Deepest Thoughts of You


Attention all readers of this story...

This is just a story I made because I just want a new style in writing stories. I've been through many things before and I bet everything's sum up. It's not kind of connected but it's connected for me...

Actually I made this because I want to at least make Shounen-ai/ Yaoi stories once in a while. I know I can't do it but because of few inspirations then I believe I can do it though it's T.S. and only few knows what that means.

Shounen-ai –- is a boy x boy so if you don't want that then back off and don't read this thing okay. Shounen-ai is just until kissing and showing passionate love with same gender.

Homosexual- Homosexual is loving the person with same sex. Well anime homosexual relationship is not the same as the real world relationship. They act as guys and not guys turned into girls or something. Completely off the chart differences.

Yaoi –- is boy X boy with H and you know 'bout that yaoi/ yuri lovers. If you don't want... go out!

Yuri –- Well because I have a friend who loves Yuri then I would want to include this one in this sequel.


-san= this is the most common honorific and is equivalent to Mr., Miss, Ms., or Mrs. It is the all purpose honorific and can be used in any situation where politeness is required.

-sama = means master or someone higher ranked than you. This is one level higher than "-san" and is used to confer great respect.

-dono= This comes from the word "tono" which means "lord". It is an even higher level than "-sama" and confers atmost respect.

-kun= This suffix is used at the end of boy's names to express familiarity or endearment. It is also sometimes used by men among friends, or when addressing someone younger or of a lower station

-chan= This is used to express endearment, mostly towards girls. IT is also used for little boys, pets and even among lovers. It gives a sense of childish cuteness.

Bozu= This is an informal way to refer to a boy, similar to the English terms "kid" and "squirt"

Sempai/ Senpai= This title suggests that the addressee is one's senior in a qroup or organization. It is most often used in a school setting, where underclassmen refer to their upperclassmen as "sempai". It can also be used in the workplace, such as when a newer employee addresses an employee who has seniority in the company.

Kohai= This is the opposite of "sempai" and is used toward underclassmen in school or newcomers in the workplace. It connotes that the addressee is of a lower station.

Sensei= Literally meaning "one who has come before," this time is used for teachers, doctors or master of any profession or art.

Buchou= This means captain.

Fukubuchou= means the vice captain.

Desu= usually used when you cutely asks something or after a certain phrase like "This is me desu" or "Anatawa Raika desu"


This story is based from Naruto. All characters and this anime are not made by me but by other famous artists from Japan.

I just borrowed the theme: Ninja and of course the characters. There are pasts mentioned with same stories but then my own personal stories are added as well.

This is a story: Adventure, love, drama, romance, death, genderbender, shounen-ai, yaoi, shoujo-ai, yuri.

So go and "poof" if you don't want the mentioned genre.

The following are the love, love, love:

Naruto X Sasuke (Main Focus)

Naruto X Itachi (Minor Focus) ~Some sibling rivalry~

~Other pairings maybe just message me for some xD~

Sakura X Ino (Requested from a yuri and yaoi bff of mine)


Naruto came back to Konoha after his training with Jiraiya, for 5 years. Only knowing few interesting facts that will lead him to Sasuke.

1.) Orochimaru and Kabuto was killed by Sasuke himself but his whereabouts are still unknown.

2.) Itachi is currently held in Konoha Secret Prison and he currently knows where Sasuke is.

3.) There are no Akatsuki who wants to have the Jinjuriki or Kyuubi. They are either hiding their selves, killed or changed their lives to a better one.

4.) There will be a new team formed to hunt for Sasuke and to bring him back either to punish him or letting him become a Konoha villager again (well Naruto obviously don't want Sasuke to be punished for there is some kind of spark in his feelings about Sasuke)


I accept ideas for new stories whether it's one shot or series. Other pairings also be accepted even if it is Yaoi, Yuri, shounen-ai, shoujo-ai and normal men and women lovers as long as I love the partners.