Hi so i might have not said this before but im only writing this for my BFF i usualy write Percy jackson so yeah

Chapter Two

"I don't know why Amberstar chose you as deputy and then, without you having any experience as deputy, you get a second apprentice. I don't understand it. You know as well as I do that I am a better fighter than you—what can you do? Hunt and track? Climb? Maybe you can do all those, but you aren't exactly the best fighter in the clan—why you were chosen instead of someone else with more experience and skill," Brackenfrost spat at his sister. Leaffeather recoiled angrily, matching her brother's light blue glare with her own ice blue stare.

"You mean instead of you? You think that you're a gift sent from StarClan to watch over all of FireClan—don't you realize that other cats are better fighters than you? Can't you be happy for me?" Leaffeather hissed.

Leaffeather remembered all those days in the nursery with Brackenfrost and Rosepelt talking about what they wanted to do after they were out of the nursery. Rosepelt had her heart set on being a medicine cat, but it turned out that it would be a pointless effort—considering Grasswhisker had just chosen Owlwind (then Owlpaw) as his apprentice. Brackenfrost wanted to be the best warrior the clan had seen. He wanted to be the best hunter, tracker, and fighter, but his sister had stolen his tracking and hunting goals. Leaffeather had wanted to be deputy with every bone in her slender tabby body. It was her strongest and only wish.

"Okay, name one cat who can fight better than me," Brackenfrost challenged with a glint in his eyes.

"Gladly, Ashberry, Jayflight, and Tigergaze," Leaffeather replied calmly.

"Tigergaze doesn't count! You trained him. I'm talking to Amberstar about getting revenge on GrassClan for killing Tawnyface,"

"I knew it! The only reason you're mad at me is because Tawnyface is dead," Leaffeather said triumph faintly glowing in her eyes.

"You aren't skilled enough to replace Tawnyface!" Brackenfrost growled before dashing off. Leaffeather glared at her brother be for padding over to Ashberry.

"Hi Ashberry, I was thinking that maybe…..we could…..go on a tour with the apprentices tomorrow?" Leaffeather asked nervously. She glanced nervously at Ashberry, trying to meet his bright green gaze.

"Sure Leaffeather, watch Bluepaw though—she is very curious and might want to dash off," Ashberry warned.

"Of course, you would know that…" Leaffeather then murmured to herself "Because you're her father…" And I would know if I was her mother, instead of Raineyes. Leaffeather quickly shook her head and said

"To the warrior's den?" Leaffeather asked slowly. She braced herself for an answer.

"You go on ahead, I have to stop and see Raineyes—this is her last night in the nursery you know," Ashberry said excitedly and dashed off to see his mate. Leaffeather sighed and made her way to the nursery slowly. I wanted to be deputy. I wanted to have hundreds of apprentices. I wanted to be the best warrior ever. I wanted to be an amazing tracker, hunter, and fighter. The one thing I didn't want that happened was to fall in love with a cat who already had a mate.