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Chapter One: Frosty

The mud made a weird squelching noise as it pushed in between my toes as I walked along the riverbed. A light breeze picked up but it didn't take away the heat of the Florida sun. The moss-coated rocks at the bottom of the river were smooth from many years of being pushed around by the water, but my footing never faltered.

A manatee bobbed at the surface a few yards in front of me in the deeper part of the river, but it was just checking me out. No aggression what so ever. It's beady eyes watched my every move then it ducked back under the water to feed.

I picked up speed until I was racing through the clear water. The splashing sounds I made frightened a brightly colored bird from a tree, but I didn't slow to see what kind it was. My baggy tan shorts were beginning to get soaked at the bottoms from the water my feet kicked up, and the light green tanktop was starting to stick to my torso. I welcomed the cool moisture as it soaked my legs; it was getting hotter by the minute.

I had to be a strange sight for anybody's eyes: a teenage girl with shoulder-length, spiky, ink black hair, dark blue eyes, and pale skin only just slightly on the tan side. She's wearing too big shorts -held up by a braid of rope-, a tight tank, and no shoes. Yep. Very strange.

But I was no ordinary girl going for a run in a Florida river; I was a girl on a mission.

Quickly switching course, I ran up a log that had fallen in a slant into the forest. I followed a trail, which was only visible to those who would actually stop and look, and headed toward my destination: Mother Paula's Pancake House construction site.

My legs were just starting to burn when I reached the site, and I narrowed my eyes at the trailer that sat in the middle of a fenced-in section of the area. As I quietly sucked in much needed air, I stooped down and walked cautiously toward the fence.


"Hey, little guy." I peered through the fence at the tiny burrowing owl who had come to the surface to see its visitor. "Everything's going to be okay." I gripped the fence tightly for a couple moments, then pulled away forcefully, making the fence sway and ring. The door to the trailer swung open just as I had taken shelter under one of the bulldozers that were parked a couple meters away.

The balding man who resided in the trailer glared at the exact spot I had been in. "I know you're out there!" he called, coaxing me to come out of hiding. "There ain't nothing you can do to stop us from eating pancakes!"

Pancakes? I'm trying to save my friends!

I held my breath and waited until the man went back into the trailer before crawling out from under the bulldozer. I hesitated a couple moments then sprinted across the clearing as fast as my legs could carry me.

The man did not come out again.

Relieved, I took off once again at a brisk jog. I skimming the side the town; I wanted to avoid as many people as possible. I headed toward the golf course, where my human friend lived, as least I hoped he still lived there.

Several men were playing a game when I got there. I ignored their shouts of anger as I race right past their golf cart and made a bee-line to the woods. I quickly slid in amongst the trees and slowed my pace so I wouldn't trip over any fallen limbs or fall into a puddle.

As I neared my friend's campsite, the rustling of a plastic bag stopped me in my tracks. Someone was in his hiding place, and it was not my friend; he would not deliberately make noise. I silently crept to the campsite and glared at the person who was snooping through my friend's belongings.

He was probably my age or my friend's and had short dark brown hair and light blue eyes. He was wearing khaki shorts and a red and blue striped shirt and sneakers. In his light tan hands was a cloth bag that was wriggling ominously.

I held my breath as he turned the bag upside-down and dumped out at least seven cottonmouths with glittery tails. The kid must have been too scared to notice that the snakes' mouths were taped shut, making them completely harmless.

"I wouldn't move if I were you," growled a low, menacing voice that I knew was fake. "On the count of three, step away."

The dark-haired kid froze, eyes wide with terror. "Are you kidding me?"


I silently willed the kid to move. Don't make my friend angry.


Is this kid stupid or something?


The kid still didn't move.

"Three," the voice snarled, and my friend appeared from the foliage behind the kid to my right. He snatched the kid by his shoulders and yanked him away from the snakes. Being a little too forceful in my opinion, he tossed the kid to the ground, shoved the cloth bag over his head, and tied his hands behind his back.

"Who are you and why are you here?"

"I'm sorry. I'm not here to hassle you. My name is Roy."

My friend yanked the kid to his feet. "You had better get out of here, now ." He tugged him away from the campsite. "Let's go."

"Why do you have poisonous snake?"

"That's for me to know. So just leave me alone."

I followed, as silent as frost on a window, to the edge of the forest.

My friend pushed the boy in the direction of the golf course house. "Start walkin' and don't turn around until you've reach fifty."

As the kid took off, my friend vanished back into the trees.

"Don't you think you were being a little too harsh?" I called out, returning to the site a couple meters from my friend. "I mean, come on, Mullet Fingers, at least let the kid investigate."

The blond runaway halted in his tracks and slowly turned his head in my directions. "I thought you were long gone," he murmured.

I smirked, walked over to him, and threw an arm around his shoulders. "Nice greeting."

Mullet Fingers flashed a grin, revealing teeth almost identical to mine, bright white and even; the only difference was that my upper canines were longer than average. "You're such a pain." He shrugged off my arm and lead the way to his campsite. "How'd you find me?"

I sat on the log beside the dead campfire. "Oh, come on, Mullet, it's painfully obvious. You choose a spot that kept you hidden but close to the construction site so you could cause trouble."

The blonde settled beside me and watched the cottonmouths slither away. "They're going to kill the owls."

"I know." I brushed a leaf out of my hair. "Looks like you'll have to get more snakes." A cottonmouth crept toward my feet, and I nudged it away with my right foot. "Go away," I hissed, willing it to leave me alone; after a couple seconds it decided I wasn't very tempting prey and moved on. "Who was that kid anyway?"

Mullet Fingers shrugged. "I don't know. He followed me the other day, but didn't get past the golf course." He chuckled softly. "I think a golfer got him."


"I think." He sighed and leaned against the tree behind us. "I'm guessing you've seen the owls?"

I nodded. "Yeah. I was just at the construction site. They are so beautiful; why would someone want to kill them?"

"Pancakes." Mullet Fingers answered all questions with a single word. "We don't have much time, Frosty."

"I know."

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