Dear Lilly;

Firstly, it was AWESOME to hear from you. Your letter took longer to get here this time. I'm not sure why. So much has happened since I wrote you last. Finn is back with Quinn! Can you believe that! I mean really? What does he see in her? Sam is with Santana...which is weird. I hosted a party... Which, by the way, I am NEVER doing again. Or at the least, not drinking again! We all got really drunk, and then had these insane hangovers, so what did we do? We drank more! I'd heard it said that the best way to cure a a hangover is to keep drinking... it's true. Painful, but true. Anyway, that's not the reason I wont' ever be drinking again. We had a performance. In the gym. In front of the entire school. We were doing Ke$ha. Which is awesome! But because of the party, and all of the drinking...I was barfed on! Can you believe that? Let me stress just how discussing that was! Oh and since you are going to ask if I don't say, it was Brit! GROSS!

Anyway. I hope you enjoy the regionals performance that I am sending you. It's not just us. The warblers were first. I had to include them because of Kurt! We won... Which is amazing! Not that I ever doubted that we would win. But I'm getting ahead of myself. The song that we had originally chosen was "black listed". Because of this we needed to come up with something new, and FAST! So with a little bit of help from Quinn(which I'll explain later) we agreed to write original songs! The others put their brains together, and came up with a really awesome song that they called 'Loser Like Me'. Now for the Quinn explanation. I had been presenting my song ideas to Finn, and I guess she decided to pull the whole "friends close, enemies closer" thing, and became my best friend. So when Mr. Schue told us we had to come up with something new, I suggested original songs, and Quinn backed me up. Which even though it was a bad thing in the end, really worked in our favour! We ended up having this HUGE fight over Finn, where in she basically told me to !*$# OFF. It was NOT pleasant. But I did end up with a really awesome song (if I do say so myself)out of it! I just didn't succeed in getting Finn back. Let me think, what else is new? Kurt and Blaine are officially together. Mike and Tina/Artie and Brit are still strong. Which is a good thing for them. Oh and Noah is still pursuing Lauren...which none of us really understand.

I talked to Principal Figgins. He said he would love to "increase the diversity of our institution with a student from abroad". He looked into the program and told me today that he had made all of the arrangements, so all you have to do is enter it at you end...that you will be coming to Ohio...if that is still what you want to do. I mean it is for a year, and I can't imagine being gone that long from my dads and my friends(I LOVE SAYING THAT!). I can only imagine what it would be like for you. I mean you seem to be really close to your family. I think we should continue this on Skype. I know that we said we'd only ever converse through letters, but it would be so much faster. Which is a good thing. I think... Let me know. You have my number, and facebook info(even though we never use it).

In the mean time, I will be patiently (or as much as patiently as I can) waiting for you to contact me!