Looking for a job wasn't easy.

Blaze already tried being a papergirl, but unluckily, three dogs had chased her around the street and nearly bit her tail off.

She also tried working in a hospital, but it wasn't her thing(she had accidently killed a 30 year-old woman by putting her too many shots).

And last, she tried working as a babysitter. But taking care of babies and little kids wasn't her thing eighter since the babies drooled on her expensive clothes and little kids pulled on her hair.

"Now what job do I get?" Blaze said as she looked at the newspaper for a new job. Suddenly, Blaze had an idea and got out her phone.

"Silver! Silver! Answer me!" She yelled at her phone.

"What?" Silver yelled back at his own while rubbing his ears.

"Quickly! Come to my house, it's an emergency!"

"Okay! I'll come! Just stop yelling at me already!"


"Well, what's the problem?"

"Well, uhh, I… my house's on fire and there's aliens attacking it, and there's birds pooping everywhere! What could be worse? Come!"

"Okay!" Silver hung up.

"He's so naïve." Blaze said grinning.

Special thanks to wise old p1napple for telling me and my sister about the 'spaces' thing. We really appreciate it, p1neapple!:)