Keima smirked as he looked at the shelves of games in front of him.

Yes, games. I finally have freedom!

While he usually didn't shop for games so commonly, the number of games he was able to play was seriously limited in Yui's house. He was adamant in himself that some of the responsibility was down to that demon, if not all, for breaking so many games. He rifled through the galges section buying back the games which he'd lost in the mayhem from the night before. After stacking up quite a few (well, a lot of) games, he strolled up to the cashier to purchase the games. It seemed that it was the same one from last time who bothered him about buying the normal and the limited edition of the same game. It wasn't hard to recognise as he was as annoying as before.

"Umm, excuse me, but do you want these galges?" he asked dubiously at this new face.

"Yes." Keima replied bluntly.

"Umm, there are the normal and the limited edition of the game, do you want them both."


"Umm, are you sure-"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Keima almost shouted irritably at him, "I want them all."

"O-o-okay!" he replied back, more than slightly taken aback by 'her' ferocity and beeped the game through the scanner.

Keima took a quick glance at the game in question and his eye widened as he snatched the game to take a closer look at it.

"What is this otome game doing here?"

"You wanted it, didn't you?" the cashier asked back rather fearfully although it was something of a miracle that he said anything at all, let alone something that sounded rude.

"I don't want..."

Keima continued to stare at the game and wondered how on earth he hadn't noticed the blatant fact that there were boys on the cover. Nor did he quite understand why he had decided that he put it in with his bag of games.

Finally, the cashier had finished up and as he walked out he wondered whether there was enough in his only half-full bag of games. He looked through the shop window in passing and noticed a shelf which he'd never paid any attention to before.

Are you serious?

He looked again at his bag where he knew one of those forbidden games was in and went back inside.


It probably wasn't much of a surprise that he came back out with a much fuller bag. What had surprised him a great deal though was that it was fuller because of otome games, as well as stuff from other genres which actually, he did remember playing similar stuff when he was younger. In any case, the otome games at the top was such an eyesore, he fished a galge from somewhere at the bottom and replaced it as the game on top. Still, it did not quite make the feeling of doubt go away and the extra weight seemed to serve as a reminder that he had bought taboo games.

Dammit, it's definitely not because of this girl's desires, it's purely research.

It didn't quite convince him either and he ended up getting so deep into his conflicting thoughts that he didn't notice that he'd bumped into someone until he registered the pain in her butt.

"Owowow... Yui!"

"What? Mio!" Keima exclaimed as he quickly got up, neglecting to notice that he held nothing in her hand.

"What are you doing in this commoner shopping district?" Mio asked while picking up a piece of bread.

"What? Uhum...! What are you doing here with all that bread?" Keima stuttered as he noticed the state of his games.

No excuse is gonna work if...

He made a (frankly pathetic) attempt at blocking the games from Mio's sight although if he'd been thinking, there really wasn't much of a reason to and there were better ways of making her not notice even if the bread were scattered in a similar state.

"And you dropped a load of... what on earth is this?" Mio stuttered as she picked up an otome game.

"I can sort of explain..." he said.

"How can you be into this sort of commoner's stuff?" Mio asked.

"Well, you see-"

"And what's with this?" she glared at Keima while pointing to a galge, "Did that Otamega do something to you, you've totally changed. Right, I'm so going to make him pay!"

"Shh! Mio, we're in the streets now and everyone's looking at us. Couldn't we talk somewhere else?" Keima squeaked desperately; there were several factors in play that meant it wasn't quite a good idea to spark some commotion in the shopping district.

Mio complied and they picked up the bread and games before going into a bread shop. She didn't quite want Yui's status tarnished or anything and as far as she knew, this games business was Keima's fault... which it was in a different kind of way.

"By the way, what are you doing now?" Keima asked, hoping that the conversation would steer away from him.

"Oh, well, I have a part time job here now at this bread store..." Mio was interrupted as someone called for her.

For a while, Keima was just left to watch as Mio worked. He didn't quite expect this kind of change and it felt pretty surprising that it was him who'd put this change within her.

"You've been staring at me for quite a bit now, what's wrong?" Mio asked putting out more baguettes.

"You work unexpectedly hard but isn't it illegal for elementary school kids to work-" he was cut off by a clonk on the head.

As he looked at her, there was an expression of determination on her face.

"As the President's daughter I will rebuild his company but first things first, I've got to sort you out." Mio said while wielding a baguette like a sword pointed at Keima's direction.

If it wasn't for what she'd said, he might have laughed at her striking such an uncharacteristic and childish pose. Instead, it was everyone else in the shop who laughed as the manager came out to scold her for using the baguette as a toy. Keima took this opportunity to slip out and as he got to the end of the street, he heaved out a sigh. Well, his troubles weren't over yet but he didn't feel like facing them at the moment.

I wonder if Mio's going to go find Yui tomorrow... oh well, Yui can deal with it when she comes.

He knew it wasn't trust and he didn't quite know when he started not to care. Nonetheless, he felt that the bag of games were a bigger concern. After all, half of them were taboo.

I guess I should get back, I have no business here anymore anyway. Mio might become an asset though... I'll think about it when I get back, since I'm supposed to be trying to get away anyway.

Meanwhile, Yui was going home after the ordeal and was still deep in thought about the meaning of Aoba's words as she walked in through the door.

"I'm home!" she shouted out of instinct she never knew she'd possessed until this very moment.

Mari came to the door and after an uncertain yet happy look at the fact that 'he' wasn't playing games as her son usually would've doing almost 24/7 she announced a bit of unexpected news.

"Ah, Keima. Tenri-chan's come over to visit you. She's already been waiting awhile."

Tenri? Who's that?

"I'll come right away." Yui said and Mari left her to get dinner ready.

Upon going into the sitting room a girl that was sitting on the couch stood up and turned around in delight, revealing a box in her hands.

"Keima-kun! I've been waiting awhile." Tenri said with a light blush on her cheeks and opened up the box.

"I see. What did you come here for?" Yui asked, sitting down beside her seeing there wasn't really anything else she could do.

"Hey, Katsuragi-san. We need to talk." strangely, Tenri's lips hadn't moved and it felt like the voice was coming from the box.

"What?" Yui said before she could hold back.

"What do you mean what? I said we needed to talk." turns out it the reflection of Tenri in the box was actually the one talking.

Oh yeah. Didn't Keima-sama say something about a next door neighbour who's really good at ventriloquism in that email he sent me?

By this time, Tenri was looking at 'Keima' quizzically and the image couldn't help but sigh.

"You see, I suspect that there might be a goddess in Haibara-san but it seems that you're not actually too interested. I'm going to do something about it tomorrow just to see if there really is... why are you looking at me like that?"

"Your prowess at ventriloquism never ceases to amaze me." Yui said, with maybe a slightly late timing after snapping out of a little trance she'd got into, typically trying to work out how she did it like any other quizzical human.

Although Tenri had been blushing before, she couldn't help but stare at 'him' in confusion especially when she realised that maybe 'he' wasn't playing games because of the reason she'd hoped it was.

"What?" Diana uttered with a clearly annoyed face.