"Shiomiya-san?" Yui inquired realising that she'd just stepped into more unfamiliar territory. She'd really hoped to meet no-one who knew him.

I really want to ask, but there's just so much that I want to ask about.

Shiori scooped up her book and gave a sideways look away from Yui stepping towards the shoe lockers to change her shoes. There was a long silence between them as the only sound that could be heard was the scuffling as Shiori put on her shoes. During this time, Shiori's face only became redder although this was hidden from view as the lockers hid her and this also hid Yui's apparent discomfort.

"Umm, Katsuragi-kun?" Shiori said.

"...Yes?" Yui desperately tried to find something to say.

"Are you..." Shiori stepped into view but as she looked up, she couldn't help but retreat behind her book.

"You look like you have something really important to say. What is it?" Yui couldn't bear to let the conversation drift into another long winded silence.

Aoba came trotting down the stairs with a small smile on her face from her previous encounter. Well, she would since she'd hit a jackpot even though she been betting on the most unlikely situation. She was probably expecting as big a prize as the risk. She suddenly noticed that Yui and Shiori were in the middle of an exchange. Yui gave a slight start and wondered why she was landed into these sorts of situations all the time since she came into this body, more like, why did she become so scared about meeting the wrong people? Aoba had already come up beside them to the shoe lockers where her shoes were kept.

I hope she's not going to talk to me; she always makes me uneasy and Keima seems rather wary of her as well.

She tried to inch away from Aoba.

"I was just wondering whether you would help me with my story?" Shiori suddenly said, causing Yui to snap out of her thoughts although this question only served to put her in another one.

"You're writing a story?"

"I'll be helping my friend with it."

"Ah, forget I asked." she said loudly while blushing profusely for no apparent reason as far as Yui was concerned.

"Katsuragi," Aoba finally spoke, causing Yui to jump slightly "have you gotten used to life yet?"

Yui turned towards Aoba as the meaning of her words slowly sank in and the expression on his face caused Shiori to look between them two, trying to figure out how they could possibly be related to each other. Not that the question Aoba posed had made any particular sense as her brain started to process possibilities as to what the question meant. As far as she knew, Keima was a pretty unsociable person although she overlooked the fact that Keima had been the one to approach her from seemingly so long ago. Yui continued to edge away from Aoba.

"How-" Yui started.

"Yui! Are you alright?" a stricken voice pierced through the air and everyone looked up towards the stairs.

'Yui' walked around the stairs and her and Keima's eyes met.

Ah, I don't want to be seen by mother, she'll punch me again...

Because she was dedicated to go in one direction (away from Aoba), she ended up having to dodge behind the lockers further away on the opposite side. Shiori decided to follow Keima since he was the only one here that she knew and by this time, she was in a sea of confusion about his actions. In any case, Yui wasn't going to be seen in a hurry anyway as her mother fussed over Keima.

Was that fear I saw in her... or rather 'my' eyes?

Keima thought as he said: "For goodness sake, I'm absolutely fine."

Keima was surprised by the sudden change of tone that he heard in her voice from forceful to soft spoken. It grinded at him to no end afterwards and he hated how much it could be affecting the process of resetting the relationship between Yui and her mum.

"I only tripped slightly, I'm not hurt anywhere."

Dammit, is this the spirit's doing? I even thought that I was starting to regain control as well, is this how all spirit hosts feel? But I never saw any signs of them struggling, maybe it's because of the body swap...

"If you say so." Yui's mother replied although she was clearly still worried but she also seemed slightly shaken, whether it was because she was always overreacting or because of the way he started talking. He decided that didn't want to have his attention on her all the time, but then, neither did he want want talk with Aoba, he'd rather they spoke alone and besides, Shiori was also here and in this state, nothing was guaranteed.

As for Yui who was listening to this small exchange, the change in 'her' voice rung loud and clear.

Not even Keima-sama... not even he would go against mother, what hope do I have?

"I'll go and get my shoes," Keima said, "how about you go wait for me outside?"

Aoba gave a bored look and headed for home, it wasn't her business now that she'd found out what she wanted so far and she was aware of the situation.

"Are you sure you don't want me to accompany you?" Yui's mother asked attentively.

"No, seriously. I'll be alright." Keima reassured her.

Reluctantly, she followed after Aoba through the door and only three people were left in the room. Keima sighed and went to where her shoe locker was and she saw Yui and Shiori. He went to her locker and changed her shoes. Meanwhile, Yui was slightly perplexed as to whether she really did see a few solid black tendrils being emitted from her body.

"Katsuragi-san, how did you find the English test?" Keima asked.

"Eh? Oh that. I think I did quite well, the... advice you gave me really helped." Yui answered back although she was quite confused as to what he was trying to get at as well as convincing herself that the slight hue around her body didn't exist.

"Really? I guess we'll keep in touch in case you go backwards again." he said taking out his PFP and turning it on.

Oh dear, I think I'd completely forgotten about that.

"Yeah, I guess we should." she replied.

"Do you have something that is important to you but is easily lost?" he asked.

"What's with the random question?" she asked.

"Just curious." he said although the aura he was exhibiting told her otherwise.

Shiori completely missed this; even her brain which could work so quickly could not follow these lines and responses which had been dropped from so many parties so randomly and she gave up, instead tuning everything out until it was all finished. It gave her time to think about her own things though.

But did we really kiss on that day?

"I have a little bear which I sometimes keep in my pocket; mother gave it to me." Yui answered.

