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The elder Spock, or Selek as he was now known on New Vulcan, entered his father's dwelling and hung his robe on the hook by the door.

"Selek." Sarek nodded at his older man who had the same genetics as his son.

"Sarek. You wished to see me?"

"Yes, please come into the sitting room." He turned and made his way inside. "I have been in contact with Spock."

"Ah, how is he? And James Kirk?" Selek sat across from his father.

"Spock is…bothered. As is his mate."

"What is it that is bothering them?" Selek raised a brow. He knew Jim was set to pursue his younger self, he just hoped Uhura was not causing too many problems. Perhaps he should suggest to Jim that he reassign the Lieutenant.

"Spock is bothered by the fact that the captain of the Enterprise has taken it upon himself to relive the relationship you had with your captain. This James Kirk is causing Spock's mate much discomfort." He studied the older Vulcan and waited for his reaction.

"He still considers Uhura his mate?" His voice held just a hint of surprise.

"Indeed. They have been…in love since the Academy. They have become even closer since the loss of our home world. They were scheduled to be officially bonded during their next pass within our system. However, the captain has changed course and they will have to wait until next year."

"Hmm, it would appear to me that if Spock were truly committed to his…ex-student nothing would stop his bonding ceremony."

Sarek fought the sigh that threatened to escape. "So, it is a fact that you have been encouraging Kirk in his unwanted attentions of my son."

"Not unwanted. He and Kirk are destined to have a life long relationship…" Sarek raised his hand to stop Selek.

"Destined? You speak of destiny, Selek? You have no idea of my son's preferences in this universe. By your mere presence, you have altered what might have been. Spock, my son, is a different man then you were. You did not teach at the Academy, you did not have the varied experiences my son did. You did not live in relative harmony on Terra, did not have the relationship with Amanda's family, as my son did. All this, Selek, formed the young man you know as Spock. To attempt to engineer a relationship for your own agenda is unworthy of you. And to call upon destiny as justification is inexcusable." Sarek's eyes were cold and Spock was taken aback.

"Sarek…Father, it was not my intention to do anything but open Spock's eyes to the possibility of what he would gain by pursuing this relationship. It was defining for me, for Kirk…" Sarek stopped Selek with a look.

"It was not your place. The Kirk from this timeline is not the same man from yours, as you are well aware. You acted emotionally, you acted selfishly…illogically, and now both Kirk and Spock, as well Nyota, are suffering the consequences." Sarek studied this being who in another life was his son. "You have indeed changed the course their lives may have taken. A possible relationship that may have developed into a lifelong friendship. Now, there will never be anything between these two as you have tainted it."

Spock listened to his father's words and the reality of what he did, why he did it, fell in on him like a landslide.

"I did not realize, I did not know…" He was overcome and could not control the emotion of regret, of shame, of dishonor. "I will speak to James, I will attempt to reconcile this error…"

"It is too late, Selek. Both Spock and Nyota have put in a request to resign their commissions. It is merely a formality as the reason given is to come to New Vulcan and help rebuild." He waited for the elder Spock's response.

Spock swallowed. "I am ashamed, Father. I do not know how to respond, how to amend what I have done. Nor do I fully understand why I did this."

Sarek took a deep breath. "You desired to have this universe conform to the one you left, if in no other way then your love for Kirk. It was an error in judgment, Selek, one you must live with for the rest of you life." He stood. "I must contact the elders, they will be gratified that both Spock and Nyota will begin to rebuild our higher teaching facilities."

"I must attempt to change their minds, I must attempt to rectify what I have…"

"You have done enough, Selek!" Sarek felt his anger rise and closed his eyes as he tempered it. "You will leave this alone. If and when they are inclined they will return to Star Fleet. In the meantime, they will bond, they will find solace in each other and in working here."

Spock nodded. "As you wish, Osu."

James Tiberius Kirk. That was his name in the other universe, the universe in which he loved Spock. It was his name in this universe, the one in which he felt he should love Spock. And even though he didn't love Spock, couldn't love him…well, not like that…he felt bereft. The memories…so many memories. There would be no friendship, no rush of new love, of discovery. No nights looking at the stars together in each other's arms. No joining of their minds, their souls, their bodies. In this universe, he would be alone.

He felt sad, empty. The healers had removed the emotional vestiges of the elder Spock's past, but not the memories and all he could feel was shame. His actions towards both Spock and Uhura…he closed his eyes as it washed over him again. And anger, anger at what Spock had done to him. The older man, Selek as he was now called, had left New Vulcan. A self-imposed exile he had explained. Sarek had shown his anger in front of both himself and the healers when Selek gave them the news after the healing was complete.

'You would leave your people now? At a time when there are so few of us, when our resources are so sparse? You would desert your kinsmen?'

'After what I have done, the shame I feel would not be beneficial to anyone. Especially Spock and Nyota. They deserve to live a life in peace. A life without me, without the reminder of what I did.'

Sarek had paused and nodded. 'Perhaps you are correct.'

Selek nodded and turned to Kirk. 'I cannot express my sorrow at what has transpired. At the time, I believed I was taking the…optimum course of action. However, I now see how compromised my judgment was. I can only hope that someday you can forgive me.'

That was a month ago. A month of regret, of recriminations, of shame. In the interim, Kirk had lost both his 1st officer and his communication officer. There was an overall feeling of unease on the bridge with the new members of the crew that would replace them. And Bones, Bones spent most of his time in his medical bay or with Spock and Nyota. Kirk wouldn't be surprised if he lost his best friend, as well. And that best friend was now saying good bye to his two ex-officers.

"Well, I gotta say I don't get it. I thought we were…what's that word? Destined, that's right, destined to explore this damn universe together." McCoy gave Spock and Nyota a sad smile with a shake of his head. "And I thought I was gonna spend the next five years givin' you hell."

"You could always come with us. New Vulcan needs doctors, human ones, what with the humans on the planet helping with the rebuilding. And it's expected there will be interspecies bondings. I'm sure we'll see a whole generation of hybrids that will need the likes of you." Nyota reached up and kissed his cheek. "We'll miss you."

"That true, Spock? You gonna miss me?" The doctor raised a brow at the Vulcan.

Spock raised his brow in return. "I shall find a certain aspect our lives lacking with the loss of your presence, doctor."

"Well, m'man, I'm gonna miss you, too. I just wish I could get my hands around that damn Vulcan's throat. I don't give a rat's ass if he's the 'elder you', he's nothing like you." McCoy groused.

"Len," Nyota laid her hand on his shoulder. "I don't know if I'll ever be able to forget what he did, but I'm doing my best to forgive, well trying to anyway…or to at least understand."

Spock pulled her to his side. "I do understand. He, this other Spock, believes…perhaps believed, that he could conform our lives into what he considered the optimum circumstances." He rubbed his chin over the top of her head. "He did not consider that the optimum situation had been set in place years ago."

"Why, Spock, you're just a silver-tongued devil. I would 'a never thunk it." McCoy chuckled. "Nyota, you never told me your old man was a romantic."

"Ah, Len, there's lots I never told you." She smiled up at her husband and let her joy flow through to him. "You know, I could almost thank Selek. This life together on New Vulcan, helping to rebuild...Spock, I believe this could be destiny."

"Destiny is illogical, Nyota." He looked down at his wife.

"Um hmm, maybe. Destiny, coincidence, luck. If any of those brought us together, then I'll take it." She laughed.

Spock decided not to disagree. His mate was happy, she was smiling, laughing. He could feel the tension, the angst from the past weeks fade and he would do nothing to dissuade her. He loved her and would keep his opinions to himself.