A.N: Yes, I am well aware that Black supposed to be the boy and White the girl, but I like this way better; I also used 'Bel' instead of 'Bianca' for this reason. Be forward: Black is a bit of a selfish b**** and will stay that way for a long time, and there will be some NxWhite (malexmale) hints later on; if this offends anyone, then please don't read.

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Standing in her room in front of the present that Pr. Araragi had dropped off at her house earlier, Black Irine Kendel was extremely proud with herself. She'd earned the right to pick her first starter by fixing the pokedexes last week (and secretly adding a data mix feature so she didn't have to waste time completing hers; she was letting Cheren and White do that), and her plan to get Bel out of the picture by convincing her father that she was too much of a clueless klutz to go out on an adventure (put more kindly to his face) was working better than she'd hoped. Now the only things left to do were, wait for Cheren, pick their starters, head back to the professor's house/lab, grab White, and get the heck out of town so she could have a clear shot at fame and, hopefully, Cheren.

Unfortunately, her good mood died when she heard both a male and female voice greeting her mother downstairs, and dropped even more at the complaint from said female voice as it floated up the stairs. "Cherreen, why does SHE get the first pick; and what are they doing in her house in the first place?"

"She's the one who helped fix the pokedexes, though why Pr. Araragi called her instead of me I'll probably never know." Putting on the obviously false smile she always wore whenever in the presence of the blond, she greeted the pair as they walked into her room. "Hi Cheren! And Bel. How did you convince your father to let you out of the house? Or did you climb out the window?"

Cutting off Cheren's return greeting, Bel answered in the condescendingly sing-song voice she saved just for Black. "Oh, my mom let me go. Unlike Dad, she didn't believe a word of your 'concerned friend' BS you pulled yesterday."

"Oh well, I get first pick anyway." Opening the present and discarding the accompanying card without even glancing at it, Black instantly grabbed Tepig, partially because it was a different color than normal, but mostly due to knowing full well Bel's love of fire-types. With a halfway decent death glare considering her peppy aura, she reached into the box and almost grabbed Snivy, then thought better of it and picked Oshawott instead. Releasing it, Bel instantly dropped her glare to awe at how cute it was; considering the way the little blue and white otter's small black eyes were blinking as it looked around the room in a confused manner, Black found herself agreeing with the gushing blonde against her will. Attempting to push the overly girly thought away, Black blurted out "I challenge you to a pokemon battle!"

Snapping back to reality, Bel quickly regained her menacing aura, then dropped again it when Oshawott squeaked and started backing away in fear. After crouching down and petting her to make her feel better, she straightened back up and recalled a watered down version. "You're going down!"

Taking the last pokeball out of the box, Cheren gave them both an exasperated look "Can't you both wait until we're outside first? I highly doubt that your mother was kidding when she threatened to kill us with a rusted cheese grater if we broke anything else after the window incident."

Releasing her Tepig (who snuck over and started playing with Oshawott after realizing that the girl wasn't looking), Black put her hands on her hips and gave Cheren a borderline glare. "No way in hell! The rules say that you can't turn down a challenge, and Mom can just get over herself."

Rolling his eyes and sighing, he gave up and moved to the empty wall by the door. "Dear Arceus. Just remember that you are both indoors, would you?"

Turning her attention back to the playing pair on the floor, Black sighed overly loud to catch their attention. Sighing slightly himself, Tepig walked back over to the brunette and got into a battle stance. Oshawott looked up at Bel and, after a nod from the blonde, reluctantly did so as well. "Tepig, use tackle!"

"You too, Oshawott!" The yellow and black pig charged at Oshawatt and knocked it onto the wall, and the sea otter rebounded onto mattress on Black's bed. After a couple bounces, she managed to used the extra momentum to dizzily launch herself back at Pokabu, flipping the mattress, pillow, and covers off the bed frame and into the corner in the process, and likewise sending the fire type crashing into the middle table with enough force to knock it straight into the desk in the opposite corner, break the computer, send the shattered monitor into the TV, and send said TV crashing on top of the Wii in a shower of sparks. However, while Oshawott didn't get back up, Tepig managed to force himself unsteadily to his feet for a few seconds before collapsing again. Recalling their pokemon, Black all but snatched the money Bel reluctantly dug out of her purse. "You moronic little idiot! Do you have any idea how much that stuff cost!"

