Author's Note: Had no response to whether or not this is a good idea but I'm doing it anyway. Go me! um... anyway... crossover between HAMFisted and Shadow of the Night World. Major spoilers about possible endings etc. done mostly for humour's sake. No doubt as I write this jokes everywhere are pleading for mercy. Also planning more crossovers because Shadow is simply too good to waste.

Shadow had spent a reasonable portion of his life in Night World bars, hide in plain sight very much a motto in his early career. He knew what to expect and it wasn't the entire bar watching and listening to some nutcase in an assortment of blue and red platemail and carrying a whip.

"So there I was. In this guy's nightmare having to fight his fears. Seriously. Got to be the dumbest job I ever accepted. 'twas a good fight though, I'll give him that, and no wonder, the guy was bloody terrified of 'is own bloody shadow. Still beat 'em in the end an' all that." The guy paused to finish the beer he'd been holding before putting it on the bar. There were a lot of glasses. "Zamorak above I love this place. Drink myself to death and just wake up right next to where I died. Now that's a plan I tell ya."

Clearly the man was insane.

"Anyway where was I? Oh yeah, so I went with 'im back to the Oneiromancer, that's a dream magician or something if I didn't already say. Anyway she taught me some new spells which I know seems a bit cheap but new spells is tough ta find where I come from. Not even two 'undred us adventurers can do. Still they're good spells. Keep ya 'live in a fix."

Now that the speaker had paused again Shadow noticed he wasn't alone, a small pale creature with the largest eyes he'd ever seen was watching the speaker with a mixture of what he'd guess was amusement and despair. Then again he wasn't alone either, Holly was also watching the lunatic with great interest.

"Course them Lunar spells ain't much good fur fightin'" Another pint was partially emptied, which was worrying as the loony had ordered a vodka. "Now Ancient's now thats another story. Shame it aligns wiv' Zaros, evil bastard that he is."

A quiet voice interrupted. "Scrooge, I think you're drunk enough." It was the pale skinned thing he'd noticed earlier.

"Yur prob'ly right. Me vision's swimming. Still easily fixed, eh?" The lunatic chuckled. "Oi, you in the crowd 'oo shot me earlier, can I borra yer little hand cannon thingy for a sec." Surprisingly the werewolf in question handed the 'hand cannon thingy', or for the sane people a revolver, over quite willingly and proceeded to watch the results with great interest.

The wide-eyed creature spoke again. "I'll pay for you drinks while you're collecting you're stuff. Ok?"

"Thanks Zan." Then he took of his helmet, revealing a face that was almost an encyclopedia of wounds, most of the scars exceptionally faint and eyes that had seen too much in their lifetime. Then he put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. Shadow had crossed half the distance between them in less than a second, snapped out of his fascination, he was far too late. The corpse fell to the floor lifeless. At which point, two meters away from the corpse, the man who'd shot himself stood up and walked over to the stunned Shadow.

"Pleased to meet you, I'm Scrooge and that sexy thing over there is Zanik." Zanik's glare said everything.

Author's Note: And that's chapter one. Reviews much appreciated and as it's a crossover between two of my own fics I'm not sure if it should go in the crossovers section.