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Chapter 16 (The Final Chapter!)

In two weeks things had returned to normal and Max had received the letter.

Max had taken notice to Nudge and Fang's brotherly/sisterly relationship.

He did seem to listen to her all of the time.

And he generally seemed interested.

Iggy and Ella were closer than ever.

Max and her mom had talked to the government and all of the scientists involved in Dr. Brookes' experiment were arrested.

Dr. Brookes was dead after all.

To compensate, the government used Dr. Brookes' funds to buy Mrs. Martinez and the flock a dream house.

Everyone had their own room, but Iggy spent most of his time in Ella's. They didn't do much more than talking, but on the occasion she walked by, Max had found them kissing.

That left Iggy less time for Gazzy, so Gazzy did what he did best.

He blew random stuff up, but this time, he asked Fang for assistance. Fang often said yes to the smaller explosions, but he insisted that the bigger ones remain outside. Gazzy complied to this request.

Angel seemed to have returned to normal.

She became more like the child she once was, than the adult and leader she tried to be.

She also spent more time with Fang than priorly. Every once and a while Max caught her on his lap.

Everyone seemed to welcome Fang's return. Even Max.

Max and Fang spent a lot of time restoring their relationship. On one occasion, he leaned in to kiss her, but she turned a cheek. He instantly knew the cause.

"If you want to wait until Dylan feels better that's fine with me," he'd whispered.

Max had smiled gratefully and kissed his cheek lightly.

Dylan however, didn't return to normal.

Without his wings he acted empty and depressed.

On more than one occasion, he suggested that he leave, but Max had insisted against it.

He nodded and replied, "It was just a suggestion," but Max knew that being near all of their wings was driving him mad. But she couldn't leave him in this condition.

Max spent a lot of time keeping him company, but he left her constantly and avoided her daily.

Her presence seemed to irritate him more than anything.

He separated himself from the flock and he refused to leave the house.

Max knew that things would never be the same deep down and that she should let him go, but a small part of her denied that anything was wrong and insisted that it would heal itself in time.

It didn't.

She was just about to give up on that hope when she entered his room to find his window open like he'd gone for a fly and a letter on his bed.

Max had been through this once with Fang and she instantly knew what happened.

She opened the letter anyway. It read:

My dearest Max,

I'm sorry that I've recreated one of your most horrible memories by writing you a letter, but I fear that I'd never be able to go through with it if I told you in person. And you would've never let me leave anyway. So here goes, I'm leaving the flock.

Max felt tears fall down her face, but she felt nothing. Nudge wandered in and saw Max crying. She read the letter over Max's shoulder and soon had tears of her own.

I'm shocked I lasted in the flock this long. We both know that I was never really a member of it. The flock is like a puzzle and I just don't fit. But Fang does. I need to go off and find somewhere I belong. And it isn't there, with you.

The group became larger when Iggy and Ella joined them. Ella read the note aloud so that Iggy knew what happened. The two began crying quietly.

Max still felt numb.

She read on.

I'm not bitter that I wasn't your pick. The heart wants what the heart wants and unfortunately, your heart doesn't want me. I'm tried to put up a fight for you, but that seemed to work against me.

Angel and Gazzy joined the pity party and Angel began weeping.

Max felt number than ever.

I might have been able to ignore this feeling of distance between us if I hadn't lost my wings. Now, I'm not special, we have nothing in common and I'm not like you. Worse, I'm holding you back.

Fang and Mrs. Martinez entered at the sound of crying and Fang put a reliable arm around Max.

Max still felt numb.

I have become a round peg to your square hole. I'm afraid to say that I simply don't fit. I love you Max, and not just because I was made for you. It's because you are amazing. Please don't come looking for me. Seeing you and the flock with wings just remind of all that I had and lost. I love you.

Love, Dylan

P.S. Fang, I'm sorry. You told me that she was mine to take care of and I couldn't do that. No one but you can. I'm giving her back. You look after her now.

Max smiled slightly at that last line.

Max's heart began to hurt. It wasn't the unbearable ache she felt when Fang left, but it stung.

She pictured the life she could've had with Dylan.

It wasn't nearly as good as the one she would have with Fang.

She started crying at the mess she'd made.

Fang pulled her in for a hug and the rest of the flock crowded around her to make it a group hug.

Although losing him killed her, it also set her free in a way.

Deep down she knew that it was for the best.

And going back, she would've done the same thing.

It still hurt nonetheless.

She knew he'd be fine. Better actually.

She smiled at the thought of him making it to Hollywood, becoming a singer and falling in love.

Finally, everything that had once been promised to her had been taken away.

Jeb said that Max and Dylan were perfect for each other. He promised she'd be happier with him.

Not getting him made her sad, but happy too.

She was finally getting everything she'd promised to herself.

She looked up at Fang, who was one of those promises, and knew they'd be alright.

Unknown P.O.V

A truck pulled over for the kid walking along the road, with nothing but a backpack and his thumb in the air.

The truck driver found a young and attractive boy who was very dirty.

"You need a lift?" the man asked.

"For once, yes," the boy replied.

"Where to?" the man inquired.

"As far away as you can take me," he responded.

The boy didn't talk much.

So, the man improvised, "What's your name, kid?"

The boy looked up briefly and replied, "Dylan."

The man nodded and said, "I'm Ernest. If you don't mind me asking, what're you running away from?"

Something flickered in the Dylan's eyes, which Ernest couldn't understand.

After a while he finally replied, "I'm running away from everything I've ever loved."

The pair didn't say much, but Ernest could tell that Dylan was struggling not to turn the truck around.

But he didn't look back even once.

And something told Ernest, that he never would.

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