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It was Christmas time.

Every year, he kept thinking about the love of his life. He kept thinking Naruto to stay with him by his side. To cuddle in their room or in front of the fire telling stories about their life and their FUTURE plans. Gambling fate on what will happen in their life. He wanted to make them as perfect as he can be for his little Naruto.

He doesn't believe in wishes but sometimes he would just stare up ahead and wished for the heavens above that Naruto will be with him. That he will be the one to help Naruto reach his dreams to become the best Hokage. To have a family.

Every Christmas, he always had one wish and one wish alone: That is to be with NARUTO every single day FOREVER.

It is not IMPOSSIBLE but it sure as hell as hard as it can be.

But no, I am an UCHIHA and let us all remember that we UCHIHA men are not a quitter. We don't quit at all. The more challenging it is, the greater our motivation sky rockets.

Every Christmas, the people in Konoha would have a village celebration on Christmas Eve. This is to celebrate with the whole village. It was a special day for Naruto because it was the first time that he will be joining these celebrations.

All of his memories with these celebrations were not really good. Because of his tenant, the people would throw rocks and attack him. Will even go as far as torching his home.

But it was different now.

He was their hero, literally. People would wave at him and greet him. He was happy. All he needs to do of course was to become the Hokage.

But that would come later. He needs to enjoy this moment.

He is at the venue of the celebration. He is waiting for his friends to come. He can't even hide his excitement having a huge bounce on his step.

"Naruto-kun, good evening." A shy voice greeted him. Hinata is wearing a light blue floral kimono that makes her even cuter to the eyes of many. Naruto hugged her tightly as she blushes lots of shades of red. But she knew who owns Naruto's heart. She just felt special being one of his best friends.

"Good evening Hina-chan, how are you?" Naruto excitedly asked.

"I'm good. And you, Naruto-kun? You seemed pretty excited." Hinata smiled lightly with a blush adorning her cute face.

"Very, very excited Hina-chan. I can't keep my excitement." Naruto jumped up and down while keeping his biggest smile in place. Hinata just chuckled amusingly.

The other came simultaneously. Sakura is wearing a red kimono with a dragon print which would show her attitude as a hot headed fighter. The males are either wearing black, dark blue, gray or white. The girls on the other hand are wearing girly colors with either floral prints, fireworks or dragon prints but most of them have flowers in them. Of course their Kimono has thick white fur at the top.

"So are we all ready to enjoy the celebration?" Naruto excitedly asked while he jumped up and down.

"Stop being like a child on sugar high, Naruto." Kiba said while Akamaru barked in agreement.

"Shut up dog- breathe. I just can't help it, ok? Let's go, let's go?" Naruto motioned everyone to follow him inside the heart of the festival. A lot of stalls where put up. Many items and most especially food were being sold. Naruto excited went through each stalls and buy as many food as he can. He also played with the others from the mini games.

Then he found his favorite…


"OH! Teuchi-san, Ayame-nee. Good evening." Naruto greeted as he sat in their stall. Ten Ten and Hinata who was with him sat on the stools next to him.

"Good evening, Naruto-kun. Here for another special round of Ramen? We have a new one on the menu especially for today only." Ayame motioned them to the menue board as Naruto's eyes glittered in excitement.

"OH! I'll order that. Maybe 5? Or 10?" Naruto nodded his head talking to himself.

"Order as many as you can." Teuchi just smiled kindly. The two ladies ordered Miso Ramen.

After eating, they continue to enjoy the celebration. They went near an area wherein you can see the beautiful fireworks display. They totally enjoyed their day.

Naruto did, obviously.

Almost 1 am when Naruto arrived back to his apartment. When he opened the door, inside he can see a package laying in the floor. He was nervous because this could mean that the person who gave it to him went inside his room to place it there. Naruto pulled it up as he closed his room. He placed the stuffs that he bought from the festival in the table along with the package. He changed to his night clothes and pulled the package. He then sat above his bed looking at it for any signs of danger. When he didn't see any he carefully opened it up.

There he saw a beautiful Christmas card and a box. He opened the box and saw a pendant. He looked at it carefully and saw the Uzumaki insignia and at the back he saw the Uchiha sign. His heart kept beating rapidly as he opened the card. There were only 3 lines there.

Keep it with you forever.

My heart is yours to keep as you are mine.

I love you

And he obviously knew who it was. He removed the necklace from the box and wrapped it around his neck. He now have 2 very important necklaces. He placed the box on his side table and laid there for a few minutes before going to sleep.

An hour later and a known figure went inside Naruto's room. He cursed when he noticed that the door was not lock as he mutter "Dobe." Under his breath. He then went near Naruto's sleeping form. He smelled his hair and caresses his cheeks.

This is why he loved him so much.

The innocence, the spunk and being Naruto.

Sooner or later, they are going to be together.

He smiled at the thought as he went out of the room.

Naruto smiled as well in his sleep and muttered, "Sasuke, you're back."


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