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A demon from Hell looked down at the chaos she'd created and smiled wickedly.

"Soon, this age will come to end." she muttered as she enjoyed the view of administrators frantically trying to regain control of the mess.

A group of demons came up behind her and bowed respectfully.

"The operation was successful, the Far East office has been sabotaged but..." the young demon hesitated.

"But what?" she frowned in annoyance.

"Umm... 4 of our demons have been captured." the demon looked up hoping that her leader wasn't in a bad mood.

"Those incompetent fools... they should just kill themselves." she tapped her foot with annoyance, "Right, we're returning to base!"

The leader stormed past as the young demon sighed with relief. The group turned and went leaving fire, rubble and confusion behind them.


Katsuragi Keima of class 2-B sat down on his chair and continued to play on his PFP without looking up. Although he appeared to be completely and utterly absorbed in his galge, his ability to play with multiple games at once (24 in God mode) meant that he could easily be thinking of other things. Such a 'godly' way of playing had earned him the title of 'Capturing God' on the net. His speciality was galges but he excelled at whatever would be considered as games (even board games). At the moment though, he was thinking of the words that Diana (a goddess) had said the night before when she'd snuck in through his bedroom window. He sighed.

15 spirits captured still about 60,000 to go and now I've got goddesses on my back. What have I done to deserve such a screwed up fate? Why won't reality leave me alone?

Having thought that, the situation that he'd wound up in wasn't what a lot of people would call realistic. He was interrupted by loud call from behind,

"Kami-nii-sama, why didn't you wait for me to clean up? You're very mean for leaving me alone!" his demon 'sister' complained.

And why have I got a demon partner who offers more trouble than help?

"Elsie, it was your fault for dropping all the plates, now leave me alone." he replied gruffly still figuring out routes and flags for his game.

Elsie sighed and walked away to where her friends Ayumi, Chihiro and Miyako welcomed her.

"Is your brother being mean to you again?"

Keima frowned and turned his full attention on the game until homeroom, ignoring the feeling that somehow he'd attracted some unwanted attention.