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Chapter 4: New Obstacles

"Welcome home, Mas-"

"It's me, cow maid." Louise walked in to her room as a poor Saito was dragged inside with a leash. Louise stopped and harshly yanked the rope to bring an unconscious Saito flying onto the bed. She now turned to the nervous Siesta.

"My stupid dog got into a fight so he's hurt. You can do whatever you want, but I'm leaving." Before giving any chance for the maid to react, she had stomped out the way she had come in. Siesta blinked twice and turned to look at a groaning Saito.

"Whatcha do this time, partner? Your girl is obviously angry." The familiar looked up at his chuckling sword and sighed.


Louise was sitting in her usual seat, her left eye twitching as she felt all eyes on her. The teacher was probably the only one who wasn't paying attention to her as she continued on and on with a speech about some magic spell. The void mage closed her eyes as her hand was tempted to cast another explosion. 'Those guys have been at it since I came in here.' The pink-haired girl remembered all too clearly how she had walked in through the doors and everyone had ignored her like usual, that is, until someone whistled approvingly at her new outfit. Of course every guy turned their head then, and every girl followed in jealousy. She had to keep her arms from flying up to her shirt at all the stares, and was blushing as she walked all the way to her desk. And not from that moment had anyone turned their attention from her. After a while Louise's embarrassment faded away as the situation became just overly annoying. The worst part had to be how every guy seemed to be drooling while staring. Louise had never felt so violated.

'Seriously, are large breasts really that big of a deal?' Her head lowered as she remembered how everyone had always looked at Kirche during class and she had felt jealous. How stupid she felt now. She turned her head to look at Kirche's usual spot and found she was gone. 'That little…she's always around when I don't need her and apparently missing when I do.' Her prayers where answered though as the chimes for lunch break were rung. 'Oh well at least now class is ove-'

"Hey, Louise." Louise closed her eyes as a huge gust of wind blew towards her and opened her eyes to find none other than Guiche there. She sweat-dropped at his usual sparkling smile. She was abruptly shoved a red rose and had to blink a few times before her brain caught up and be able to take it. Her face turned from surprised to irritated as he practically yanked her hand from her and kneeled.

"Oh Louise, I have never seen such beauty as yours before. I must say I love your new uniform." Louise had to stop herself from clobbering him as perverted thoughts flashed through his eyes. Luckily for him, her hand was preoccupied holding the rose.

"It's the same shirt as my old one, just bigger." She felt her face warm up as she saw Guiche's wolfy grin appear at her statement. She was pulled down further as Guiche reached to kiss her hand. Louise finally snatched her hand from him and took out her wand.


Guiche had to admit that Saito made enduring explosions look easier than it seemed.

"Are you okay, Louise?" Tiffa was wondering whether to be worried or afraid of Louise's twitching smile. The mage hadn't once lost her blush all through school and it seemed to have worsened as they were both sitting at a table drinking tea. She seemed about ready to kill something.

"Just. Fine." The elf's hair stood up as Louise turned her face up. Tiffa had never seen such dark clouds before, not even the ones that appeared when that huge thunderstorm almost destroyed her house. She also thought she heard a faint sound of thunder as probably the tenth boy came up to Louise today.

"Good morning, Miss Françoise. Might I sa-" The pink-haired girl turned and looked at the boy closely with frighteningly calm eyes. The boy tried backing up a bit, feeling a bit awkward, just for Louise to lean closer. 'I had heard this girl was hot but if this how she acts, forget about it!'

"Might you say what?" Her sweet and flowery appearance turned into a devil-like one as her eyes changed into curved, red half circles and her nose scrunched up a bit. As the boy just froze and panicked, Louise brought up her hand and bended her fingers so that each one cracked as she formed a fist.

"Mi-might I say, wha-what…WHAT SHARP NAILS YOU HAVE!" The mage just smirked as all was left of the intruder was a cloud of dust. Tiffa was definitely sure that Louise was about to kill something, if she hadn't already.

"So what you're saying you looked at her perverted after she asked if you liked her for her personality and not just because she was attractive. Woa partner, ya really messed up this time!" Saito just sighed as Siesta untied the last part of the ropes on his legs. He didn't know what worried him more, the fact that he liked a girl that thought it was okay to do this or that he was getting used to it, even anticipating the next time. But there were plenty of other strange things he had gotten used to in this world, so he just kept talking with his magical talking sword.

"I wasn't doing anything on purpose, I…it's just at first, when she ran out of the room, I thought I had imagined it, that it was just another one of my daydreams," Saito said, ignoring the chuckling remark of his sword that 'so that's why you're always drooling', "or that it wasn't big breasts that she got, that she just shrank her clothes or did an illusion. So when I saw her so up close and saw that what I saw really wasn't a dream, I don't know I just couldn't help it!" He put his arm over his face to cover his eyes. The familiar couldn't stop thinking of how, how strange Louise had looked yesterday. He had to admit that her new figure was quite exciting (hehe) but when he had looked at her he had felt as if it wasn't the same Louise anymore, his Louise. Maybe it was because of the sunset that did something weird to the light or something. Saito finally sat up as the final rope fell limply to the floor. He was about to go out and find Louise, but he stopped as a yawn coming from him caught him of guard. 'I guess I would be tired, I was dragged all night by Louise, so I missed a whole day's worth of sleep. Louise must be tired too, but she won't listen to reason and go to school anyway. I guess it wouldn't hurt to take a nap before she comes back.' He was about to lie back down when soft sobs stopped him.

"Sie-Siesta?" He turned in shock as the crying form of Siesta sat on the bed, her head facing the floor. Usually Saito just asked her politely to not cry, but those times had been when she was crying over some silly mistake or some trivial reason, the familiar didn't even know why she was crying, and she seemed much more depressed than the other times. He hesitantly brought a hand close to her, but he froze as she lifted her head to look at him withan expressionless face, the only sign that she had been crying being that a few stray tears still hung on her eyelashes. He couldn't help scooting back a foot as she abruptly stood up.

"Partner, I think you just made another girl mad at ya." Saito gulped as Derflinger said this in an almost serious tone. He had made Louise mad at him plenty of times, so even if the punishments were brutal, he knew what to expect. But Siesta was always cheerful and nice; he couldn't even begin to imagine what she was like when her world wasn't so happy. And that's what scared him the most.

"Saito…ho-how could you?" Siesta stomped a booted foot on the floor. Saito hoped he had been daydreaming again, when he heard a splintering sound.

"Siesta, please calm down." He put up his hands in attempt to show he had no intentions to hurt her, but he thought it was the other way around as her expression showed more and more hints of anger and he felt his death slowly come closer at each twitch of her lips. He was about ready to flee when all of the sudden she let herself fall on the bed, once again crying. But Saito jumped as she turned her flushed, teary face back up to him.

"Forget it, I don't like you anymore!" She then flew out the door and left a poor Saito to figure out what the heck just happened.


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