"Do you mean this one?" Keima fished out a little bear from his left pocket, "Gosh, that's not little, that's tiny! Here', take it back."

"Ah, thank you. That's really kind of you." Yui said clutching the bear tightly for a while before she put it into her pocket, something about him taking out the bear didn't quite ring but she decided it would be better to think about it later.

"Well, I won't disturb you two so I'll get going." he walked out, making sure to turn off his PFP once Shiori was out of sight and unwillingly slotted it back into his pocket .

Just a little longer and I'll be able to play it as much as I like for... a while.

As he walked up to Yui's mother, he frantically started patting around her school uniform for something, wearing a panicky face.

"What's the matter?" Yui's mother asked, still worried about the incident at the stairs... if it could be called an incident.

"I... I think I've lost something very important." he continued patting around (thank goodness Yui wasn't there to witness this act) and he rubbed his head, it was starting to hurt again.

"What is it? I'll help you find it."

"It's the little bear that you gave me when I was little. I think I last saw it in the shopping district before you pulled me out of the games shop."

"We'll go there after the dance lesson." Yui's mother replied.

I. Don't. Want. To. Go. To. The. Dance. Lesson. It was a thought that he strangely found seemed to be aimed more at himself than anyone else.

He started to tremble as he tried resisting against the urge to just obey her and it seemed to work to his advantage in some ways but less in others.

"Oh dear, you look terrible all of a sudden. I'll cancel the Japanese dance lesson and we'll go to the doctor immediately."

"No, I don't want to see a doctor... could I go and walk around by myself? I need some time." Keima pleaded.

"Yui, you know that you can't go around on your own. Don't you remember that you're a member of the Goido family and can't go wandering off without a bodyguard at least?"

Keima displayed a face of utter hopelessness and sadness. From his experience (from galges), puppy dog eyes wasn't going to work (even if she was the doting mother) and besides, he'd probably be good at 'hopelessness' anyway, it was what he'd been feeling for a while now.

"Oh Yui, please don't do this to me. You know how worried I'd get if you went off on your own." Yui's mother pleaded.

"Just this once, please." he begged, his half-formulated plan pretty much almost in pieces, this being the last straw.

Somehow, it had paid off.

"Just this once." she squeezed out reluctantly, torn between leaving her to such an (what she considered) unsafe place or seeing her in such a 'hopeless' state.

'Yui's' face brightened up a tad.

"Thank you." he said, relief apparent in his voice.

He turned to go and was suddenly reminded of something.

"Oh and make sure you don't make any of the bodyguards follow me."

Yui's mother sighed, realising that her last tactic had failed before it had even started.

"But wouldn't it make searching for your important thing harder." she feebly tried salvaging.

"Mother, what did I tell you?" Keima was starting to get annoyed and the polite act was slipping.

"Have a safe trip."

As Keima had gone outside, Yui noticed that the black hue had disappeared sometime during the exchange.

It probably never existed...

"Katsuragi-san, I wonder if... you know I'm writing a story... I mean..." she stopped, realising that she was never going to...

The shield that shattered, revealing a whole new world, a world that was so much bigger than what she been living in. The realisation that came in such a warm and definite instant.

"Did we kiss?" she blurted out passionately, it was the onwe thing that she really wanted to know and she hadn't been able to stop herself from asking.

therefore, it took quite some time for her to register what she'd said and after that, no time at all for her face to heat up to a preposterous temperature and she froze.

Why can so many land mines be triggered in such a short time? I didn't even ask to be in this suicide mission. Eh? When did I start thinking like this?


A strange sensation of warmth. Books... falling around...

She shook her head to clear it from this strange vision but this caused the person standing opposite her to misinterpret this completely. Shiori's body shook violently and she ran out, surging towards the direction of the library.

Now I'll have to flee to the next planet or even the next galaxy. What was I thinking?

"Wait!" Yui called after her but the word was left unheard by anyone.

Although that wasn't entirely true...

How can she resist like this? I'm pretty strong and I'm struggling to keep a good hold on her, is she really a runaway spirit host? More importantly, she was even able to get away and do her own things. If she was able to do that, there's almost no way she could have a runaway spirit. Don't tell me that bitch of a district chief got it wrong.

"Wait!" Elsie's buddy suddenly called out and Fiore decided to have a look out of curiosity.

She had been concentrating rather hard on 'Yui' after all and could never get a decent chunk of conversation and in any case, that boy bothered her. The library girl ran past her corner and towards the library, clutching a book tightly in her hands.

Just what is he doing? Rather than interact with the target, he going around upsetting other girls.


What? The sensor!

She quickly whirled around and surveyed her surroundings while she unclipped the sensor. Although the sensor had already stopped ringing, this 'goddess' had to be close and as she looked towards the direction of the library, she saw it. The librarian had just run past that corner but a little girl which would definitely be too young to attend the school was stood there, generally hidden in the shadow of the building. Fiore started towards her but the girl suddenly turned in her direction and looked frightened, before running away. Fiore herself tried to catch her with her hagoromo but as she stretched it around the corner the girl was... it seemed that she'd gone. She smiled in a rather sinister way.

Seems like I've struck gold. I guess that buddy of Elsie's will have to wait.

A.N: If you felt that the last bit with Keima and Yui's mum was a bit... not exactly amazing and somewhat too easy. I guess I gave up. I usually find the intelligent bits hard although I kinda hope that no-one suddenly thinks that... never mind. Hope you enjoyed this ridiculously late update. I didn't realise before the summer holidays that it'd be busier (+ the lie-ins and coming home late).