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Today was May fifth, exactly a year after Sai's disappearance. Hikaru and Akira were in Touya Koyo's Go salon, just beginning their after-game argument.

"I could so have played there! And Touya, that's the fifth time you said I couldn't!" Hikaru shouted.

"The FIFTH time, Shindou? It is not! And you've said you could at least six times!" Akira responded, angrily.

"Okay, then you've said it six times, happy?"

"No! I did not say it that many times!" Then Akira thought, 'Why are we fighting again? I hate it when we do this. Maybe I should stop it….'

Of course, what happened next was not exactly what Akira was thinking when he decided to end their argument. This would be an example of how a person's body can act on it's own sometimes.

"You did so say it—" Hikaru's yell was cut short as Akira's lips crashed into his. The partial blonde's eyes went wide, and he froze. The rest of the room seemed to stop with him as they noticed Akira leaning across the Go table as he was, and it became so quiet that they could hear a stone drop. Oh wait, they did hear that. As everyone in the room saw what had just happened, the people who were holding Go stones dropped them by accident, whether it be on the board, table, or carpet, out of shock. Then Akira pulled away and opened his eyes, proceeding to act as if nothing had happened, almost as if he hadn't just kissed his male rival in public. The only proof shown by Akira of what had taken place was a tinge of red on his cheeks.

"I'm leaving," everyone heard the green-haired boy say as he walked around the Go table and headed towards the door. Luckily, he hadn't brought anything with him that day, or he'd have trouble getting it back before everyone began to react. As the sliding door opened and Akira was about to walk out, Hikaru seemed to regain his composure, or at least partially regain it, and spun towards the boy who was almost out the door.

"Akira, wait!" Hikaru yelled. Being called by his first name made the former boy stop dead in his tracks, but he didn't dare turn around.

"What is it?"

"Did you just—"

"Yes, but I'm not about to talk about this here." He then started walking again, and heard the footsteps of the other boy running towards him, forgetting his bag in the process of catching up.

"Then we'll talk somewhere else," Hikaru said as he reached his rival. Akira paused, then nodded, wanting to get out of there before everyone else came to their senses.

As they got out the door, they faintly heard someone say, "Did that just happen?"

Yes, it did. And now all who witnessed the kiss knew Akira's feelings.

"Why did you do that?"

Okay, except maybe Hikaru.

"Because I don't like it when we fight like that," Akira finally answered as they got outside.

"But you didn't have to do that!"

"I assume you're disgusted?" The taller boy could barely keep a straight face as he said that. He was afraid to hear the answer, because if it was what he thought it would be, it would shatter his heart.

"To be honest… no, I'm actually not," Hikaru replied, to Akira's great relief. "but I still don't know why you kissed me."

Akira stopped and turned to face the partial blonde then, bewilderment written all over his face.

"Because I love you." And that makes twice in one night that his body didn't listen to his mind.

"You… what? Wait, did you just say… you love me?"

Akira grimaced and turned his face to the side. "Yes."

Hikaru just stared. "Do… do you mean that?"

"Of course," was the reply. Hikaru could see the hope in the other's eyes as he faced him again, and could tell it was the truth.

"Well, then, now it's my turn to do something bold." He took a step forward and put his hand on his rival's cheek, then leaned in and kissed him. This kiss was different from the other, as it was returned as soon as Akira got through his shock. As Hikaru put his other arm around Akira's neck, the taller boy put his arms around Hikaru's waist, both pulling the other closer. As the kiss began to heat up, Hikaru remembered where they were and pulled away a bit, his face still close to the other boy's. "Akira, we should stop. We're in public."

"Right... Hey, Hikaru?"


"Will you… will you be my boyfriend?"

Hikaru smiled at the nervous look on his… well... "Sure, it'd be an honor." …On his now boyfriend's face. "And, Akira?"


"For the record, I love you, too." Hearing this, Akira smiled brighter than Hikaru had ever seen. He reacquainted his lips with his boyfriend's, and they began kissing passionately, until a minute later when they had to break apart for air. "Hey, will you come with me somewhere? I made a promise to you, and I think tonight's a good night to finally keep it."

"Okay, but where are we going?"

"You'll see." Hikaru then began to lead Akira away from his father's Go salon and in the direction of Shuusaku's grave, their hands held tightly and fingers laced within each other's.

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