Chapter 2: Principal Kuonji

"Good morning, Sakura-san," I said. It was the morning of our first meeting. Sakura looked at me with both disgust and fear; who could blame her, though?

I would say that the feelings I had at that moment were the equivalent

After a moment of silence, I wandered into the room. It felt like a room displayed in a store, untouched and spotless. A small circular table with four chairs around it sat off-center. Papers, notebooks, pens and markers were stacked perfectly, while the kitchen counter was wiped clean, and dishes were dried and lying in the drying rack. A stuffed bear eyed me like prey with his beady eyes while he cut the stems of three pink flowers, most likely Chaenomeles, and placed them in a vase with fresh water.

"I'm sure Masachika-san or Yukihara-san has told you of my visit," I picked up the vase. It was delicate, just like the flowers in it, and had detailed pictures of cherry blossom trees, the wind making leaves flutter. The body itself was cream, and the landscape was in muted tones of pink, white, brown and green. The mouth of the vase was thin and fragile; maybe this is something expected of me, but I felt compelled to crush it.

"Sakura-san, please reply to me." She didn't. "Anyway, I'm sure you have also heard of Hyuuga-kun continuing to complete missions." This did not seem to shock her, to my disdain. "Well, I guess he should continue to do missions if he wishes his body to deteriorate like it is now. And, given he's been running around the campus screaming your name throughout the night, it won't take much more for me to get rid of him." I scoffed, and let out a rehearsed chuckle. I saw her tense up. "Yes, he's been looking for you."

Slowly, Sakura-san removed the blanket from around her. She looked at me the same way she did earlier, but a little bit of determination and longing drowning out most of the fear this time.

"I know you have been instructed to not do anything, and to refuse my pleading for the removal of the Alice Stones within me, but I'm not asking for that," I looked to the window, where the sun was trying to pour into the room, but failing to enter due to thick, red velvet curtains perfectly closing out most of the light. A sliver of me had pity on this girl- Sakura-san, for here she is; she is locked in a room surrounded by only the school principals, a stuffed animal and her memories.

Sakura-san bit her lip, looking more confused than anything else. "Then what are you here to do?" She whispered, trying to sound brave, but failing miserably.

I turned back to her, smirking. I chuckled, walking toward her; she shivered and shrank backward. The stuffed bear beside her glared at me, but I continued going toward her. I reached into my suit's large pocket and pulled out a red envelope, then I set it on the bed.

"If I were you, I would at least consider my offer."

She regarded the envelope. It looked like the kind received on New Year' s Day that contains money. "Oh, but how much less enjoyable it is in comparison!" I thought, laughing in my head.

"Please tell me your answer by tonight."

She sent me a questioning look. "How will I do that?"

"You will see in given time."

I left shortly after. We exchanged a formal and uptight goodbye, and I walked away, wondering what Sakura-san's reaction to the envelope's contents were.

And, even if I was a good ten feet from the door, I could hear her begin to sob.

My plan had begun perfectly.


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