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Chapter 1

Oh crap

Hogwarts. My home away from home. It's the one place where I feel that I truly belong. I mean, yes, I am a Slytherin. Yes, my best friends are Hufflepuffs. And, yes, I get ridiculed by the majority of my house because I am friends with 'spineless excuses for witches'. But, my life in the Slytherin Dungeons isn't all bad. I have my all time best friend with me. Regulus Black. If it wasn't for our age difference, we'd never be separated. You see, I'm a fifth year. Reg is a fourth year. Ever since our fathers met while playing a round of 'pro' quidditch, which is really just a nice way of saying 'quidditch for the physically impaired', we have been tied at the hip.

When I started my first year, I had to leave Regulus behind. It hurt, but I coped with the idea that Sirius, Regulus' older brother, who, at the time, was a really close friend of mine, would be attending Hogwarts with me. That didn't last when I got sorted into Slytherin and he was sorted into Gryffindor. For some weird reason, that seemed to change our relationship. We couldn't even look at each other without it turning into a glaring contest, and we couldn't sit near each other without one of us trying to strangle the other.

I had other friends during my first year. Good friends. Hufflepuff friends. We sat together on the train. Blaire Vandever and Lizbet Frost. We had spoken on the train and instantly clicked. It was like an explosion. Exchanging pleasantries was lighting the fuse, and starting a conversation was the boom. The best thing about them was that they stuck with me. They didn't care about the stereotype that Slytherins were evil and that all of them got a Dark Mark as an eleventh birthday present. They were loyal to me, which, I suppose, is why they were Hufflepuffs.

And that's where we start off. Black (Sirius. I do not call Regulus 'Black') and I are glaring at each other while Blaire and Lizzie stood behind me, most likely rolling their eyes.

"Get out of my way, Black," I spat, my eyes flashing.

"Why don't you, Snow? Last time I checked, this was a 'no pest' zone," he growled. Yes, he actually growled.

"What are you, a dog?"

"Maybe I am."

"Wouldn't surprise me."

"And why's that?"

"Because you seem to love chasing tails."

"Oh, so original."

"You're just upset you didn't think of it first, Black."

"You're right. Because that would make you a bitch."

"What did you call me!"

"Only said the truth, Snow."

"Why you mother f—"

"Letti, I think we should go," Blaire cut in before I could finish my sentence. I looked over at her, trying not to glare, but noticed her staring off to the end of the corridor. Reg was standing there, but his back was to us.

"Yeah, the last thing you want is your boyfriend seeing us go at it. He might think we're a couple," Sirius sneered.

I grit my teeth as I turned towards him, seething. "He. Is. Not. My. Boyfriend!" I shrieked, drawing Regulus' attention towards us. His eyes narrow.

"Letti! Let's….go!" Liz said, tugging on my arm. Before I followed them, I flipped Sirius the bird, something that I learned from Blaire because she was muggleborn. It was amusing to see Sirius so confused.

We walked down the hallway, quickening our pace as we passed Regulus. He didn't try to stop us; it wouldn't be good to be seen with a muggleborn, half blood, and blood traitor. The look he shot me was all I needed to go by: we'll talk later.

It was Thursday, also know as Turdday. I had DADA, COMC, and HoM with Gryffindors and Hufflpuffs. The Hufflepuff part was great; it was the Gryffindor part I didn't enjoy. And I was about 73 percent sure that the teachers didn't either.

Blaire, Liz, and I had this Turdday tradition where we wear muggle clothes under our robes and try not to get caught. Lizzie, in true Liz fashion, was wearing painted jean shorts and a 30 Seconds to Mars band-T. Blaire decided to go with black shorts that reached mid-thigh and an oversized yellow t-shirt that hung off her shoulders. I went with an aqua minidress and black leggings. We were playing 'flash', a game where we open our robes up to reveal our muggles clothes at teachers. If you get caught, you lose. If they don't notice, you are victorious.

Since we have DADA first with Professor DeLuna, we could remove our robes completely and she wouldn't care. She was really chill. I only call her Professor DeLuna in my head; out loud I call her Leah, because that's her first name.

"Honestly, Letti. Can you go an hour without fighting with Black?" Blaire asked, placing her robe on the back of her chair and resting her feet on the desk.

"Of course I can. I don't argue with him while I'm sleeping," I stated, bundling my robe up into a pillow to rest my head on.

"Really? I could've sworn that I heard you mumble his name in your sleep when I spent the summer at your place," Lizzie said, laying her robe out on the desk as she sprawled out on it.

I blushed, staying quiet. This only proved their thoughts, which, by the way, is a total lie! Smirking, they turned their attention towards Professor DeLuna who had just walked in wearing bright red robes.

"Today we will be talking about 'dark creatures'," she said, air quoting the words dark creatures. "We will be learning about werewolves." Out of the corner of my eye, I saw 'the marauders' stiffen. Weird. "So, partners! Frost and McKinnon." Lizzie got off the chair and made her way over to Marlene McKinnon, the resident 'bitch' of Gryffindor.

"Vandever and Lupin."

I grinned at Blaire as she got paired up with the most tolerable, and may I just add amazing, Gryffindor.

"Black and Snow."

Oh crap…

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