And the Oscar Goes To…

Chapter III

For Kitten Naming: Edward & Bella

A couple of hours later, I was woken by a painful throbbing sensation in my foot. Edward was spooning me; only my legs were wide apart, placing my swollen ankle miles away from where the rest of our bodies mingled. I groaned as the pain began to intensify in my consciousness.

"More Tylenol?" I heard his gruff voice in my ear.

"A chainsaw, perhaps?" I asked, only half joking. The pain was like nothing I had ever physically felt before.

"Too messy. I'll get you some Tylenol, and then we'll have a shower. The doctor will most likely be here soon."

I nodded. The pain almost made it impossible for me to enjoy his bare ass as it walked out the door. Almost. He came back a few minutes later, and I cursed my ankle for taking the joy out of seeing him full frontal. The sight made me wish I could draw.

I took the Tylenol and then let him half-carry me to the shower. I couldn't even enjoy his hands on me as he rubbed the soap suds over my skin. My leg was becoming excruciatingly painful, and I begged for him to take me back to the bed.

"That's more like it," he joked, before helping me out. We dried off and he carried me to the bed.

He threw me a pair of his sweat pants and a plain, grey, cotton tee. I put them on and then allowed him to carry me to his living room where he set me down on the black sofa. However, this time he did it gently and kissed my forehead before pulling away. While he made us some breakfast, I got comfortable and thought back to the previous evening's events. I was surprised to realize that I didn't feel the usual morning after awkwardness one usually gets with most one night stands.

It almost felt natural to be in his living room and that scared me. I looked over my ankle to take my mind off things and cringed at the black and blue mess before me. The bruising was now all the way around the back and sides of my foot. It was still swollen and angry looking. Suddenly, I didn't feel very hungry ... that was until the smell of bacon and eggs wafted into the room just moments before Edward entered with two plates full of food.

"Wow! The full treatment. I could get used to this," I joked.

Surprisingly, his eyes lit up, and he replied, "I could get used to seeing you on my sofa. Though, I'd rather you in my bed."

I didn't have long to think about what he'd said before we were both hogging into breakfast. It was one of the yummiest I had ever eaten.

I could really get used to this.

Once I had finished, I sat back and relaxed, feeling satisfied. Edward cleared our plates, and whilst he was in the kitchen, I heard the doorbell, followed by voices that got closer and closer until three people walked into the room.

"Bella, I'd like you to meet my parents, Carlisle and Esme Cullen." Edward introduced his new guests and my hands automatically went up to my hair, trying to comb my fingers through it and then flatten it down.

"Oh! I thought it might have been the doctor," I mumbled.

"That would be me!" Carlisle said, holding up a black doctor's bag.

I looked at Edward feeling slightly uneasy. Apparently, my face was easily read.

"I didn't want to tell you he was my dad, because I knew you'd fight the issue and want to leave instead of staying and getting it looked at."

I looked at each person in the room. When I got to his mother, she smiled widely at me and began talking, super-fast.

"I came along because when Edward told Carlisle, and Carlisle told me that you were here, and well, I couldn't believe it. I mean I'm a huge fan of yours, and I just had to see if for myself, and I'm … babbling. I'm sorry." She cut herself short and sat down stiffly in the black armchair opposite me.

"It's okay; it's always a pleasure to meet people who enjoy my work." I smiled genuinely, hoping it would help her to relax a little.

Carlisle's doctor voice broke the awkward silence. "So, let's take a look at the nasty looking foot you've got there." I smiled up at him as he sat down by my foot on the opposite end of the sofa.

Edward sat on the coffee table near my head and smiled at me reassuringly. I yelped as soon as my leg was lifted and Edward reached over to grab my hand. I squeezed his in appreciation. Or, maybe it was more from the pain.

"Ow! Jesus Christ, woman!" Edward called out, trying to pull his hand from my death grip. I was in far too much pain to care about a little hand squeezing, and I shot him a death glare.

"Try having this!" I motioned to where his dad was gingerly palpating his way around my foot.

"So, Edward mentioned you did this when you tripped over at the Oscars?" Carlisle says amiably, shaking his head while sporting a wry smile. "You women always have to wear those ridiculous heeled shoes," he added with a sigh. Clearly, he was attempting to distract me while he beat the shit out of my foot with his gentle touch.

I squeezed Edward's hand tighter in frustration.