"Hey, I'M not the one who started this battle in the first place! And who are you calling an idiot you hotheaded selfish stuck up prick!" Before their argument could escalate any farther, they were interrupted by the door slamming open (which was closed by Cheren when he headed downstairs to distract Mrs. Kendel) and Black's mother standing in the doorway, snipping down their anger with her own murderous aura which, combined with a glare icy enough to freeze hell itself while sending the devil running away in tears and the large meat cleaver she was holding, absolutely terrified them into silence. "What. The HOLY HELL. Do you think you were DOING!"

"Black started-"

"Bel broke-" They both realized in horror that that was the wrong thing to say when the glare and aura got worse as the woman finally got a good look at the room.

"You BROKE your COMPUTER! AND the Wii! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO GET THE MONEY FOR THOSE FOR YOU! FIVE. GODDAM. YEARS. And Bel, your parents taught you better than this!"

"I'm SO sorry Mrs. Kindel! I didn't mean-"

"Just go home. Now." Bel ran out the door faster than Black had ever seen anyone run in her life. After she was gone, her mother's glare was fixed back on her. "Is your stuff packed?"

Taken back by the question, Black stumbled out a small yes. "Good. Take your live caster," Black hurriedly took it from her outstretched hand "get your stuff, and go. And don't you DARE set foot back in this house again until you learn some self control, you hear me?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Then get going, and good luck." Stepping aside to let her through, Black grabbed her backpack and darted out the door and down the stairs feeling a dead weight in her stomach. How could she've done that to me; it wasn't like I broke it all. Readjusting her backpack, she drug her feet to toward Pr. Araragi's house to meet up with Cheren and White.

Her bad mood got worse when she saw just White waiting for her outside his house. "Hi Black. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, sure, I'm perfectly fine getting kicked out of the house for Bel trashing my room."

"S-Sorry. Do you want milk and cookies, or a candy bar and soda?"

"White, you've been my friend how long and you still don't know!"

"But you always want the one I don't offer you, so-."

"Just give me the Snickers and Coke already."

"O-Okay. Please follow me." Huffing, Black followed White to the kitchen table, then sat down while he got her Snickers bar and two sodas out of the refrigerator. Handing her the food, he hovered between chairs until she violently gestured to the one next to her. Sitting down, he listened to his best friend rant for a good hour over the incident, managing to say most of the right things in the right places (even after ten years of this White still hadn't gotten the hang of what Black wanted him to say and when she wanted him to say it). After she was finally done, he asked timidly asked her, "…Are Oshawott and Tepig okay?"

"After all that you-!" Stopping herself, she sighed heavily. "Here, go heal him already." Shoving the pokeball in his hands, she glared at the wall as he scampered across the hall to the healing machine they had by the lab. While she was waiting, Pr. Araragi sat down in the now vacant seat. "Hey, Professor. Where's Cheren? He isn't normally this late."

"Oh, he stopped by with Bel thirty minutes ago for their pokedexes. He said to tell you that he was sorry and is traveling with Bel because her father wouldn't let her go otherwise."

"But he was supposed to travel with me!"

"I know, but at least White's still going to go with you."

"Thanks to Bel, he doesn't even have a pokemon yet! I don't want to wait here until the new starters come in!"

"You won't. I have another pokemon I want him to raise for me."

White, who had sat down on the other side of Black with a fully healed Tepig on his shoulder during the conversation, looked up in surprise. "Are you really sure that's a good idea? You said yourself that you've never seen one like him before…"

"I'm perfectly sure. I trust you, and he seems to like you a bit better than me. Not to mention he hates it here as it is."

"True. Okay, I'll go get him." Handing Tepig along with his pokeball back to Black, White disappeared into the lab. Black, who was slightly confused during the exchange, put Tepig back into his pokeball while asking, "Just WHAT pokemon are you talking about?"

"The one I saved from some hooded people on Liberty Island a while back."

"Oh, that one! Did you ever find out who those guys were?"

"Not yet." White, now holding an ultra ball and pokedex, sat back in his seat next to Black just as she stood up. "White, what do you think you're doing? Let's get going already."

"Sorry!" Jumping back up, he quickly said goodbye to his mother and grabbed his backpack, but didn't' get to the door in time before the brunette slammed it in his face. Rubbing his sore nose, he reopened the door and raced after the girl, who had already reached the town limits.

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