Summary: Our favourite gang lost in crazy talks on Messenger.

Disclaimer: Richelle Mead owns Vampire Academy. I only own the talk.

Kissed*By*Shadows: Rose

RussianCowboy: Dimitri

Spirit-Dream: Lissa

Stalkerˆˆ: Adrian

Hot-Stuff: Christian

Pikachu: Eddie

Kissed*By*Shadown, Spirit-Dream, Stalkerˆˆand Pikachu have signed on

Kissed*By*Shadows: Hey guyzz

Pikachu: Heyy

Spirit-Dream: Hi

Stalkerˆˆ: Hellooo

Kissed*By*Shadows: Wazzup?

Pikachu: Well, tehnically looking the sky.

Kissed*By*Shadows: Nope Edward, I looked up nd didn't see d sky

Stalkerˆˆ: Waaiitt. Ima look up 2

Kissed*By*Shadows: Kay. Wha do ya see?

Stalkerˆˆ: I dunno. It's all dark.

Kissed*By*Shadows: Dark?

Stalkerˆˆ: Yah. I think I might turn the light on nxt time.

Kissed*By*Shadows: Ya think?

Stalkerˆˆ: Yeah.

Hot-Stuff has signed on

Kissed*By*Shadows: Aaaaaaaaaaa!

Spirit-Dream: What's wrong, Rose?

Hot-Stuff: What?

Stalkerˆˆ: Huh?

Kissed*By*Shadows: I look like Esmeralda

Spirit-Dream: No u don't

Kissed*By*Shadows: Yeah I do

Hot-Stuff: Maybe cuz ur so stupid

Kissed*By*Shadows: Ur stupider

Hot-Stuff: Tht doesn't exist

Kissed*By*Shadows: It does in my world

Hot-Stuff: Clearly

Kissed*By*Shadows: :'(

Spirit-Dream: What?


RussianCowboy has signed on

Kissed*By*Shadows: I look like Esmeralda!

RussianCowboy: U don't Roza.

Kissed*By*Shadows: Yah, I do. I'm ugly.

RussianCowboy: Ur not.

Kissed*By*Shadows: Yeah i am.

RussianCowboy: Ur perfect to me ;)

Kissed*By*Shadows: Rlly?

RussianCowboy: yes

Hot-Stuff: *puking*

Kissed*By*Shadows: Not again!

Stalkerˆˆ: What?

Kissed*By*Shadows: It's just tht everytime i look in the mirror I see Esmeralda!

RussianCowboy: What ? r u drunk?

Kissed*By*Shadows: Nooooo! My hair is green!

Spirit-Dream: No it's not.

Pikachu: Noo...

Stalkerˆˆ: Huh?

Pikachu: O.o


Kissed*By*Shadows: Yes it is.


Kissed*By*Shadows: Seriously guyzz, I dyed them green.

Spirit-Dream: Why would u do tht?

Kissed*By*Shadows: I just felt like doin' it

Hot-Stuff: Rlly?

Kissed*By*Shadows: Yes

Hot-Stuff: Cool

Kissed*By*Shadows: That is not cool!

Hot-Stuff: It is if u look from my pov.

Kissed*By*Shadows: Wha do ya mean?

Hot-Stuff: Ur uglier!

Kissed*By*Shadows: I am not!

Kissed*By*Shadows: Am I?

Kissed*By*Shadows: Guys?

RussianCowboy: Shut up Christian & no, u look perfect.

Hot-Stuff: *puking ... again!*

Pikachu: Serisoully just stop it guyzz!

Spirit-Dream: Aww

Kissed*By*Shadows: Comrade?

RussianCowboy: Yes, rose?

Kissed*By*Shadows: I have a lot of enrgy *wink*

RussianCowboy: Me too.

Kissed*By*Shadows: Shall we share?

RussianCowboy: Sure...

Kissed*By*Shadows: Bye guyzz

RussianCowboy: Bye!

Kissed*By*Shadows and RussianCowboy have signed out.

Pikachu: Ewwww. Tht's just disgusting!

Hot-Stuff: *puking...for the 100 times 2day*

Stalkerˆˆ: I so did not need to know tht.

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