"It was actually the Vanity Fair after party, and I guess your son forgot to mention that he pushed me over." I clamped down on Edward's hand as tight as possible with each word I emphasized.

He groaned and gave me a look of shock, which was shortly followed by a challenging glare, when his mother gasped and then scolded him for pushing a "lady."

Oh, Esme, if only you knew how unladylike I was just a few hours ago with your son. The memory of it made my skin flush.

I felt Edward's grip on my hand tighten, and I grimaced as my knuckles were pushed together.

"I think what Bella meant to say is that I accidentally pushed her when her dress stabbed me in the eye!" he countered, squeezing my hand tighter with each enunciated word, just as I had.

"Well, it wouldn't have happened if you weren't standing so close to me!"

"Well, I wouldn't have been standing so close to you if you weren't about to trip over your own shoes."

"So you did trip then? Carlisle asked. I tore my eyes away from Edward and glanced at him. He was looking between Edward and me in confusion. I thought back to the incident and suddenly remembered something.

"Yes." I looked back at Edward in time to see a look of triumph cross his face. "A trip that only occurred because he was dragging me around the place at the speed of Dashiell Parr." I accused pointedly.

The look of triumph on his face was quickly replaced by incredulity. He then looked at me, appearing steadfast and challenging. Our hands were playing a vengeful squeezing war. I was a little thankful for the distraction. Though, my foot still hurt way more than my hand.

"I was only doing that because you wanted to get away from Evil Eric," he stated lowly, almost through gritted teeth.

I threw my uncrushed hand up in the air and then let it fall beside me.

"What? So you decided to drag me along like one of your bimbo leeches?" I asked incredulously.

Edward scoffed. "I was hardly dragging you! And you're not a -"

I cut him off, and before long we were raising our voices and talking over each other. Suddenly, a stern, fatherly voice resounded through the room.


We stopped arguing in an instant and snapped our heads toward a very confused, but slightly amused, Carlisle.

"You need an x-ray," he said calmly.

Edward and I looked at each other; the argument instantly became a nonissue. This was more serious than we had anticipated. Edward's eyes flooded with sympathy. He took my hand again and squeezed it gently before bringing it up to his lips to kiss the back of it. We looked at each other for a long moment before Carlisle's voice reminded us that there were other people in the room. My body flushed again as I saw his parents looking at us, while attempting to hide their smiles.

"It's just as a precaution," Carlisle assured us.

"Uh - okay, but I need to go home first and change," I replied shyly, suddenly aware of what I was wearing.

"I will inform them to expect you today, and they'll make sure you get seen to right away." I nodded and then Carlisle looked at his son. "You'll take care of her, won't you?"

Carlisle wrapped my foot with some new bandages; it looked much more professional than Edward's effort earlier. Edward promised to keep them informed and then, after I got a lovely hug from his mother and a prescription for painkillers, they were gone.

As soon as the front door closed, Edward dropped and knelt beside me in a sudden move.

"I'm sorry. I can't believe I've bruised up one of Hollywood's hottest." He looked at me apologetically, and I couldn't help but laugh. The expression didn't suit him very well.

"It's okay. I'll just have to hurt one of Hollywood's hottest in a revenge attack." I smirked at him.

"You've already hurt my ego, but it's almost been restored now that I know you think I'm hot." He cockily waggled his eyebrows and then buffed his nails on his shirt. I rolled my eyes at him.

I felt his fingers then brush some hair away from my forehead and the warmth of his lips as he kissed the same spot.

"I'll be right back. I'll just collect your stuff, and then we'll go."

I closed my eyes to savor the soothing tone of his voice and the tingle his lips had left behind.

"Okay," I replied shortly. After a few seconds, I could still feel his presence. I opened my eyes slowly only to see him looking down at me with a small smile on his face. "What?" I asked.

"Nothing. It's just I thought you'd kick up a storm about me taking you to your place. I mean ... whatever will the paparazzi think?" he joked.

I groaned at the thought of those blood sucking assholes.

"I'm sure the magazines are already regurgitating our tryst, ad nauseum. Hopefully, they add the part about you being 'a wife beater'. Speaking of which, your dad didn't say anything about my eye. Does that mean it's looking better?"

I hadn't had much of a chance to look in a mirror yet. I had blindly pulled out whatever pins had remained in my hair; most of them had already fallen out and were somewhere in Edward's bed. I hadn't even brushed my hair after the shower. I was suddenly looking forward to getting home and making myself look half human again.

