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Kelly and Belle danced in the heart of the revelry that was St. Trinian's celebrating them both. No group on Earth can party faster, harder than the little known school on the edge of a not-so-sleepy hamlet. The music lineup was almost completely devoted to them, the Banned singing tongue in cheek through every relevant song. In the case of some - like the Tatu and Katy Perry music - they drastically improved the quality. They could be tasteless without being musically offensive.

Belle was still absently humming under her breath when Kelly looped an arm around her waist and escorted her back upstairs at 5 am. They dropped onto the Head Girl's bed. Kelly kicked her shoes off and barely managed to hold Belle's ticklish, thrashing feet still long enough to wrestle off her strappy heels. With no energy left for actually changing both girls collapsed into the pillows fully dressed. Belle instinctively tucked herself against Kelly, already making the soft purring noises of her deeper sleep.

"G'night, love." Jones murmured, pulling up the sheet to wrap around them.

"Lllllve mmm." Belle's faint mumble barely registered but made Kelly smile nonetheless. The last hindrance to her dreams now removed, the dark haired spy happily closed her eyes and took a deep breath of the peace surrounding Annabelle in her arms. Such a level of nirvana deserved to last all eternity.

It lasted exactly 174 minutes. The cell phone exploding on the nightstand with a laser light show and cacophony of music made Kelly's entire body jerk awake before her brain even processed the signal. She slapped her hand over the entire surface of the table, knocking the phone off and cursing as she rummaged for it on the floor.

"What?" she demanded when she finally found the cell and ended its hellish noises.

"Is it true then?" the rude voice on the other end of the line demanded without any greeting.

"Taylor?" Kelly groaned, recognizing the voice and wishing she'd programmed the ex-Chav's number into her phone for evasion.

"Tah, Kelly! So is it true? Did you tell Belles you love her?" Taylor repeated her question. Jones could have sworn she heard the crack of gum on the other end of the line.

"Yes! Christ, what time is it?" Kelly squinted at the clock, "Damn it, Taylor! It's not even 8!"

"You stupid, stubborn slapper! Now? You had to wait til now?" Taylor completely ignored Kelly's anger, "I had a ton on you!"

"Taylor -" Jones tried to interrupt but couldn't scythe through the rant that was clearly building steam.

"A full hundred quid that you'd pop like a party balloon! And you 'fess up now? What the hell was wrong with you that you couldn't pull your head out your arse last year and make me some money?"

"Taylor!" Kelly growled, feeling Belle stir beside her from all the noise.

"You HAD to wait 'til I couldn't collect!"

"Tay!" Kelly slammed the phone against the nightstand several times, creating a sound like gunfire over the mic, "Shut up, you bloody Chav! What are you whinging about? The Sopranos have never closed the book and you know it!"

There was dead silence from the other end of the phone. Kelly might've thought she'd damaged the phone with her violent interruption except she could hear Taylor chewing her gum.

"Right. You tell the Twins I'm coming for my money." the former St. Trinian announced firmly.

"Oh, I'll be sure the girls know." Kelly smiled, hanging up. The first person she'd be telling was Zoe. The welcome the Sopranos arranged would be nothing compared to what the Emo tribe would do when they found out a Chav Matriarch was returning.

Jones finished tapping the information into an SMS and dropped the phone back to the floor. She grumbled a few more unhappy opinions about rude girls and rolled back into Belle's arms. The younger girl was smiling faintly, having drifted towards consciousness long enough to follow a bit of what was going on. Her hair was strewn across her face and Kelly reached out, fondly combing the strands away from her cheeks. The smile twitched a bit wider and a soft sigh deepened her breathing. The older girl felt an answering sigh drift from her lips as she settled close enough to feel the warmth of Belle's skin on her face as she returned to her dreams.

Not 87 minutes later another rude noise shattered the utopian stillness. This time it was Belle's cell. Followed shortly by Kelly's, again. The intermixing music created a discord that made both girls cringe into the pillows. Kelly's laptop dinged repeatedly with new emails arriving and her Skype phone decided to join in on the act. The news of last night's romantic expressions had obviously traveled quickly. Former Trinian's from all over the world were calling to verify, congratulate and collect.

