April Fools!

!Mr. Black entered the Chat room!

!Toughkat entered the Chat Room!

!GrayKitty entered the Chat Room!

!CatofYellow entered the Chat Room!

-In the Chat Room-

CoY: Sup guys.

GK: Heeeeeeeeeeello Pissy!

CoY: I still fucking hate you Shades.

MB: Love you too man.

TK: Okay, what holiday is it today?

MB: What do you mean?

TK: Well, it seems that we only get on these chat rooms on holidays. Isn't it weird?

MB: It's like there's some guy on a website that can do whatever the fuck he wants to and so happens to update on holidays or at least near them if he stops making FUCKING excuses!

GK: Wow… you've really opened my eyes…

MB: April Fools.

GK: Fuck you.

MB: 3 you too.

TK: This is a retarded chat.

CoY: BTW, I dyed my hair brown, so you can all stop calling my Pissy.

TK: Then why are you still CatofYellow?

CoY: That's my trademark!

GK: Bro Fist.

CatofYellow and Graykitty gave each other a bro fist.

GK: Now to install my free World of Warcraft CD...

TK: Wait… what?

GK: I found a guy who gave me this World of Warcraft disk! He seemed legit, what with that black trench coat and all…


GK: Uh… what does that

!Chat Room has crashed!