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So - Spock is the real womanizer, and Kirk is actually a sweetheart/nice guy that covers it up with his seemingly player 'tude so he doesn't get taken advantage of. Anyhoo -

5 times Spock cheated on Nyota,

...and the 1 time Kirk helped heal her broken heart (and helped her find a happily ever after.)

The First Time

It's the evening before Jim's second Kobayashi Maru exam and he can't eat. A few hours later he can't sleep either. Every time he closes his eyes his memories of the simulation chamber bleed together with what he imagines the Kelven's last stand against...against...well, what he doesn't exactly know, just that it was big and Romulan and scary as all hell.

His roommate Bones needs to sleep. Jim knows that his tossing and turning will wake the guy up; so he plays with the curfew monitor on his door a bit. Hitting a few buttons, he lets out a breath as the door opens with a whoosh and the alarm doesn't go off. Then he heads down the hallway to a mercifully low tech window. It's pretty easy to hop from the window to a steel gutter pipe and slide down. It's especially easy if you've done it a lot.

A half hour later he's just beyond campus in a low lit bar nursing a whiskey at the counter. There's an Andorian there a few seats down and she is gorgeous, or cute, Jim can't decide. Well gorgeous from the forehead down, but those antennae, well, they are just too...too...

Well not "too" anything that would keep Jim from taking a shot.

She's putting some credits down and Jim says, "Hey, can I get you another round?"

Turning her antennae unfurl and then curl up again and for a minute Jim is hopeful. But then she smiles and winks. "Sorry, you're too late, but maybe another time."

Jim watches her walk to a booth at the back of the bar. There's a guy waiting there in the shadows. His skin is pale and luminous, the line of his bangs severe across his forehead. Jim's almost positive he sees pointed ears, but maybe that's just the flicker of the small green candle on the table.

He waves a friendly hand in the stranger's direction and smiles. Hey, win some lose some.

The man doesn't nod back or anything, just watches Jim with acrimony so thick Jim can feel it.

Shaking his head Jim turns away as the pretty Andorian slips into the booth across from the guy.

What a prick.

The Second Time

Uhura may be a frigid, cold, stuck up, spoiled, African princess, but none of those adjectives fit her roommate Gaila. Gaila swears none of those adjectives fit Uhura either, but Jim's not seeing it, and Gaila doesn't think bad of anyone.

Anyway, Gaila is warm and loving, definitely not frigid and she's got a story as rough and tumble as Jim's. Jim likes her a lot. A whole lot. He might even love her if he let himself admit it. He doesn't believe in no-win scenarios, except the one he's lived, so he can't let himself admit it.

But he'd go to the ends of the Galaxy for her, and failing that even stuffy functions with the brass. He'll wear a tuxedo, and put on his best manners, and resist the urge to mention how ridiculous the Admirals' aides' pretension is.

He's nursing a drink and doing his best too be nice and not to yawn when Gaila excuses herself and heads to the powder room. A few minutes later he excuses himself before he falls asleep on his feet just listening to the Lieutenant Commander drone on about the changes in the boxes that metals of merit come in.

Wondering what's taking Gaila so long he heads towards the long hallway to the loo.

He hears Gaila hiss at someone. "Just because I'm Orion doesn't mean I don't know the meaning of loyalty!"

Stepping around the corner he sees Gaila pull away from The Guy. The Guy who got Jim's Andorian, Jim's positive of it somehow. This time he sees the guy in the light. He's a little taller than Jim, a little leaner, and very Vulcan.

"You all right, Gaila?" Jim asks his eyes trained on the Vulcan guy.

Coming over to stand beside Jim, Gaila says, "Nothing I can't handle." But Jim doesn't like the way she holds onto his arm a little too hard, the way her body seems to shiver a bit.

He wonders what the guy did to upset Gaila so much, but Gaila won't talk about it.

A few months later, Gaila is just atoms of formerly organic matter adrift among the wreckage left by the Narada and Jim remembers her words, and thinks they were for him.

A few hours later he sees Spock kissing Uhura on the transporter pad, and he wonders if the words were for him or for her.

But that's assuming a lot, and not a way to think about a guy whose just lost his world and his mother, or one Jim's life depends upon. And anyway, the other Spock, old Spock isn't like that. Jim's been in his mind and he knows.

"So her names, Nyota," he says trying to lighten the mood.

"I have no comment on the matter," says Spock.

The Third Time

When Jim see's them at the graduation ceremony and memorial service Uhura's parents aren't what Jim expected. He knew somehow that she went to the Nairobi Preparatory Boarding School, world reknowned as the school for the children of diplomats, celebrities, and tycoons. He'd expected people that oozed money. But they're not like that. They're wearing clothes that are a little too thin, a little too unfitted to be anything but cheap knockoffs of the latest seasons styles. They look like people trying hard to look like they're doing well - and falling far short.

Jim sees a little bit of his mother Winona in Uhura's mother, something about the way even from afar her eyes are sad even when her mouth smiles. And there's something worse than Frank in the way The Man, Jim can't bear to think of him as Uhura's father, looks at her. The Man's eyes are leering and the smile is predatory, not kind.

Uhura doesn't look The Man in the eye when she speaks to her mother. She looks uncomfortable and beaten. And Jim can't stand to see his Princess looking beaten.

Walking over he introduces himself and then says to Uhura, "Hey, I've got something you could help me out with - I wanted to say some words to Gaila's clan, but it would be better if I could say them in Orion. Do you think you could help me?"

She accepts a little to quickly, says goodbye a little to easily to her mother and The Man she only introduced as Chang, not dad, or even as her stepfather.

Putting her hands behind her back shes all business and professional poise as soon as they're out of sight. For the first time Jim thinks that cool nearly aristocratic demeanor isn't offensive it's defensive. His own mother and stepfather aren't here, and he's grateful, and thinks she'd be happier too if hers weren't.

She's felt weak enough for one day. Keeping it all professional he sticks to practicing Orion expressions of condolences. He doesn't ask where Spock is. Spock's father is an ambassador. Maybe he's off being diplomatic.

When Jim's having nightmares again at 2 in the morning he gets up to go for a walk, even though Bones isn't in Jim's new officer's quarters and there is no one to wake with his tossing and turning. He almost forgets he doesn't have to turn off any curfew monitor at his door. Chuckling low to himself he slips out into the hallway. He hears something to his left, soft footfalls. Spock's room - among others is that way, and it suddenly warms Jim to think of Uhura sneaking out after leaving her troubles in Spock's arms.

Smiling he turns, sees a glint of gold hair and a face he recognizes just past Spock's door. Leila Khomeni is her name, a botanist.

He tells himself he's wrong. She came from further down the hall.

"Morning," he says to break the tension.

Not answering or even looking at him she tucks her head and practically scampers past him down the hall.


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