Neither knew why it happened. They had both lost their mothers because of fathers, yet they blamed themselves. They blamed themselves for not being good enough, or fast enough, or smart enough to save them. They thought it was their fault.

Amber Garcia walked over to her mother's grave with a brave face on. She had to wear a mask so she wouldn't break down crying. She had to show them that she was too good to cry. She wished her mother was still here. She wished that her mother hadn't sacrificed herself to save her only two daughters. She wished her mother was alive.

Nico di Angelo walked towards his mother's grave and kneeled over it, looking at the headstone. He stared at it with blank eyes, staring right at it, but not seeing it. He didn't want his mother to be dead. He wanted her to be here, with him, taking care of him, watching him, loving him. But no, he couldn't warn her Zeus was after her. He couldn't go back in time and save her. He had been so young; he couldn't remember what had happened. He wanted his mother to be here.

Amber held a single rose. She gently placed it on her mother's grave and took a deep, shaky breath. She felt a single tear fall down her cheek and she quickly wiped it off of her face, knowing that if she shed even one more tear, the waterworks would start. So instead, she smiled at her mother's grave.

"I'll always love you," She said, knowing her mother would hear.

Nico out the rose on his mother's grave and stood straight, still staring at his mother's grave.

"Happy Mother's Day," He mumbled.

He turned and walked back towards his car, but not before pausing to turn and look at his mother's grave, hoping she was standing there. She wasn't there.

Amber closed her eyes, imagining her mom one last time before turning and walking back towards her car. She had to get back to Camp Half-Blood soon, or her sister would worry. Amber was supposed to have gone to get her and Alex a pair of shoes that matched, but instead, she ended up buying a rose and coming to the graveyard. She climbed into her car, closed the door, put her seatbelt on, and drove to the shoe store and bought the shoes.

Nico got into his car, closed the door, and slowly put the seatbelt on. He started the car and drove back towards Camp Half-Blood.

Amber pulled her car into the camp garage and got out of her car.

Nico got out of his car after parking in the garage.

Amber and Nico looked at each other.

Amber ran into his arms and he held her tight.

These two had lost their mothers, but in return, they had found each other.

Just a little one-shot for mother's day, for all the demigods who have lost their mortal parent. It just kind of popped into my head so here it is. Kind of sad…review if you like it.