"Enough! Belle growled and crawled across Kelly, falling part way out of the bed. She struggled to her feet, tangled in the sheets and gathered up all the blinking, flashing, ringing and singing devices. Kelly raised herself on one elbow to watch as Annabelle dumped everything in a rubbish sack and tied it off with her robe sash. With a gesture of pure loathing she dropped the bundle out the window, pinning the sash so the bag hung helpless two stories in the air where all the lights and noise could only molest and confuse passing pigeons.. With the window closed and shades drawn the room was once again draped in blissful stillness. Even the morning light mellowed.

"I hate them all." the younger girl mumbled as she collapsed back onto the bed, allowing Kelly to pull her into a comfortable position. Their limbs easily tangled around each other, creating a web that couldn't be easily deciphered or separated.

"We'll kill them later." Jones agreed, rubbing mindless, calming circles on Belle's spine.

"Promise?" Annabelle's hazel eyes were already hidden beneath heavy lids. Weeks of poor sleep combined with the previous day's emotional intensity and the all night party had both of them nearly comatose with exhaustion and relief.

"Slowly and painfully." Kelly affirmed with a yawn. The offenders were lucky they weren't already dead. The two Head Girls needed a few hours sleep before they could even begin to formulate plans. Perhaps something would come to them in a dream.

Kelly was deep in a happy dream that was 80% memory of her trip with Belle to France, with the addition of a blue Panda and all the buildings being suspended by balloons. They were just about to vandalize the Louvre pyramid and call it art when balloons started popping on all sides with a sound like gun shots. Kelly felt Belle's hand yanked from her own as the noise got closer and she jerked awake in a panic, fists frantically clinging to the brunette.

"Kelly!" the rapid noise like gun shots repeated on the door. Polly always had a knock like a semi-automatic weapon; had to be all the caffeine.

"Go to hell!" Jones snapped, refusing to be lured from her pillow even once more by the attention circus. A glance at the clock told her they'd been granted almost 2 hours of sleep between interruptions this time. At this rate they'd have a full 8 hours rest by dusk.

"Kel, did you send the director a resignation over email?" Polly demanded, her tone a mixture of criticism and annoyance. Kelly made a noise of irritation deep in her throat and rose part way off the bed to be sure of clear vocal projection. It took a good bit of lung power to be understood through sound proofing.

"Yes, I bloody well did. If she needs something more official I'll send the Twins up with some napalm to make it final! Now fucking go away!" she dropped back against the pillow, relieved to hear footsteps retreating from the door.

Belle had woken the moment she felt Kelly's fingers dig into her arm and spine, instinctively recognizing the panic of the grip. She gazed at her girlfriend's (it still thrilled her to think of Kelly in those terms ) angered expression. She reached up and gently ran her fingers over the tense muscles of her jaw, soothing the irritation away. Belle wanted to ask about Kelly's job, about the resignation, the reasons, the future. She knew better. The older girl was tired and didn't want to think right now, just enjoy the present moments without the pressure of the future hanging over them.

"I thought I was the bad morning person." Annabelle quipped, pleased to see Kelly's dark visage relax into a smile.

"It's almost noon. Doesn't count." Kelly answered, accepting an affectionate kiss as reward for her behavior. Belle drew a pattern of light kisses over her jaw, cheek, ear and eyes before settling against her lips once more. A few more hours. In a few more hours they'd deal with life and reality and the future it held.

By 2 in the afternoon Kelly was finally willing to rejoin the world of conscious interactions. Even though she could've easily spent another 5 hours asleep, she still had her Head Girl's instinct that demanded she be up and functioning before the school fell completely to shreds. Annabelle muttered some meager protest as Kelly massaged, tickled and kissed her awake. Hard to object to the attention.

Once she was certain the younger Head Girl was awake and willing to consider getting up, Kelly rose and padded across the floor. Her first mission was retrieving the bundle of their cells and laptops, still suspended out the window. Rummaging her cell from the rescued bag of electronics she thumbed through the myriad messages. Too tedious to go through all of them. Kelly arched one brow and deleted the whole mass. She was just about to throw the phone down when it vibrated in her hands in some preemptive protest. It was a number that demanded attention. Kelly sighed and tapped to answer.


