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Chapter 1: Yet another argument

"Saito! You perverted dog!" Louise swiftly poised for her trademark explosion. And no one knew this better than Saito himself.

"O-Oi, Louise! Wait, it's a misunderstanding!" He tried but knowing that obviously wouldn't stop her, he put his hands over his head, and dug his chin into his jacket.

"EXPLOSION!" A slight whistling noise could be heard right before a much more ear catching boom followed, bringing a seemingly instant cloud of dense smoke. Saito was coughing as the foul gas slowly swirled away from the center, to show him with his mouth to the inside of his elbow. He squinted his eyes as the smoke was still too thick to see Louise.

"Louise? Louise, are you ok?" He moved towards the darkest part of the smoke that now showed a thick outline of the mage in question. A shocked scream made him quicken his pace.

"LOUISE!" The familiar had now unsheathed his sword and with all the air he had moved with it, there was only a thin visible line of gray every few moments. Saito instantly stopped running as he saw the pink-haired aristocrat on the ground, with her back to him.

"Sa-Saito?" She turned her head to look at him. Her eyes radiated shock and a hint of worry. He was now confused whether she was in danger or was still screaming out of anger towards him, now that he couldn't find anything harmful around the girl.

"What happened, Louise?" He tried his best to sound worried. He was worried either way, but if she was still angry, he didn't want to show nervousness too. Louise decided to now turn around and Saito's breath caught in his throat at what he saw. 'I-it can't be!' The familiar was now staring at his master as she put her hands on her stretched shirt. She finally took off her hands to show her shirt tightly cover up the way too big breasts it contained.

"I think I messed up..."


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