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"Talking" civilians and shinobi

"Thinking" civilians and shinobi

"Talking" Tailed Beasts, summons, and inner Sakura

"Thinking" Tailed Beasts, summons, and inner Sakura

Phase 2: Meeting, Truth, Reunion

Tazuna, Tsunami, Inari, and their mass entourage of Leaf nin including the entire Hyuuga branch family, were currently on route to the location for Ryugakure.

"So Tazuna, what was your first thought when Naruto asked you to create this village of his?" Sasuke asked.

"I felt it would've been impossible to complete in my life had he not told us about Tenzo." Tazuna began. "With an anbu who can use Wood Style Ninjutsu, this would actually go a lot faster than originally planned." The old man finished.

"I hope you don't expect me to have limitless chakra." Tenzo replied.

"Just build as much as you can until you get to half your remaining chakra, and use the rest to provide just raw materials." Tazuna replied. "The rest of the Shinobi and kunoichi with us and on Naruto's end will be earning their keep by helping where you have to leave off, and there's also Naruto's Shadow Clones." He added.

"I see, plus if all we're doing is the inner infrastructure, we could finish with it in possibly days if what you say is accurate, a couple weeks at most." Tenzo replied.

"A village with a ton of ninja, built in a span of days, and backed by the five kage and all the five main daimyo as well as smaller nations, Naruto really is making the sixth great village." Kakashi spoke with pride in his student, and his sensei's son.

"I'm still wary of Naruto's "allies" in Kumo." Neji spoke up.

"Neji." Might Guy began. "Considering Naruto's the son of our Village's Yondaime, I would be more concerned about Iwagakure." The Taijutsu master commented.

"Yeah, the Yondaime had to kill thousands of Iwa nin during the last war, so there is a strong chance many people in Iwa would be against allying with let alone supporting the creation of a village by his son." Asuma Sarutobi spoke up as his nephew Konohamaru walked along side him.

"You would think that wouldn't you, but from what Naruto himself said, Onoki was very willing, and planned to have his granddaughter on our village council as a show of good faith." A voice spoke up causing everyone to be on guard.

Before anything could be said or done, three figures walked out of the forest.

"You're Yagura the Yondaime Mizukage!" Kakashi spoke up as he saw the only male of the group.

"I know what you're going to say Hatake, but I was not myself when I started the bloodline purge that ignited my village's civil war." Yagura spoke up.

"It's true, he was trapped in a powerful genjutsu so strong it suppressed Isobu to!" Spoke the mint haired girl in the group.

"Wait Kakashi wasn't this guy the one Zabuza tried and failed to assassinate before being forced to flee Kiri with Haku?" Sasuke asked gaining Yagura's attention with a glare.

"Yes I am boy, and fair warning, don't use those eyes of yours anywhere near us." Yagura replied.

"Wait why are you glaring at Sasuke, and why are you here?" Sakura asked.

"Because aside from Itachi, I've never met a decent Uchiha that never used his power to cause pain to innocents." Yagura replied before the blonde woman put a hand on his shoulder.

"Calm down Yagura, you know Naruto wouldn't want your anger towards the Uchiha to cloud your judgement. Besides the only one who should have a grudge against Itachi's brother is Naruto." Yugito told him.

"Why are a Kumo nin, and a Waterfall Nin with the Mizukage that slaughtered clans?" Neji asked thinking of many scenarios, none of them good.

"First Hyuuga Neji, Naruto already warned me and Bee about you, you're hatred should be focused on the council, since they like to go behind the Raikage's back." Yugito spoke pulling him from his thoughts.

"What do you mean, and how do you three know Naruto?" Hinata asked.

"I'm Yugito the Two Tails Jinchuriki, the green haired girl is Fuu, the Seven tails host, and Yagura is the Three tails." Yugito introduced.

"YOU'RE THE CHICK THAT TRIED TO KILL NARUTO WHEN YOU WERE WORRIED ABOUT HIM!" Kiba yelled making Yugito blush and look away.

"By the way, what I meant was that it was the council that orchestrated the Hyuuga kidnapping, just like they sold me out to the Akatsuki." Yugito added.

"And why is the Yondaime Mizukage so hostile to me?" Sasuke asked.

"Because it was an Uchiha put me in a genjutsu that controlled me into causing the civil war." Yagura replied.

"LIES THERE IS NO WAY AN UCHIHA COULD DO THAT!" Sasuke protested before being bashed over the head by Yagura.

"That was for calling Naruto a liar since he verified it was a Sharingan genjutsu, plus the power and control proved that even if it was a transplanted eye, it was used by an Uchiha in an orange mask." Yagura scolded the young Uchiha.

"You mean there is an Uchiha alive besides Sasuke and Itachi?" Tenten asked.

"Yes, according to Itachi who provided information on all the members of Akatsuki, the man claims to be Madara even though we know he's not." Fuu replied.

