Chapter Sixteen


I tried to think slowly; after all I had a lot to process. My brother was dead. My brother was dead. I had killed my brother. Amberstar was going to kill me. IT DIDN'T MAKE SENSE! I silently shook my head. I crouched and started to lure my leader towards the FireClan camp. I growled and unsheathed my claws, just in case.

"You don't have to do this, my brother just wanted me to die. You loved him, you would do anything for him, it made you the perfect target," I said realizing my brother's exact plan.

"You were just as weak as he thought. Why did I ever pick you as my deputy?" Amberstar snarled.

"Because you weren't brainwashed by my brother back then," I hissed again.

My anger was dying to get out, but I had to wait till camp to do anything. I continued backing up. That is, until I backed into Pinefur. I tried thinking slowly again. We were home. We were in camp. I was about to kill my leader.

"Ashberry, get everyone into the center of camp," I commanded under my breath. Amberstar was giving me threatening looks most of the way to camp so the slightest signal of aggression would end up in a fight. I had to plot silently and in an unobvious way. I flicked my eyes around nervously.

I saw everyone there. Everyone. Every single cat in FireClan. I don't know what Ashberry said, but it must have been interesting. I unsheathed and sheathed my claws in fear. I could possibly be killing my leader in a matter of minutes. I saw that hatred in Amberstar's eyes and I knew there would be no "possibly." I would have to kill or be killed. I let out a silent cry.

StarClan, when I'm gone make sure everyone gets along without me. Have Ashberry apologize to Raineyes and they will be happy again Have Rosepelt be okay. Make Mossthroat deputy and let her have healthy kits. Make sure my parents are safe in their days of elder-hood. Please, repair Amberstar's mind. Make everything the way it should have been from the start. I finished my prayer and looked at Ashberry. I licked his ear and pressed my muzzle against his.

"I love you,"

"I love you more. You won't die today. No one will. StarClan will not let this happen,"

"I…I…I…I…Just make sure my family is alright,"

"Leaffeather…" he didn't finish. He just licked my cheeked and leaned against me. I loved him. I would most likely lose him today. I would lose everything I loved. I shook away the pain and crouched. Well, I didn't really have an option—Amberstar had pounced on me and I felt her claws dig into me.

"What kind of leader tries to kill her deputy?" I snarled as I threw her off me.

"The kind that wants to avenge her lover. Despite, his flaws…." Amberstar seemed to remember the truth of my brother and yet she didn't want to. She wanted to kill me, simple as that.

I growled in anger. I hissed and leaped on her. I clawed at Amberstar's stomach harshly. No mercy at all. I slashed and clawed her as hard as I could. She managed to shove me off though. She spit in my face.

"Brackenfrost will be avenged," she snarled.

Her teeth sunk into me and I twitched and jerked. I let out a cry of pain. I was blinded by her blood. Wait! Was that my own blood, dripping into my eyes? I yowled and thrashed, desperately trying to throw her off. Her response was biting even harder. Her claws slashed at my stomach and I figured it was hopeless. I grew slack, waiting for death to come. Surprisingly, she wasn't biting my neck. Then, almost as if she read my mind, Amberstar's teeth sank into my neck. The world was getting blurry and I thought I was a goner. That is, until the weight was lifted off of me. I smiled, breathed a sigh of relief, and cast a glance at my parents and Ashberry, they all had a stricken look on their faces.

"It's alright. See? I'm okay," I called to them. I followed my mother's gaze and my jaw dropped. For what seemed like the umpteenth time this moon, I called out a name. The name I usually called out in shock, surprise, happiness, or complaint. It was the same name as usual, but this time I said it with nothing but sorrow in my voice.

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