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Slightly out of breath, White managed to catch up to the miffed brunette at the local store by the town limits as she was packing her purchases in her bag. "For the love of Arceus, why do you have to be so slow? We'll never catch up to Cheren at this rate."

"…Sorry." Sighing, the girl decided to drop the issue and started walking down the path.

"Just try not to fall behind, okay?"

"I'll try." Falling in step behind her, White looked around and got lost in the scenery. Spring had just started, and the fence lined path was surrounded by pink, red, yellow, and white flowers in the patches and trees. Smiling to himself, he didn't notice that he'd fallen behind until he almost crashed into Black, who had stopped walking to glare at him. "What did I just tell you? Do you want that pack of Patrats to mob you again?" Looking more terrified then she expected, White violently shook his head. "Then pay attention so I don't have to save your sorry hide."

"Y-Yeah." From then on, White was borderline paranoid, watching every patch of grass like it was going to sprout fangs and flinching at every noise. Had Black paid any attention to her Tepig, she would've noticed him glaring at the grass as if he wanted to set it all on fire. White's pokemon didn't completely share their dread, and was following the boy's earlier example by admiring the flowers, with occasional glances at suspicious movements in the grass.

He looks so scared, it's a bit saddening. Wait, it's his fault they hate him so much, not mine, so why should I feel bad! Arceus dam it! Why does he DO that to me? Grumbling under her breath, Black angrily grabbed the boy's hand and started dragging him. Although he flinched badly at first, White let her forcefully lead him all the way to the Accumula Town outskirts. Seeing Cheren and Bel, Black immediately dropped his hand and ran up to Cheren, completely ignoring White and Bel. "Cheren! I thought you were long gone by now, but it seems you waited for me after all."

Wanting to avoid an argument in front of White, Bel kept her mouth shut and let Cheren answer. "Actually, we're training; though it isn't going as well as we hoped."

Bel decided it was safe enough to pipe in. "They both REALLY hate Patrats; Oshawott hides behind me and glares at them before fighting them, and Snivy won't stop attacking even when they're unconscious." This sent White back into panic mode again.

"I-I'm really, really s-sorry about that." Bel hadn't meant to upset him, and walked over to calm him down.

"White, it's fine, you really don't have to apologize. We know you didn't mean to make them mad. I don't think they'll hate you for too much longer." Seeing him flinch again at the word 'hate,' Black snapped at Bel (darn guilt wouldn't leave her alone, and seeing him flinch made it worse), which eventually went from an argument to a full on cat fight. Grumbling under his breath, Cheren lead a stricken White into town. After showing him around (during which White kept glancing at his belt) they ended up in front of the Pokemon Center. "Um, Cheren, could we have a battle? Pyro really wants one."

"Sure." Snivy, once released, brightened upon seeing White, but got into a battle stance all the same after White called out Pyro. "…You really nicknamed that rare of a pokemon?"

"He-He said he didn't mind it." Relieved to finally be out of the ball, Victini decided to be nice and pat the upset boy's leg; after all, if it wasn't for him, he'd still be stuck in that stuffy place, and the kid's slightly girly nickname for him wasn't as bad as some he'd heard.

Snivy had to give a watered down glare to his trainer before he finally got the hint. "…Look, while I don't really approve of nicknames, 'Pyro' at least happens to be a somewhat decent one."

"Y-You think so?"

"Yeah. Let's just hurry up and start the battle before Black shows up and tries to drag me off shopping or something."

"Yeah. Okay Pyro, let's start off with Quick Attack." The small fire type shot toward Snivy so fast that it didn't have time to react before being sent flying back. Managing to skid to a stop just in front of Cheren, the grass snake got back to his feet rather quickly.

"Snivy, Tackle."

"Try Incinerate." Victini braced itself, then shot off the small embers from his mouth just as the other pokemon hit him, scorching not only his opponent, but the Oran berry the grass type was secretly holding as well. Shooting off another attack before White could tell him otherwise, the Victory pokemon struck an overconfident pose when Snivy didn't get back up. Recalling the fainted grass type, Cheren paid the prize money while still deep in thought. "So, Incinerate not only targets the opposing pokemon, but its berry as well. Interesting."

Feeling guilty, White asked, "…Snivy isn't hurt too badly, is he?"

"He'll be fine. We are next to a PokeCenter after all."

"Oh, yeah." Seeing as Pyro had spent the last minute or so glaring at his pokeball, the brunette decided to let him climb up on his shoulder. "Would you mind if I got you healed too? I'm pretty sure the nurse won't make you get back in the ball." Thinking it over, the little legendary nodded. "Okay then, let's go." With that, he followed the black haired boy into the PokeCenter.

Bel and Black were surrounded by most of the townspeople, with two police officers holding the girls back. Black had a busted lip and several bruises on her arms, and Bel had a black eye and covered in scratches visible through her ripped clothes. The officer holding Bel tried to reason with the pair. "Ladies, ladies, calm down already! Don't make me have to arrest the both of you and lock you in separate cells for the night."

"She started it!"

"Did not!"

The second officer then cut in. "It doesn't matter who started it, I'm finishing it!" Nodding to his partner, they both dragged the girls out of the crowd, who reluctantly shuffled home as the sun was setting. They both stopped arguing the minute they got near the police station, but didn't dare start up again even after they passed it. Depositing them both off at the PokeCenter, the nicer of the two reminded them to have a pokemon battle next time while the other cop went inside to talk to one of the nurses. A nurse immediately shuffled the two inside to treat their injuries while the policemen went back to work.

Cheren and White watched the two get patched up while asking for a pair of room keys at the front desk, having gotten their pokemon back thirty minutes earlier and making the decision to spend the night after noticing the time, as staying in the PokeCenter wasn't too much more expensive than a motel. The desk nurse returned with the keys just as the other one had finished cleaning the girls up, and Black ran straight to Cheren again. "Cheren, I spent all my money on supplies earlier, so I can't get a room. Can I share yours?"

"Absolutely not."

"But, where else am I going to sleep?"

"That's your problem." With that, he walked away down the hall. Bel, having paid for her room during the exchange, followed him, leaving Black standing there, fuming. White hesitantly spoke up after a minute.

"U-Um, you can have mine-" Snatching the key out of his hand, the girl stormed off. After seeing the boy frantically digging through his pockets for more money without success, the clerks behind the shop desk dug a blanket and a pillow out of the back room for him, and he curled up cuddling a more than slightly reluctant Pyro (who was wondering how far the kid was planning on pushing him, as his gratitude only went so far) on a nearby couch and fell asleep.

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