Here's a fairy

there's a fairy

and another little fairy

fuzzy fairy funny fairy

fairy fairy floss

fairy fairy cheesecake fairy

Swear toad centaur sprite and fairy

fairy fairy mushroom fairy

fairy fairy floss

I once was a mushroom

Then I was a cake

But I never saw the way

the fairy killed a rake

I had only just been born

But I knew one thing

Mortals should never ever

Step inside a fairy ring.

did you ever see a fairy

kiss a fairy on the fairy

fairy's fairy tastes of fairy

fairy fairy floss

half a fairy twice a fairy

not a fairy dairy fairy

fairy in a car alarm a

fairy fairy floss

Is that how it's told now?
Fairies are so old.

Are they of swear toad juice?
$%#*, *#%$, COLD

Now the time is getting late

"Go to bed" said the Boss

So I'll just go to Haven now

And get some fairy floss