Note: This FanFiction takes place shortly after Tron: Legacy and is a highlight of an idea I had over the very broad fundumentals of the movie and the Grid. If I am to get a lot of the mechanics of the world drastically wrong, I would appreciate feedback but I would also like for you to try and enjoy this despite any obvious or serious lore breaches. I haven't written in a while and this fic will be the precursor to me adding on to all my other stories. Thank you all for supporting me here on FanFiction. I have returned. -Chattur'gha0312

Tron: Infestation


"I'm really sorry Sam, really… but I mean it, it's been taken care of. Quorra is going to be fine," Alan would have sat down, but the news he gave Sam had made the son of Flynn far too irate, so Alan hadn't at that point the concentration to sit down.

He, Alan Bradley, and newly ENCOM CEO Sam Flynn were in Sam's house, purchased by Sam as a present to himself, literally, yesterday, for his achievement of retaking the company of ENCOM within a matter of months due to his and Alan's clever wits. The gift in the house was the custom furnishing, placed by a home decoration team that Alan hired the day before the party.

Alan had showed up abruptly in the morning, wearing a leather coat and jeans with an undershirt underneath, and Sam was just barely awake and half dressed into his formal cloths. Alan had arrived so early because he felt guilty… guilty that he hadn't told Sam about something very important that had gone on not too long ago, even if it had been for the best considering the stress Sam had been under the past month.

Now that he had and is telling him, Sam wasn't too happy.

"For the last time, that's not what's bothering me anymore Alan, I get that, I trust you… I'm worried about everything else in the situation though. I don't want her in some random hospital; for all the hell anyone knows, they'll be examining a lump of plastic… we can't have that kinda thing randomly popping up in a public hospital! The world isn't ready for some guy to run into a street yelling about it!" Sam exclaimed, gripping his hands to the back of his head and pacing around his home's living room.

"Then we'll get going in a few minutes and hand-pick a doctor we can trust in the area!" Alan said loudly back but not aggressively, hoping it would calm Sam down some more.

Sam stopped his pacing and turned to Alan, "Then why haven't we already gone then, Alan? It's kinda obvious that this is more important then any scrub meeting on my damn schedule this week!"

Alan sighed and looked down for a few seconds and then quietly added, "Well, ah… there's more to it then just Quorra being captured and rescued, Sam…"

Sam squinted his eyes a few millimeters, silent… and then he replied, "Don't tell me that he actually… did something in the experiment… Alan."

"This might be much for you to take in, I'm sorry, with everything else going on and stuff. I just thought it would be better to wait to mention it after you finished your fight with the board… right after your promotion celebration…" he looked to the side for a second then looked back into Sam's eyes.

"Fine, fine, but get to the point. I'm already freaked out that I wasn't told what happened to Quorra until two days after she was found. Better you dump everything on my chest now then add another bad story later…" Sam replied as Alan then decided to sit down and get semi-comfortable.

"… You know the guy who did it, Alexi… he, ah, kinda knew what he was doing, Sam… he actually did something serious, even if not directly," Alan couldn't help but subtly cringe at what he was about to tell Sam.

"How? I mean, wasn't he just some random employee who found out about what Quorra is? Hearing about an ISO sounds like about enough to drive someone that crazy, depending on who they are," Sam let himself fall into a chair and leaned his chin on his arm.

"No Sam. He's actually known about the ISOs for years, almost immediately since the Miracle. When ENCOM expanded some of its facilities and jobs into Russia, he used his own skills to get a hold of and track all of your father's ideas across the world. Everywhere."

Sam looked taken aback, then shook his face in bewilderment, "How the hell did he…?"

"I don't know Sam. But however it was, it was ingenious, because after he sneaked into the country a decade ago, he somehow hacked and prodded his way to your father's personal documents; the ones where he wrote very exclusively about the Grid and the ISO's. I saw Alexi as they took him away, Sam… his eyes were on fire. He was so obsessed it was sickening, frankly…"

Sam took a pausing breath, and then said, "Alright. What did he do then?" He rubbed the sweat off his forehead in nervous anticipation.

"He tried to use the old office at the arcade to perform a digitization experiment on Quorra… that I think was going to involve dissection as some point, but we stopped that part; don't worry. The problem is that he's apparently ahead of his league, because even though we stopped him, he… he did something, Sam. To the system. He didn't even get inside it, and he still did it," Alan averted his eyes. The CEO of ENCOM wasn't going to like hearing this.

Sam leaned forward, "And… what was it then?" He said softly, looking like he was itching for the rest of the details.

"He knew that your father's system had the potential to spawn the miracle of life, like the ISO's, Sam. I don't know how he knew what he was doing, but he… he somehow got it going. From his brief study of Quorra, he somehow caused the system to spontaneously create life again, and it was spontaneous because it happened after we caught him. Almost a whole day after. He didn't actually create it, he just influenced it to be created. The system spawned life again, Sam."

"That's…" Sam looked at the ground in thoughtful contemplation, "What about it then? That could be good or bad, Alan; stop hesitating."

If he were kinesthetic, Alan would have physically opened up the collar of his coat to vent the heat of anxiety, "It's… bad. Whatever the program is, it's dangerously intelligent. It was created on the precipice of the system, so it immediately learned to adapt and shut us out of it…"

Sam's eyes widened, and he began to open his mouth to say something, but Alan continued before he did so, "The closer it gets to Grid, the less control it will have on the portal. I already have ENCOM's best on it, Sam. We should be able to get through to it soon enough, I'm sure."

Sam's breath left him. A living program like the ISO's so intelligent is was able to control the firewall from the inside? That... is impossibly intelligent. That's analagous to a human scientist using his wits to, metaphorically, shutting out God's influence on Earth. So then, Sam took a deep inhale and said quietly, "You're telling me that… some sort of super powerful, super intelligent being is inside the system and we can't do anything about it?" Sam shot up out of his seat, "Alan, if it's shutting us out, then that must mean it doesn't want anything outside to interfere with whatever it's going to do to the Grid! It could be out to destroy it entirely!" Sam tossed his head to the right, fuming, "Without the Grid and everything around it, we may never to able to find the secrets to how the ISO's came into being, why they're so important! We may never be able to find out what my dad knew; what nobody else knows."

Sam crossed his arms and looked like he was about to stomp his feet, "We have to get inside. It's been recuperating too long without us interfering to handle something like that."

"I know Sam, I know," Alan shut his eyes and held his breath for a second, "But… we can't, just yet… we have to hope that it doesn't destroy everything before we can get past its firewall."

"Alan…" Alan looked up at Sam, and his eyes were stern and solid, like the Earth, "There were many ISO's when they came into existence. There will be more of these things then just this one that shut you out," Alan's eyes then widened lightly in realization.

Then Sam added, "Make them work faster. If they aren't done by the time Quorra is in trusted hands, we're going to the arcade to deal with it personally. Now let's go."