" What are you thinking, Jones? This is not a corner Tesco damn it! We're MI7, you either get killed or fired!" Director Hall's voice had the tone of a woman who'd been dumped, arrested and started her period all in the same day. Belle had sat up in bed and was watching her intently, able to clearly hear the loud voice on the other end of the phone. Kelly genuinely liked and respected her boss. Possibly as much as Headmistress Fritton. So she decided to suppress her initial 'f-off' instinct.

"I imagined as much, which is why I didn't come in to tell you I was quitting the service." Jones pointed out. Granted, a terse email wasn't the most professional resignation. Particularly when the wording was something along the lines of 'Sod the mountains, the terrorists and this job. Keep it.' She'd been a bit emotional when they finally got out of that frozen isolation. There's a reason Dante made the 9th circle of hell a lake of ice. Lucifer was probably better company than Terri.

"Are you going to make me send in an extraction team for the two of you?"

"Might not be the best press. Secret government agency invading an all girls school? And quite possibly losing, given our success rate." Kelly smirked, winking at Belle.

There was a long string of curses on the other end of the phone. The director had an impressive vocabulary, as would be expected of someone who'd risen to the top of a department populated with narcissists and adrenaline junkies.

"This is about your girl isn't it? Hell. I knew this would happen when you finally got serious!"

"What are you talking about?" Kelly kept her voice as blank as her expression. She'd bluffed her way through a lot of bad hands and wasn't about to give herself away right now, no matter how surprised she truly felt.

"Please, Jones. I'm not a fool. I knew you'd been sneaking around with your St. Trinian's sweetheart since before I transferred you into MI7. Part of why I decided to pull you to my department; you were obviously already adept at subterfuge." there was a hint of a smirk in her tone.

"You knew." Kelly echoed, feeling a little numb. Belle reached out and took her hand, running her thumb over her fingers. It was rare for anyone to be one up on the former Head Girl and a bit unnerving.

"I don't care if you're shagging a man, woman or Brazilian Spectacled Bear. It never interfered with your job. In fact, I think it made you better a few times. I just don't want it costing me one of my best agents. Two in fact, since if you quit I know Polly will as well and I can't afford that. She's the only one that knows what she did to our whole bloody system."

"I can make sure she fixes all the administrative functions and firewalls. I think she was just sick of Terri downloading viruses." Kelly wasn't sure if Hall was right about Polly. They were close friends but there was no reason for the Geek to walk away from the job just because she did. Except the spy instinctively knew that she would. Polly took the job because Kelly wanted her around, she'd quit for the same reason. They'd made too good a team for too long to break up the act now. Besides, Polly would likely want to protect her investments - she still had a lot of money riding on Belle and Kelly's future relationship.

"I have a better idea: neither of you leaving. Your girl is a St. Trinian isn't she? I can always use another. I'm compromising here, Jones. I'll let you bring her into the team, she can bypass the tests. Hell, she can even replace Terri. I wouldn't mind having a full team of Fritton's pupils. Camilla's Demons I should think."

Belle didn't quite catch what was being said on the phone but the look in Kelly's eyes made her chew her lip. The darker girl looked furious and terrified at the same time. Jones signaled that she had to step outside a moment and slid out the door. Belle could hear her on the other side of the door, her voice a low growl as she rebuked the listener in elaborate and explicit terms.

Realizing that Kelly was just winding up for a very long tongue-lashing Belle decided to get on with the business of rising. Distant explosions and screams told her they'd let themselves lie-in longer than usual. Time to get back to the business of controlling anarchy.

The escalating argumentative tones became white noise as she stripped and flung her wrinkled uniform into the laundry. She climbed into the shower, planning to be quick. Ever since her first shower at St. Trinian's she'd gotten in the habit of racing through her ablutions. It was never wise to be naked and vulnerable for long around these delinquents. Even though she had the safety of a private bathroom (one she'd used for a year and a half now) she still felt the urgent need to shampoo, soap and rinse as rapidly as possible.

She was just rinsing the conditioner when the curtain rustled and she spun, shoving her fear under a mask of indignation. She swallowed the sharp reaction when Kelly's black eyes flashed at her. Belle finally understood what it meant to be wearing nothing but a smile. She wore it well.

"Quicker if I join you." Jones stepped into the shower and ducked under the tap, soaking her hair.

"Not usually." Belle smirked but made room in the tiny stall, passing over the soap. Kelly was all but radioactive with some happy secret, her smile verging on laughter as they washed and teased.

