Not Worth Living

Hello. My name is Alice and I am dead. Sorry to be blunt, but that's just how I am. My story isn't particularly long or, hell, particularly interesting even, but it is my story. My story, like all others, has a beginning and an end. If you were looking for something fluffy stop reading now and if you want something with a happy ending well then you should've stopped at the first sentence. Now for whoever is still reading pay attention because my story is… unorthodox. I've given you a glimpse of the end and now the only thing left is the beginning. My story starts when I was 10. Here we go.

One day, when I was 10, I came home from school and found my mother sobbing and frantically searching for her keys.

My father hadn't been back home since 2 days ago, when he came and got a notebook for work. He left abruptly and never returned. For some reason, I never felt like he left. I felt like he was lost and that I needed to find him.

So for the next ten or so years of my life that's what I did. It started off as checking in with his work and looking around street corners and it quickly progressed to me quitting college and dashing off to places like Thailand for a weekend.

I'm not saying that I regret my quitting college. It was my choice and I stand by that choice as reckless as it may be. I got a job as a part time karate instructor, in which I was a black belt. There I met Jack.

The man who I thought was the 'one', as cliché as it might sound. One day, when he was meeting my mother, he presented me with a ring. A beautiful, family heirloom. I turned it down. When he was leaving I followed him because he slipped it in my pocket. I saw him getting abducted and followed him through the looking glass. The portal between the real world and Wonderland.

When in Wonderland, I discovered that my boyfriend was a prince and that he was engaged. It was a dreadful place ruled by the Queen of Hearts. How ironic considering she didn't have one.

I also found out that they were draining my kind, oysters they called them, of their emotions and my father was brainwashed into doing it. I was destined to put an end to it.

So I had the ring, or the magical Stone of Wonderland, and I found help in an eccentric White Knight named Charlie and my soul mate. No, not Jack. A man named Hatter.

He made thing the queen think he was her friend while he fed the rebels. He was untrustworthy, sketchy and at first, a criminal. Yet, I trusted him with my life and my heart.

We found my father, but we couldn't save him. He died taking a bullet for me. That would've been my undoing, but strangely it set me free. I didn't have to look for him and he wasn't lost.

We overthrew the Queen and Jack took charge. He proposed to me, but I turned him down. I loved Hatter.

But I didn't ask him to come with me and he didn't ask me to stay. I knew he loved me. I left without a ring or a way back to Wonderland. I only hoped that he would come to get me.

He didn't. He never came and I couldn't go back.

I realized my mistake instantaneously, but I couldn't fix it. I was doomed to a life without love.

Now you're probably wondering why I'm dead.

Well, I still have a pulse and a heartbeat and every doctor in the entire world would come to the same conclusion. That I am most definitely alive.

However, I gave my heart to Hatter and my life is there with him.

Without him I am nothing. What worth is being alive if I have nothing to live for?

So in every sense, except the physical one I am dead. And since I am dead, this is where my story ends.

The End

A/N: Hey guys! I know this entire thing is kinda random. But I wanted to give ita shot. Tell me if it sucks or not. Thanks!