Author's Note: No reviews as of yet, the readers – both of you – are reminded that this fic is based upon endings I am considering but have not yet decided upon. Also this fic is still purely for lols, no serious plot is included.

Scrooge had turned out to be quite an eloquent speaker when sober. Shadow had taken the odd duo back to the warehouse and was currently reclined in a chair as Scrooge explained – at length – the theocracy that his homeworld seemed to revolve around, his wide-eyed friend, whom he'd learnt was a species known as a cave goblin, just nodded with what he said and occasionally added any details he'd missed.

"Which brings us to Bandos, god of war. Bit of a psycho and is a real control freak. On the other hand I owe a lot of my reputation to beating the shit of of him so I suppose I can't complain."

"Hang on. You're talking about these gods of yours as if they interact with you." Shadow said questioningly.

"Well, duh."

"Sorry to tell you this but your gods probably aren't real."

"Have you been paying any attention at all? I beat one of them up personally." Scrooge replied reasonably.

"You may have thought you did but whatever you beat up was probably just a really advanced machine." Shadow explained

"Look I'll prove it to you. Take a swing at me. Go on, hard as you like."

Shadow swung, his fist aimed for Scrooge's chest. It failed to connect, one split-second he'd been mid swing, the next he was drawing his hand back as though the punch had connected. Shadow blinked owlishly and tried again. Same result, it was like a brief moment in time was deleted every time he should have made contact.

"See what I mean? Now try it with that sword of yours."

Seeing how confident Scrooge was Shadow complied swinging his katana in a wide slice which – if it connected – would cut him in half. The blade rebounded millimetres from Scrooge's skin, yet it didn't jar his arm at all. Again it was like a brief moment of time was missing.

"Good now that weapon of yours, the one with the really small crossbow bolts."

"The gun?"

"Yeah, that."

"You sure about this one?"

"Well theoretically it's the same as stopping a cannonball or arrow."

Well if you're sure but I'll only set it to single shot."

"Whatever, just shoot me already."

The gun wheezed lightly. Both stared fascinated as the bullet span, just centimetres from Scrooge before stopping and falling to the floor.

"O...K. That one was pretty cool but I've built a forcefield myself, it proves nothing." Shadow stated.

"In that case behead me. Go on."

"You sure?"

"Would I have said it if I wasn't?"

"It's your funeral." The blade swung. Scrooge's head bounced along the floor as his body began haemorrhaging blood.

"Still don't believe?"

Shadow sighed. "Ok, maybe your gods do exist in your world."

"Well not really, most of them are banished to other planes of existance, the only one's still on Gielnor are Guthix, Brassica and the Pantheon."

"So not this Zamorak you speak so fondly of?"

"Nah, the only major god left is Guthix. Still enough power leaks through from the others."

"I'm sorry but can we leave this topic alone, it's giving me a headache."


"You up for another round?"


The clash of blades rung through the dojo once more.

Author's Note: And that's a wrap, next Holly and Zanik. In other news I remember promising an Alien fic a year ago, sadly it was one of about three fics that were lost before I could upload them when my PC had to be reformattted. The good news is that I'm rewritting it.