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Uncharted Territory

"I'm conflicted," Percy Jackson said. He was standing on the porch of the Big House talking to Chiron while watching Annabeth, his wife, rock their newborn son to sleep outside cabin 2 (LONG story, but that will have to wait).

"Why," Chiron said.

"I'm very happy to be a father, the happiest I've ever been in my life!" Percy said. "But I have brought this child into a world of problems, the world of a half blood. I don't know what kind of future this child will have, if he will even have his parents around in 5 years. How can he go to school if his life is here? What kind of life can he expect?"

"Hmm," Chiron said.

"Chiron, what happened to other demigod children?"

Chiron looked down, getting that familiar sad longing face back. Finally he looked out on the camp and said, "It is rare for a demigod to reach mating age. However, a few have. You know the story of Daedalus."

"That didn't end well for his son," Percy said.

"No it didn't," Chiron said. "But occasionally it does. It worked out well for FDR's children."

"Will he have powers?" Percy asked.

"Sometimes," Chiron said. "Your son will have the common traits of demigods: the battle reflexes, the dyslexia and ability to speak Ancient Greek. If he is strong enough, he will begin to smell tasty to monsters too. That's what happened to Lincoln's son." Chiron paused as if this brought back some bad memories. "But as for whether or not he will have your powers, I cannot say. According to ancient societal structures, he is both a son of Poseidon and Athena. However, the gods have historically forced grandchildren to earn the right to inherit their abilities. Obviously, Daedalus's son did not inherit Athena's wisdom."

"How often does that happen?" Percy asked.

"Not often," Chiron said. "The last one was John Kennedy. Athena thought that his handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis was deserving of her wisdom, despite there being three generations since the original demigod. A year later, the monsters killed him."

"I thought he was shot," Percy said.

"Greatest cover up we've ever done," Chiron said, smiling briefly

"Surely my son will be able," Percy said.

Chiron sighed. "Your case is unique Percy," he said. "It is rare enough for a demigod to have a child. It is even rarer for a demigod to have a child with another demigod. When that happens, there is a power play involved with one or the other god claiming the child. Usually though, the less powerful god yields to the more powerful one.

"Your marriage is unique Percy. It is the first time that two Olympian children have been wed without one or both of them being turned into a fruit bat. Neither your mother-in-law or your father is likely to yield their right of redemption."

"So he is out of luck then," Percy said. "For one to grant their abilities would be an attack on the other."

"Never say never Percy," Chiron said. "You don't know what the future holds. But yes, it is fair to say that his case has more variables than usual." And with that Chiron walked back into the Big House, leaving Percy very much alone.

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