He sucked in air between his teeth and gently caressed my cheek.

"It's not as swollen as it was last night but there's a pretty nasty bruise."

The thought of having a black eye made me cringe. I must have looked like an absolute shamble, and I began to wonder why Edward had been so keen on doing … everything we had done.

"I must look like a mess," I groaned out my thoughts, and slid my fingers through my hair.

"You could have two black eyes and still blow Jolie out of the water."

I looked at him disbelievingly. He only chuckled, kissed my forehead once more and then left the room, promising to be back.

Sure thing, Arnie.

I closed my eyes and willed my thoughts to stay in a straight line; that was until I heard Edward's footsteps enter the room.

"Okay, I'm pretty sure this is everything. You ready?"

I nodded slightly and in an instant, I was being cradled in his arms as he carried me to his car. He completely dismissed my grumbles about being able to hop my way there.

We made it to my place without too much trouble. There were a few paparazzi photographers at the front of his place, but Edward gunned the car through them, and they were too preoccupied with jumping out of the way to take any decent pictures. I wished I had a camera, so I could take pictures of their shocked faces.

I changed into some bootleg cut jeans and a tee. I then brushed my hair and put it up in a loose ponytail.

"You might as well pack a bag while you're here," Edward spoke from my bedroom door. I looked at him in confusion. "I'm not leaving you here alone. You can stay at my house for a couple of days. What if it turns out that it's broken? You'll need my help to get around."

"There's a wonderful invention called crutches, Edward, maybe you've heard of them? Thanks, but really, I'm fine. I'm staying here." He didn't argue the point further, but he didn't look too happy either.

The hospital was quick to see me and just as proficient in telling me that there was no fracture evident. They filled my prescription for some painkillers and within an hour, we were on our way, back to my place.

Edward invited himself in, but I fell asleep on the couch not long after we had sat down to watch a movie. The lack of sleep and the events from the previous night had finally caught up with me.

I awoke a few hours later to find it was almost dark and Edward had thoughtfully left the floor lamp on. Beside the sofa were my crutches and on the table was a glass of water, my medication and a small note. I got up, took the pills and then opened the note.


you snore.

Love, Edward.

P.S. I ordered you some Chinese food and put it in the fridge for you to reheat. Call if you need anything.

His number was scribbled on the bottom. I tried not to read too much into the 'Love Edward' part.

"Asshole," I muttered under my breath.

The thought of Chinese food made my stomach rumble, and I hobbled to the kitchen faster than you could say 'Special Fried Rice.' I reheated it and scoffed it down before I made it back to the sofa.

I turned the T.V. on and watched about ten minutes of a Tom Cruise movie before falling back to sleep. I was woken at around lunch time the next day by my door bell being held down incessantly. I rolled off the couch, grabbed my crutches and made my way to the door.

"Who is it?" I called out as I neared it.

"It's me! Your knight in shining armor!" Edward's unmistakable voice was muffled through the wooden slab.

I opened the door and looked at him in confusion. He held coffee and a brown paper bag.

"Breakfast!" he stated unnecessarily and pushed his way past me.

As he made his way to my kitchen, I rolled my eyes, closed the door with my crutch and resignedly followed him.

And so began 'death by Edward'. Truthfully, while it was nice to have him around, it was a little pointless because for four days straight I was in and out of a painkiller induced somnolence. However, every time I woke up, there he was, bearing food, my medication or some smart ass comment about my sleeping habits. Sometimes I'd wake up and my head would be in his lap. His fingers would be idly slipping through my hair, or in one way or another, he'd be holding onto me. Other times I'd wake up, and he'd be asleep on one of the sofas; drool dripping onto the chocolate suede.

He never tried anything intimate. He'd joke about getting me to sleep with him, but he never went as far as trying to make it happen again. There were moments when I was glad for it, and other moments where I wanted him just to rip my clothes off and bring all those feelings back.

On the fifth day, I woke up to an empty house and, weirdly, my heart sank. There was a note on the table, and I reached over to grab it.

I have a meeting with management today and then a couple of days of re-shooting. I will try to come around in between. For now, Alice will be taking my spot on your couch. Edward x

As if on cue, Alice called out to me as she entered through my front door, using her key. I barely managed to eat breakfast with her before sleep overtook me again. However, I didn't sleep as well or as heavy as I normally did, and I woke only an hour later. We busied ourselves by watching T.V. or discussing the latest hot topics, but I couldn't help the heavy feeling in my chest every time I thought about Edward. I didn't like it one little bit.

