She was bleeding. And she was crying. She should have known what was coming for her. After all, hiding from Shiki-san and her Uncle? Doing missions for Principal Kuonji secretly? And most of all, keeping this from Natsume that time she saw him? This is exactly what she shouldn't have done.

The Elementary School Principal, as well as Persona, warned her about how she was in danger. By choosing to take most of Natsume's missions- and by taking the hardest ones that he was to get- she had sealed her own fate. But she didn't regret it. She would rather have Natsume safe, healthy, and, most of all, alive. But, as she lay there dying, she couldn't help but think of how much she wished he was by her side, holding her hand as tears poured from her eyes and blood rushed from her stomach.

People seemed to be looming around her like the air; they slowly made their way toward her, weapons at the ready. She heard doors blasting open, explosions from nearby, as well as the faintest sound in the back of her head.

"Mikan," A girl's monotonous voice said. She may not have been showing much emotion, but the bleeding girl knew that the one speaking loved her.

"Mikan," A boy's expressive voice said. He was someone who grew onto her like mold on cheese, and the friendship they had made the bleeding one know she was loved.

"Mikan," Two voices, a woman's and a man's, said in unison. They were never there much, but she knew that from Heaven, they sent love to her.

"Mikan," A higher pitched man's voice said. He had once saved me from people with bad intentions, so I know that he loves me.

"Mikan," Two low, wise, but a tad unfamiliar, voices said. They were the men who had been protecting her after the tragedy, so she knew they loved her.

"Mikan," Seven voices seemed to say. They were seven classmates who had gone through the trouble of protecting her, and that proved they loved her.

"Mikan," Three voices, two male and one female, said. They were friends since they met, and guarded her from pain and trouble like older siblings, which showed they loved her.

"Mikan," An old, weary, but determined voice said. He had raised her, and he had grown to love her, and she knew that he did love her.

Sadly, the voice that was the loudest made her heart cry

"Mikan," A husky, warm and familiar voice said. He protected her from so much, and, even though he didn't show it much, he said it himself: he loved her from now until forever. More than anyone else...

"How the hell did I get into this situation?" she asked herself. "Why didn't I listen to Uncle when he told me to be wary of the Elementary School Principal's plans?"

One thing, though, that Mikan Sakura knew was that she was about to rejoin her mother and father in the sky.


Gakuen Alice, its characters, themes and all of the like belong to Tachibana Higuchi. Many people use this kind of story line, but I find that none of them seem to be perfect. I know mine won't be to some people, and some characters may be slightly OOC, but I'm trying my best to portray them as I seem them. I'll try to update as much as I can. xoxo :) -Clytemnesta Abigaile