sense and that it fit perfectly. I know it's nowhere near anything Paul would write, he's far more skilled, but I think it's appropriate. By the by, I think it sounds better when read aloud then just read. Enjoy!

We were inseparable

Made the other feel complete

Though our lives were intertwined

Special moments we did keep

Now things are coming undone

Times together are no longer fun

In this battle, no one's won

Right now, happiness is a warm gun

I really believed in us

We were more than just best friends

Each other's partner-in-crime

Happy moments had to end

You're not who you used to be

It's obvious, everyone can see

Those words we said so bluntly

We didn't think would hurt that badly

Though we're on opposite sides

Believe what I say is true

If our friendship has to end

Just know I've always loved you

A/N: Yeah, yeah, Happiness Is A Warm Gun is a John song, but I like how I put it in. And before people can freak out, I didn't mean that last line to mean more than it says. Paul's even said that he loved John, and I think it's sweet; just like I love my soon-to-be-ex-best-friend :/ That's why it hurts, cos I still love her DX I've been listening to Yesterday all week... GAH THIS KINDA CRAP SUCKS

Okay, that's my rant for today (: REVIEW, please!