After two days without a visit from him, and only one text message asking if I'd had a good day, I scolded myself for suddenly having feelings for the asshole.

Day three came and I awoke to the sound of my doorbell. I felt an excitement bubble within me as I hobbled towards the door. I was crushed when I realized that it was only a delivery man. I signed for the basket of goods and then hopped it to my kitchen. I read the note and instantly a smile spread across my face.

I thought you'd need a pick me up today. I know I sure do. I will call you tonight. I need to hear your voice. I miss your whiney tone.

Love, Edward x

"Asshole," I mumbled as I ripped into the plastic surrounding the overfilled basket.

It was filled with many of my favorite candy bars, and various other snacks that I liked. Something he'd learned about me during one of my painkiller induced rambles.

I pulled them all out one by one and then laughed when I came across a box of candy hearts. Instead of saying things like, 'I love you' they said things like, 'you snore,' and 'you drool.' I popped a couple in my mouth and carried them back to the couch where I continued to eat them,bmaking sure to read them before shoving them in my mouth.

'You're clumsy.'

'You are nuts.'

'Betty Rubble.'

And then there were the sweet ones that made my heart flutter.

'Gorgeous smile.'

'I miss you.'

Then I found some with just one word on them. Curious, I pulled them all out and lined them up on the table. I moved them around until they made some semblance of sense.

'I want one more night with you,' the message seemed to say, but then there was one spare word remaining. I slipped it into the sentence, but it made no sense ... then it hit me. I swapped the middle words around and gasped as I read the message in front of me.

'I want more than one night with you.' One small word changed the whole meaning, and I couldn't stop reading it, over and over again.

The doorbell rang again and it took me a long second to tear my eyes away from the words in front of me. I got up and hobbled to the door. I swung it open and froze when I saw Edward standing there with coffee, breakfast and a wide smile. He looked at me in confusion for a while, taking in my stunned expression, and then I saw the realization cross his face.

"You already read it? You figured it out?" I nodded, still agape.

He held up a finger, asking me to stay. "Shit … This isn't how it was meant to happen. Stay here." In a flash he was gone and then back, empty handed. "I was meant to be here so I could see your face, but this is good." He smiled at me, and I snapped out of my daze.

"I only … just now …" I was speechless.

"So? Do you think we could … give it - give us a shot?" I could only nod in response.

His lips were on mine in a nanosecond. The door closed and my back was up against it a second later. Within a minute, our shirts were off. Two minutes later, our pants. And within five minutes of him walking through my door, he was holding me up against the wall as he repeatedly slammed himself inside of me. We clawed at each other and pulled hair in our haste to reach a climax, and when it was over, we collapsed against one another.

It was natural. The sex, the banter and the whole … everything. We fell into a comfortable co-existence that was sparked with an intense hunger for each other.

Every year from that day forward, we went to the Oscars together. Edward was only too happy to play along with Alice's mission, when we filled him in on the details. I made it onto the best dressed list, twice. One time, we even got called 'the best dressed couple'. That was the night that Alice decided to go with a pimp and ho's theme. My dress was long and sheer in a lot of places. Edward wore a white suit and a Fedora. We told the journalists that we'd lost a bet, and they ate it up.

See … I told you, Hollywood is full of morons.

Four years after we first decided to give things a go, I was filming 'Everly Yours' in Italy while Edward was back at home on the set of his latest block buster, 'Remember Me Tomorrow'.

After being apart for over a month, I awoke one morning as a box with a scribbled note, in Edward's handwriting, was delivered to my trailer. I smiled as I opened it and saw the familiar candy hearts. I read them, before popping them in my mouth.

'I'm jealous.'

'Buy me something?'

'Snow Globes' was written inside a red circle with a line through it. I laughed at that one.

My heart stopped when I pulled out the next one. It was a single word, and I swiftly pulled out the others to put them in line, even though I already knew what they would say.

Will you marry me?

My heart sped up and I was about to scream out with joy when there was a knock on my door. I called out that I'd be there soon, then gathered myself up and tried to plaster on a smile for whoever was interrupting my special moment. I swung the door open, initially seeing no one ... then I looked down. There, before me, was Edward. He was on one knee, holding a ring.