"What that was all about then?" Belle finally lost her patience, curiosity bubbling out.

"I quit MI7." Jones shrugged, reaching past her for the shampoo bottle.

"I figured that much." Belle pulled the bottle away and squirted some into her hand. Gesturing for Kelly to turn around she worked the fragrant gel into her black hair. Jones was a cat at heart and a good head rub was always a quick way into her brain. Massaging her fingers through her hair and into her scalp Belle leaned close, listening to the satisfied sigh that trickled out of Kelly's lips.

"Your boss make you a good offer?" she pushed again, feeling Jones nod ever so slightly.

"Perfect." Kelly murmured but it was hard to know if she was talking about the job or the hands working over her head.

"Are you going to tell me?" Annabelle kept her voice soft and low.

"Eventually." Jones teased, leaning into the massage. Belle let out a frustrated breath and shoved Kelly's head under the tap. The former Head Girl just laughed and rinsed out the shampoo before shutting off the tap. She shook her head, sending drops cascading in every direction before accepting the towel Belle held out.

Once they were both in robes and towels, Kelly grabbed Annabelle's hand and dragged her back to the bedroom. The spy was grinning as she sat on the bed and pulled Belle down beside her, holding both her hands.

"I'm not leaving MI7."

"Oh." Belle could only swallow so much of her disappointment, some of it bled through in her voice. She'd truly hoped that with their feelings in the open, with the itinerant job demands out of the way, they'd finally have a chance at a normal relationship. The kind where they weren't always having to decide whether to skip breakfast cause it was their last chance for a month to sleep in together.

"I won't be a field agent anymore. Hall wants me to be a mission coordinator and handler. I'll never have to leave home office. In London." Kelly watched as the words slowly sank in, bringing increasing degrees of brightness back to Annabelle's eyes as she understood the full impact.

"For good?" Annabelle threw her arms around Kelly's neck.

"Forever. But," Kelly made Belle hold off on the celebratory embrace, "I have to do quite a bit of training first. If I'm to coordinate jobs and intel with branches all around the world, I'll have to learn all their procedures and personnel. Probably two or three months at each satellite office."

"How many are there?" Belle had the sinking feeling that this was going to be even worse than Kelly's last job. The end result was a fabulous promise, but how long would it take to get there?

"I'd have to do the 10 major ones at least. Possible one or two more depending on our international position over the next few years."

"Kelly . . ." what could she say? Next few years. Belle let her arms drop to her sides, hands suddenly feeling like deadweight. At a bare minimum, with ten branches of 2 months each, she was looking at not seeing Kelly for almost two years. Just the thought made her heart ache and she was having trouble getting a deep breath. Kelly read the panic and pain etching across the younger girl's expression and quickly cradled her face in both hands, forcing her eyes to focus and listen before getting sucked into the fear.

"Belle, there'll be a furnished flat in each branch city and the director has promised me they all have beds big enough for two. You're coming with me."

"What?" Belle gaped, her mind screeching as it slammed into reverse gear with no warning. Kelly's eyes danced happily, affection smoldering in her gaze.

"They'll pay my fare and I have more than enough savings for your flights. You wanted to see the world, didn't you? Now you can. We can." she sighed as Belle hugged her tight, burying her face in her shoulder, awash with amazed relief.

"I do have money, remember." Annabelle finally leaned back, smile sparkling in her eyes.

"Oh right, the Shakespeare inheritance." Kelly had almost forgotten that the undiscovered play contributed a healthy amount of royalties to St. Trinian's and the two Fritton descendents who'd found it.

"My own as well. My trust came to me when I turned 18, no more being tied to daddy's purse strings." Annabelle had gone over the numbers with Bursar (away from her aunt's nosy questions) and come away only with the conclusion that she now had more money than she could ever use.

"In that case, Miss Fritton, you can romance me with style." Kelly smirked, running her fingers through Belle's still wet hair.

"I thought I already did that." the brunette quipped.

"Right, so you do. Then how about romancing me with absolutely tasteless expense?"

"I'll get right on ordering some garish gifts. Would you prefer your coat to be mink or alligator skin?"

"Best skip the mink. It's already quite warm in Brazil this time of year."

So, the two girls are about to go into the world. I know what they'll be doing but also welcome any thoughts on adventures you'd like to see.