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"Rachel, are you sure the sign said that we were supposed to meet in the auditorium?" I had to ask.

"For the tenth time, YES!"

"Calm down white girl. I'm sure there is a reason Mr. Schue asked us to meet here."

"Mercedes is right." We all gave Kurt funny looks at that comment. Or I guess at the way he said it.

When we got to the auditorium, we saw that everyone else was already there. Once we were all seated, silence fell over the room.

"So, did the sign say that we were supposed to meet Mr. Schue here or that he would meet us?"

"I don't know Sam, you were the one to read the sign." I love bugging him! He just glares at me and then everyone else snickers! It's AWESOME!

Puck was just about to go look for Mr. Schue when the lights went out. And just as suddenly as they went out, the spotlight on the stage went on. In that second the beginning chords of a song rang out. A smile found its way to my face as I recognized the song.

Right here waiting,
Staying strong,
Come and fall into me,

You say you've turned it off,
Hid your heart up on a shelf,
Scared of what it might cost,
To take it down for someone else,
'Cause lovin' him you lost,
Too much of yourself,
Baby can't you see that he's not me,

And I need you to know you can fall into me,
That my arms are wide open,
And will always be,
Right here waiting, staying strong,
Come and fall into me,

I'll follow any road, anywhere to get to you,
I'll open up my soul,
If that's what you need me to do,
Now baby it's your move,
All you've got to do,
Is believe in love, just believe in us,

And I need you to know you can fall into me,
That my arms are wide open,
And will always be,
Right here waiting, staying strong,
Come and fall into me,

Just believe in love
Just believe in us

I need you to know you can fall into me
That my arms are wide open
And will always be
Right here waiting, staying strong
Come and fall into me

Come and fall into me
Baby fall into me

Jumping to my feet I screamed as loud as I could. That got me a few odd looks, but I really didn't care. How could I? 'Emerson Drive' is one of my favourite groups! That and they are from my home town. The rest of the Glee members were shocked to see Mr. Schue up on the stage. I guess he doesn't sing very often or something. The song he was singing didn't help. The next thing I knew Sam was standing beside me and we were singing along. That was all it took, because by the end of the song, everyone (including Santana – who HATES country music) was on their feet. We were all cheering Mr. Schue on. And I have to admit, he did a pretty awesome job of 'Fall Into Me'.

When Mr. Schue was done, he joined us in the audience. It was the best way to start my first official day in the Glee club. I didn't think the day could get any better, but then Mr. Schue explained the reason for his impromptu performance.

"Alright guys . . . and gals." (He added that after a gasp from Rachel) "I'm sure you are wondering why I randomly decided to serenade you with a country song. Well, I thought that it would be a nice way to welcome our new member. That, and it ties into this weeks' lesson. What comes to mind when I say the word ICON?"

"The best of the best!"


"Broadway!" We all laughed at Rachel when she said that.

"Good, so you know what, now for the whom. I'm going to leave this part open ended. You can sing whomever you chose with two stipulations. One. It must be ICONIC. Whether it is the song, or the artist, I don't care. Two. Which is the most important. It must be a country song."

A few moans came from the members of Glee. But I just grinned. I knew that the reason Mr. Schue was doing that assignment was because of something Rachel and I had said.

"Mr. Schue."

"Yes, Lilly."

There were a few snickers going around. I knew all about Rachel and her knack for asking questions or making comments as soon as Mr. Schue was done giving out assignments.

"I was just wondering if we are allowed to do the assignment with a partner or if we have to do it as a solo? That and to let everybody know that is they are having any issues finding an ICONIC number, then I might be able to help….. I did grow up listening to country music. It's kind of my specialty."

"Well, I am sure that if anyone needs help, they know whom to talk to. As for your question, I don't mind if you decide to do the assignment in a group, or as a duet. Just remember to have fun."


Rachel and I were walking past the teachers' lounge on my first day of school when I asked her . . . .

"Rachel, why is it that the Glee club only does Pop, Classic Rock and "Show Tunes"?"

"What do you mean by that Lil? We've done other types of music."

"Oh really? What types?"

"Well, we did a country song once upon a time."


"I beg your pardon?"

"Who did you sing?"

"Carrie Underwood."

"I don't believe you."

"We did, or I guess the others did. I was having issues, and didn't perform with them. And last year, Noah and I performed 'Need You Now' by Lady Antebellum. "

"Wow! Do we have it on film?"

"Yes . . ."

"This I gotta' see!"

It wasn't until later that we found out that Mr. Schue heard the conversation.


Once our Glee meeting was over, we all headed our separate ways. I had Spanish, so that is where I has headed. I was stopped however by Artie, Mike and Puck.

"Lilly. I don't suppose you'd know the reason why Mr. Schue randomly decided to get us to do country music do you?"

"Actually Mike, I do. Rachel told me that you guys performed 'Cowboy Casanova' and 'Need You Now'. We were talking about how other than the couple of country song you have done, there's not a lot of musical variety in Glee. I guess Mr. Schue heard us, and decided to change things up. Which is awesome I might add!"

"I agree! It's about time we did some country music!" I looked over to the Mohawk-ed football player.

Mike and Artie looked at Puck like he'd grown another head. I guess they didn't peg him for a country music fan.

"What? You didn't think Rachel was the one who chose to sing 'Need You Now' did you?"

On the way to Spanish (which we had together) Mike and Artie mentioned that they didn't know very much country music. After hearing that, I volunteered to help them find ICONIC songs. I told them I'd think about it and give them each a list the next day. They liked that idea, and thanked me before walking into the class. I was just about to follow them when out of the corner of my eye I say one of the football jackets. Seeing the slushee in his hand, and knowing that a slushee facial was on its way, I ducked. At the same time, I turned and dove for another section of the hallway. In that split second, I was A) no were near the spot I had previously been standing in and B) I gained the opportunity to use my self-defence training. Before said jock (the name of whom I still don't know) had a chance to throw the offending slushee in my face, he was on the floor, and the slushee was in my hand. I knew in that instant that I had two choices, I could set the slushee on the floor beside him and walk away, or I could dump it on him, like he had been planning on doing to me.

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