"Yes!" I screamed out and jumped on him before he barely had the chance to stand up. He kissed me and then all of the crew behind him began to clap and whistle.

I dragged him into my trailer and laughed as his shaky hands tried to put my ring on.

"I can't believe you did it here," I commented in my shaky breath.

"Baby, our whole lives together, from the very beginning of this ridiculous mess, has been captured through a lens. Who cares what people see? I love you, and if I have to share that news with the whole world, so be it. Now, my soon-to-be-Mrs. Cullen … let's get busy and practice making a litter." He scooped me up, and I squealed as he carried me to the bed.

"I can't!" I laughed out. "I have scenes to shoot!" He wasn't listening; instead his lips were all over my neck as he kissed me. "Edward!"

He pulled back and looked at me. "Actually, no you don't. You and I are spending two nights in a magnificent place that came highly recommended by one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, so get packin' woman!"

"You recommended a place to yourself?" I asked jokingly.

He pulled back and looked at me with a huge grin. "This, is why I love you. Now hurry up before I start rocking this trailer." He moved back down and kissed my neck again.

"I can hardly pack when you're on top of me," I complained. He mumbled into my neck, and I sighed, deciding to play the cold fish until he stopped.

When we finally made it to our destination, I was in awe. We spent two glorious nights at the Atlante Hotel. In between making up for lost time for the month away from each other, we ate at the beautiful restaurant and dined in their garden café that looked over the magnificent city of Rome.

A year after that day, we married in a small ceremony at home, and we spent our honeymoon in Italy, reminiscing. On the third day of our stay, we decided to head out to The Piazza, and the Spanish Steps. We had just sat down at one of the café's when the occupants of the table next to us erupted in giggles. I looked over and saw them pointing at us. One of them had her hands out around her head, as if miming that she had a hat on.

"signora con i capelli grande!" she squealed.

I'd learned enough Italian to understand most of what she said, but Edward was uncertain?

"Lady with big hair?" he asked me. I nodded tersely.

He seemed to think it over for a moment when realization finally hit him.

"Oh, shit!"

"Io vado a cazzo di ucciderlo," I spat. Edward looked at me, confused.

"I'm going to fucking kill him," I reiterated.

He chuckled and then proceeded to try to keep my mind off the debacle while we enjoyed our coffee.

As soon as we got back to our hotel room, I fired up the laptop and hit the TMZ website.

"Cazza diavolo!" I swore aloud when I saw one of the main headlines.

'A Bellward special. See photos from their first night together!'

Edward stood behind me and brushed my hair back, before rubbing my shoulders soothingly. He leaned down and murmured into my ear. "I love it when you speak dirty in Italian, baby. You got to give me some of that tonight."

I shivered as his breath caressed the side of my face. "qualsiasi cosa per te," I moaned. Anything for you.

When the photos came up, I pushed Edward away. The photos from the Vanity Fair party that we had previously managed to keep from going to press (thanks to Edward's quick thinking bribery), were all there for the world to see.

There were action shots of Edward and me falling down and then both of us looking at each other covered in dirt. There was one where we looked as though we were arguing. Another image was of me with dirt on my face, my hair wild and full of leaves. I was sticking my finger up at the camera with a scrunched up face. So not classy, but so very funny.

Then there was the photo where we had both stopped to smile at the camera. Only, I was grimacing at the camera while Edward looked down at me with a smile on his face. Along with these 'new' pictures was the very first photo ever taken of us together, that was printed all those years ago, and had been sold with the storyline that we were an item. It was up on TMZ again, only this time I looked at it very differently than I had in the past. Back then, after a week of not daring to look at a single website or magazine, I didn't know what to think of it.

"If that was a rejection, then why are you still standing here?" They were Edward's words, the ones he'd spoken to me right before we'd heard the click of the camera and all Hell broke loose. That one moment where our noses almost touched and his sweet breath washed over my face. That moment where he presented me with the question that made me doubt my sanity. Why was I still there?

I was surprised back then, but not now. Now, it was clear to me that Edward and I had some kind of connection from the very first night we had bumped into each other, literally. He admitted to ignoring me that night because with me around, he couldn't keep his mind on his date.

Whenever I was a part of the circle he was conversing with, he had to move on because he was afraid of what he would do or say.

When we got to the images of Edward carrying me out to the car (and me yelling at Eric) we were both in hysterics. My hair was all over the place, Edward's face was smudged with dirt and we both looked a little worse for wear. Only I looked slightly unhinged with my black eye, wild hair and open mouth as I gave Eric what for.

