Summary: Our favourite gang lost in crazy talks on Messenger.

Disclaimer: Richelle Mead owns Vampire Academy. I only own the talk.

Kissed*By*Shadows: Rose

Spirit-Dream: Lissa

Stalker: Adrian

Hot-Stuff: Christian

: Eddie

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Spirit-Dream: Guess what, guys?

Kissed*By*Shadows: Ugh wut?

Spirit-Dream: Breaking Dawn part 2 is in 5 months! 5 MONTHS!

Kissed*By*Shadows: so wut?

Stalker: yeah, so what?

Spirit-Dream: omgeeez guys r u serious? It's twilight! Only the best movie evaaaaah! :D

Kissed*By*Shadows: I totally hate them…

Stalker: *lost*

: omggg Lissa that's like soo awesome we like so need to watch it :D

Spirit-Dream: rose! They are amazing! And taylor lautner mmm , so hot! Adrian, halo? It's twilight how can you NOT know it? I know right,Eds? *_*

Hot-Stuff: HALO? Jelly boyfriend ovaar here

Kissed*By*Shadows: common Liss, they sparkle, what kind of shit is this?

Stalker: oh sparkle thangs..yeaah,that movie is boring

: it was sarkasm lis…

Spirit-Dream: youuuuu guyzz! This is so mean! They sparkle, so what? They are hot! And edward's and bella's love ohh it's so sweet aww i wan't to cry

Kissed*By*Shadows*: you always do…

Hot-Stuff: so what we have is not enough?

Kissed*By*Shadows: nope muahahah , you r such a loser Sparky

Spirit-Dream: Don't be silly Pumpkin, I love you xx

Stalker: eww pumpkins, i hate them

: yeah,pumpkins are yuck, tacos rulz! TACOOSSS FTW #tacosforlunch

Spirit-Dream: anywayyyy, that's not all!

Kissed*By*Shadows: what more? They're gone come and sparkle us to death?

Spirit-Dream: ROSE! Don't be mean! But seriouslly thought, we are going to see premiere!

Kissed*By*Shadows: WHAT?

Stalker: ughhhh boooring


Kissed*By*Tacos*: shut it


Hot-Stuff: ugh honey i love you but,no.

Spirit-Dream: awww common guyz it'll be fun

Kissed*By*Shadows: no.


Hot-Stuff: not joining ya

Stalker: i rather drink this trought…

Spirit-Dream: YOU. Are. Watching. This. Shit. With. Me!

Kissed*By*Shadows: and if i don't?

Hot-Stuff: yeah, what she said

Spirit-Dream: ur sleeping alone for the rest of your life

Hot-Stuff: How can you resist this? *pointing to my body*

Spirit-Dream: ugh, you are going

All: fine

Kissed*By*Shadows: only cuz i know how u acted when i didn't watch first part with u

PS: 1) Kind of boring, I know, I'm sorry guys 2) I love Twilight, no hate 3)i don't have ideas what to write about so please give me topics or titels and I'll write faster (: 4) I'M BAAACK BIATCCCH :D