Conner's P.O.V

Ugh what did I get my self into? I have to make it up to Travis for tee-peeing the Demeter cabin. Think Conner, think in what way could you make it up to Travis and not lose your reputation of being a bad boy? I got it! I'm a genius.

5 minutes later

"Why not Katie? He is a good planter. When we lived with our mother he had a little garden thing," I pleaded.

"I'm saying no to him planting strawberries with me because he smashed lots of them yesterday," she said with a huff.

"Come on please! If he doesn't do a good job then he can be your servant for a day," I begged.

"Fine, but we're planting flowers," she said as she walked back into her cabin.

Travis P.O.V

I was in my cabin reading a book. Now before you go tell everyone "Oh My Gods Travis Stoll is reading a book everyone," it was a joke book. Just then, my brother Conner came in.

"Oh brother dearest, I have found a way to make up for tee-peeing Katie's cabin," He said in a singing kinda of way.

"Are you a good at gardening?" He said

"Umm…yeah, I guess so," I said. I wonder what he got me into.

"Well then tonight you will be planting flowers with Katie Stoll as you call her,"

"WHAT!" Travis screamed.

"Do you want to or not? "Conner said raising an eye brow.

"Fine," I huffed

Later That Night

"Katie, Katie are you there?" I called. It was after dinner and I was waiting for Katie.

"Oh yeah, I'm right here" said Katie coming out from behind a bush

"Come over here, we're going to plant some roses," she said as she walked over to a blank patch of dirt.

"Um… ok" I said

A/N: I'm going to skip them planting roses

An hour later we had planted all the roses except for one. As I reached for the last one our hands met and I felt a little spark as our hands touched.

"Uh, um, Katie I have to go," I fumbled.

"Oh, ok good night," She said. I was sure I saw disappointment in her face


"Dude, you know how you felt a spark when you touched Katie Stoll's Hand?" Conner did air quotes around the words spark and Stoll.

"Yeah," I said with a mouthful of a ham sandwich

"Well, you know how I said what I would tell every one if you didn't ask Katie out?"

"Yeah," I said

"Well the fireworks are tonight and you haven't asked her so I'm going help you out again" He said with a grin. I have a bad feeling about this.

Conner got on top of the table. There were some "hey", "I'm eating", "Dude", "My sandwich"

"Yo! Everyone listen up! My bro has something so say!" He yelled.

"WHAT? No I don't!" I panted.

"Sure you do-about Katie Stoll," he yelled. Is he trying to ruin my life?

Katie's P.O.V

"Sure you do-about Katie Stoll," Conner yelled

I blushed madly did he just say Katie Stoll. I saw Conner push Travis up onto the table.

"Um, uh, well uh, Katie, uh, " He stumbled

"Just say it!" I said

"Will you go to the fireworks with me?" he said. I heard some "aww's" from the Aphrodite cabin

"Travis I...


ohh will she say yes? Stayed tuned…..