"Damn you looked sexy that night," he stated. I laughed at this.

He wasn't joking, though. He had told me plenty of times that he couldn't take his eyes off me that night, even after the incident. Black eye, blue ankle, wild hair and all; he just knew he had to have me. And then after the bed incident … well, he realized then that he wanted to spend as long as possible making it up to me. A year after that, he said, was when he knew that I was the one.

I couldn't remember the exact points in our time together when these pivotal decisions became clear to me. I only remember everything feeling just right. From the first morning after, when I realized that I didn't feel awkward at all, to the day when I had panicked when I woke up, and he wasn't there. I just knew he was where I belonged.

He lay on the bed and asked me to join him. I was about to get up from the hotel room desk, but turned back and picked up the hotel phone instead.

"What are you doing?" Edward asked.

"Ordering Eric a male stripper. Would you like to add anything to the order?"

"A nice set of silk sheets, but make them change the tag to satin."

It was common knowledge that Eric was allergic to silk. A lot of the women at Hollywood events often wore it just to keep him away. Whenever he touched it, he'd break out in itchy hives. This gave me an idea.

"Oh! I know! How about we send a male stripper to his work, the full body search option, and then a male escort to pick him up from the office? We'll then send him a silk robe, delivered by a nice Oriental lady (his favorite), and we'll sign the note - from Brad and Ange, so he won't suspect that it's from us!"

"So when he goes to work the next day, he'll be itchy … the day after they see him leave with a male escort. You are devious Mrs. Cullen."

"Why thank you, kind sir." I bowed and then picked up the phone to make the necessary arrangements.

Once I had finished with the details of our cunning plan, I ran and jumped into Edward's opened arms. "dovremmo allevare cuccioli," I murmured into his ear and giggled when he shivered.

"Let me guess. You said, I want to wrap my lips around your …?"

I looked at him sheepishly. "I don't actually know the word for cat, so I think I just said let's breed puppies," I laughed.

He grabbed me and rolled us over until he loomed over me. "Your dirty talk is quirky, Mrs. Cullen, and I like it."

He most certainly did. I couldn't walk straight for days. But we did arrive home to a wedding present of massive proportions. A sparkly new pin ball machine took up space in our family room, with a note attached that read 'Well played Mrs Cullen.'

On our one year anniversary, we did have a litter of kittens. They were white, fluffy Ragdoll kittens. We dressed in white and lounged about on white couches while Alice interviewed us. She then put our interview on our YouTube vlog. It received over a million hits within the first hour of it uploading. Sadly, it wasn't the kittens that everyone wanted to get a look at, and hardly any of the comments were directed towards our cutie pies.

It was the very last question from Alice that had Hollywood spinning on its tails, desperate to get the story first.

"Ying Yang, Lavender Liani Hirani Hiney and Optimus Prime are so adorable, but the big question people are asking these days is … when are you going to have your own bundle of joy?" Alice asked.

Edward and I looked at each other and smiled. "Five months now, isn't it, honey?" he asked.

I stood up and turned side on to the camera, showing my little bump. I'd managed to keep it hidden until then. "Actually we're due in six months. Are you trying to say I'm fat?" I accused.

He defended himself and I retaliated. We argued for a while before Alice's face took up most of the screen.

"Yeah, they're gonna be here awhile." She rolled her eyes. "So there you have it, baby Cullen is on its way! What do you think? Boy or girl? Maybe a set of triplets like Ying Yang, Lavender Liana Hirani Hiney and Optimus Prime here? What do you think they'll call it? Until next time..." And then she switched off the camera.

She had uploaded it so fast. We had just finished making it up to each other, when we decided to see if it was up yet. We were laughing at our own ridiculousness until Alice's comment about triplets. Edward and I looked at each other, eyes wide and mouths agape.

"Oh, Hell no," we said in unision.

We turned back to the screen and began to read some of the comments. Some of the name suggestions were down right ridiculous, but on a whole, our fans were just as excited about our future as we were.

The End.


'Everyly Yours' is a beautiful fic by celesticbliss which is based on a true story about a brothel. 'Remember Me Tomorrow' is a lovely fic by Sky Chaser, which I highly recommend also.

HUGE thanks to Beta Bower Of Bliss as she was up for almost 24hrs and still did this for me. Her dedication amazes me and I love her dearly x

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