You Promised

Summary: When Fang leaves the flock Max thinks that she will never recover. But suddenly the connection between Max and Dylan becomes stronger than ever. Will their relationship last through it all? Or will a certain someone showing up derail them for good? And who is after the flock this time?

Chapter 1

"I miss Fang," Nudge said sadly.

"Why?" Angel inquired innocently without looking up from the book she was reading. Max looked up from the glossy magazine she was trying to read without vomiting to shoot Nudge a sympathetic look, that being the only sympathy she could really offer when it came to Fang's departure from the flock, and to glare at the devil who used to be appropriately named Angel. Max restrained from commenting further at the cost of exploding with rage or breaking down in tears. And causing Nudge any more grief than she was already feeling.

"Wha- What?" Nudge whimpered with tears ready at command.

Angel looked up from the book and adjusted herself on the plush leather couch, looking ready to make Nudge cry. "Well," she began cruelly, "He abandoned us," looking suddenly at Max, "because of her."

Max felt a surge of anger that for once was directed at somebody other than Fang. "No. Fang left because of you, Angel," she paused to glare at Angel, her voice rising, "You alienated everyone to turn on me AND you told him that he was the reason we were being hunted! When in fact," she was screaming now, "YOU are!"

"How is that?"

"Oh I don't know, maybe because you happened to team up with the BAD GUYS!"

"I'm starting to really wonder if we're the good guys." Angel muttered to herself. However Max heard it and jolted up from her seat, fists clenched, until she was glaring down at Angel.

"Why you little-"she began.

"Sweet!" Iggy said, having slipped into the room unnoticed with Gazzy and Dylan.

"Chick fight!" Gazzy exclaimed, causing everyone, even Iggy, to look at him incredulously. Nudge stopped crying long enough to say," Dude, you're like 8 and one of those 'chicks is your 7 year old sister!"

"Not true," he said laughing, "I'm 9."

"Besides, Max would never hit me. I'm her favorite." Angel said, breaking everyone out of their stupor. Max readied herself to lunge at Angel, but Dylan dashed over and restrained her saying," You just need some fresh air! Let's go flying! Like, right now!"

He grabbed her by the shoulders and steered her in the direction of the doors. Before they left Max's sister, Ella, burst through the door, sending everyone into immediate fight mode. Before someone mistakenly attacked her, Iggy yelled," Wait! It's Ella! Guys its Ella. Or it's someone who smells exactly like her."

Ella, who recovered from the almost near-death experience, jokingly," Geez! Can't a woman walk into her own house without almost getting killed by 6 kids with wings?"

Iggy turned a deep shade of scarlet and muttered, "Sorry 'bout that Ella."

Ella smiled at the intensity of his blush and said," It's okay. You at least stopped them with my… err… smell. How is it that you know how I smell?"

Iggy blushed even more and stammered," Well I… what I mean is… well since…."

"Geez! Spit it out lover boy! He's blind so he has a heightened sense of smell!" Angel exclaimed angrily.

"Shut up Angel!" Iggy screeched. Ella blushed profusely.

Max's rage returned and she clenched her fists again. Dylan grabbed her shoulders and gently guided her out of the house before she could maim Angel.

"Umm… I'm gonna do my homework in the kitchen." Ella said awkwardly looking at Iggy expectantly.

Nudge, who had recovered from her little episode, cleared her throat and fake coughed, "Join her!"

Iggy nodded and inquired," Oh… Can I umm… come?"

"Sure! I mean… that'd be cool." The pair headed to the kitchen.

When she was sure they were gone, Nudge whispered excitedly, "Omg! They are so cute together!"

Angel scowled and returned her attention to the TV.


Dylan and Max spread their wings and took flight. Unknown to the two of them, however, they were not alone. In fact, they were being watched by someone that they would never expect.

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