The Awkward Moment When...

Summary:The awkward moment where you sleep with your best friend for weeks on end and still remain oblivious to your own feelings. Sequel to "Spin The Trinski Bottle".

Rating: T

A/N: ConstantDreamer101. Why must you torture me so? Kidding. This is one's for you. (:

The morning started with a bang.

Or, several bangs.

Annabelle groaned and rolled over in bed, wondering where the heavy thudding was coming from.

"What the hell is that noise?" she hissed, rubbing her eyes blearily as she sat up to take in her surroundings.

She appeared to be in bed. In Kelly freaking Jones' bed, to be precise.

Turning slightly to her left, she sighed, putting a hand to her throbbing forehead as she watched her taller friend sleep.

Last night, they'd gotten absolutely off-their-face pissed.


Therefore Annabelle was hung-over.


And still the thumping noise continued.

With a muttered curse, Annabelle slowly dragged herself out of bed and over to the door to peer tiredly through the peephole.
It was Flash.
"Suppose I should see what he wants then." She mumbled to herself as she slipped on her friend's dressing gown.
"What do you want, Flash?" she growled as she slid outside, annoyed at being awoken by the greasy-looking spiv.
"Annabelle?" he asked in his typical down-town accent, sounding surprised, "Where's Kelly?"
"She's still in bed." She replied tiredly, running her fingers through her messy hair.
Flash frowned at the door, scratching the back of his neck in annoyance.
"Can you give 'er a message for me, 'Belle?" he said, hope in his voice.
With a tired sigh, she nodded, then, upon realising Flash wasn't looking at her, indicated her affirmative with a reluctant "yes".
Flash pulled a tattered notepad from his coat pocket and a pen from the breast pocket of his shirt, scribbled down a quick message in his sloping cursive, folded it haphazardly in half before handing it to Annabelle.
"Can you give it to her?" he questioned the younger girl.
"Yeah, will do, Flash." Annabelle confirmed, stuffing it into the dressing gown's pocket.
"Thanks, see y'round then." he said quietly, walking off without a second glance.
Rolling her eyes in exasperation, Annabelle quietly slid back into the head girl's room, throwing the crumpled note on the dresser as hung up the dressing gown.
"God, he annoys me." Annabelle muttered as she slid back into bed and curled up against the head girl's warm frame.
"Me too."
Annabelle jumped slightly.
"Kelly!" she giggled, placing a hand on her chest to steady her racing heart, "You're awake!"
"It would appear so." Kelly quipped with a smirk, trailing a finger up her young lover's shoulder.
Annabelle shivered, pulling the blankets further up over the both of them and curling even more into Kelly's embrace.
"What've we got planned for today then, Fritton?" Kelly finally asked, quirking an eyebrow at the younger girl.
Making sure to keep her face completely free of emotion, she replied, "Well, first we have our sex tape to film, then we're going to engage in a three-some with Anoushka, and lastly we'll go streaking in the village hall."
Kelly, to her credit, only raised an eyebrow.
"Really?" she said, leaning over to press her bare chest against the other girl.
"Really." Annabelle retorted, poker face still intact, despite the visible flush to her face.
"Well, we better get started then."