"So there's another Uchiha in the Akatsuki?" Sasuke asked shocked.

"Yes, and when we meet him, Naruto will be the one to kill him." Yagura answered shocking them.

"Why?" Kurenai asked.

"Revenge." The three Jinchuriki spoke in unison stunning everyone even the civilians.

"You're lying Naruto would never go for revenge, let alone against an Uchiha." Sasuke told them.

"This particular Uchiha not only controlled me and weakened my village, but he's also the one who ruined Naruto's childhood." Yagura told him.

"What do you mean?" Jiraiya asked.

"Ah so he didn't tell you that this Uchiha attacked the Yondaime Hokage as his wife Kushina Uzumaki had just given birth, tried to kill Naruto as an infant, ripped the Nine-tails out of his mother, and sent it out against the Leaf before it was sealed in Naruto killing his parents, and forcing him to live the life of a jinchuriki where he was hated, and abused?" Yagura asked leaving them all stunned silent.

"No way, an Uchiha, a member of my clan was the one that forced Naruto into the life he's lived, and killed his family before he even knew them?" Sasuke began in thought. "And I said back at the Valley that he could never know what it's like to watch his family die in front of him, when it was because of a member of my clan that caused the death of his parents." He thought feeling disgusted with himself.

"So since this Uchiha was powerful enough to control a tailed-beast, I take it Naruto was the one who freed you from the genjutsu?" Jiraiya asked as Yagura nodded.

"When you and Naruto meet that Uchiha, I am going to be there to help kill him." Sasuke said gaining looks from everyone.

"Why?" Fuu asked.

"This Uchiha is demented and has caused innocents to suffer, one of my goals in life is to bring honor back to the Uchiha name, but so long as this man lives, there will be nothing but dishonor." Sasuke began. "Plus during Naruto's attempt to bring me back to the Leaf, he promised if I came back, he and Sakura would help me get my revenge, now, I want to help him get his for the Leaf, Mist, and his family." He finished.

Hearing Sasuke's words made Yagura and the others smile at the young Uchiha. Kakashi, Sakura, and the other Jounin were glad that Sasuke was wanting to help Naruto and the Jinchuriki avenge all the innocents the mysterious Uchiha has hurt, while the other genin, civilians, and the Konohamaru squad looked at Sasuke with respect.

"For now everyone get together, Yugito, Fuu, and I were sent here to bring you straight to the site for Ryugakure's construction." Yagura told them as they got together while Yagura used a large Suiton: Mizu Shushin.

{Site of Ryugakure}

When the shushin ended the Leaf and Wave citizens saw at least five Mist Nin, at least a dozen Iwa and Kumon in, and a ton of Root nin along with Danzo.

"Hey guys glad you could make it." A voice said causing them to turn and see Naruto walking to them with a raven haired Iwa Kunoichi, a massive man in red armor, and a red haired old man.

"Naruto, what are you doing with Han of the steam style, and Roshi of the Lava?" Kakashi asked.

"Relax Kakashi sensei, four and five are going to be Ryugakure citizens, though Roshi's going to be an adviser and mentor to all the jinchuriki, as well as our embassador." Naruto replied.

"Why him though?" Asuma asked curious.

"Naruto seems to think I'm filled with wisdom, experience, and patience due to my long life, and having been a jinchuriki for over forty years." Roshi replied.

"Technically you're the oldest living one of us since usually we die young either from extraction of our partners, dying in battle or missions, or from releasing our tailed beasts due to breaking from the abuse of our villages." Naruto chimed in as Yugito, Yagura, Han, Utakata, Fuu, and Bee nodded in agreement with him.

"And who's the girl your with?" Ino asked curious and wanting some gossip.

"The name's Kurotsuchi, granddaughter of the Third Tsuchikage, and soon to be council member of Ryugakure, and a liaison between Ryu and Iwa." Kurotsuchi said introducing herself.

It was during this that Tenzo walked to Danzo.

"Where is the rest of ROOT?" He asked.

"Spreading the word to all the nearby boarder villages about the village, along with Itachi." Danzo replied.

"And what is the reason for that?" Tenzo asked his former master.

"To gain more civilians moving to Ryugakure since many in the villages along this three point boarder are sick of nor protection from bandits, from wars between hidden villages, as well as Missing-nin." Danzo began. "Plus despite complaining about them, even Naruto knows that D-rank missions promote teamwork, provide internal funding for a village, and create a sense of reliability between civilian and shinobi." He explained.

"I see, I take it that the Iwa shinobi are here to create external defenses, but what of the Kumo nin?" Tenzo asked.

"They are to help ROOT as well as civilians provide water and power to the village." The elder replied.

"I take it all of this was Naruto's plan?" The ANBU asked as the former Leaf elder nodded.

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