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It was a dark, wintery morning on a lovely Saturday around Striaton City. A little girl of the age of five, ran around the snowed grounds. Her long light blue scarf flying behind her, and her blue earmuffs blocking any chilly winds that may keep her from being warm. Her chocolate brown hair was tied in a high ponytail, her bangs covering her forehead, and her oceanic blue eyes brightening the cloudy skies. She wore a white coat and a mini black skirt with warm thick leggings and long black boots.

Her name was Touko.

She was many of the girls who played outside, but she wasn't one of those who took those little dolls, and combed their hair, and dressed them up- No way! She would say, she might of been a girl, however, she didn't get too interested in dolls and much of that stuff. She was more interested in Pokemon. Now there was something she liked! But her mom wouldn't let her have one until she was old enough to take responsibility for one. She protested at first, but had the idea of behaving well enough so her mom would let her get one. She huffed, puffing her cheeks. She looked around, seeing many kids playing with Pokemon. She felt isolated from them, she always wanted to befriend a Pokemon.

She continued to look around the place. Not many kids were outside because of the cold weather, but the ones who were played in the snow. She looked around the place, rubbing her arms. She walked over to the fountain, and looked closer at the water flowing down like a beautiful waterfall. She smiled, at the view, taking another look around. She hummed to herself, she heard a noise from somewhere. Her head turned left to right, and she glanced behind her back, and saw nothing that could of made that noise. Another cry was heard, this time, it came from the trees. Touko rushed over to where she heard the baby like cries and found a Pidove on the floor. It was sprawled on the floor, an expression of melancholy. Touko bent down on her knees to it's level as it started to chirp unhappily.

"What's wrong little guy?" Touko mumbled softly. She pet the little baby bird on the head, as it whined. "..You broke your wing?"

It nodded it's head in response, the little bird moved it's right wing, as if motioning with his wings which one was broken.

"Your left?" She asked, it nodded once again, whining again.

"Ouch." Touko said. "I'll help you then!" She picked up the little bird carefully, as if not to hurt it as much, and carried it over to the Pokemon Center. She entered and noticed not many people were there. She found it on that little amounts of people came to the Pokemon Center in Striaton City. She shrugged to herself and ran over to the counter, where a nurse waited on the other side.

"Welcome to the Pokemon Center, I'm Nurse Joy, what can I help you with?" She asked in a polite manner, a smile dangling on her face.

"I found this Pidove just under a tree.. His left wing is broken, can you help him?" Touko asked, placing down the Pidove right on the counter. It chirped.

"Alright, let's get him to the medical room right away." She said. Touko was about to hand over the little Pidove over to the nurse, however, it chirped loudly and buried it's face in Touko's scarf. He didn't seem to want to go with Nurse Joy.

He looked up at Touko with sad eyes. Touko smiled down at him. "You want to heal quick. Don't you?" She asked.

The Pidove chirped nodding his head, and jumped over to Nurse Joy. Touko waited, sitting down on a chair. Many people were with their Pokemon, and feeding them Pokemon Food, or berries. She stood up when the light from the Medical room was shut off, and out from the doors, came Nurse Joy, and a Chansey pushing a hospital cart. On it was Pidove, with bandages around his left wing, and a happy look on his face. "It was a complete success. He will heal in no time at all. Be sure to care for him, and change the bandages after weekly or if it gets too dirty. Be sure to provide food and Shelter for him, and he'll be flying soon enough!"

"Thank you so much Nurse Joy!" Touko exclaimed, grabbing a hold of Pidove carefully. She wrapped the little Pidove with her long scarf and smiled down at him. He smiled warmly, rubbing his head against her chest. "You're so cute! Let's go little Pidove~!" She quickly walked outside of the Pokemon Center, and was met with a cold chilly breeze hitting her face. "Woo! It's cold!" She walked around Striaton City, she walked around to see if she would find her mom anywhere.

"I wonder where mom could be.." Touko thought out loud while holding a chirping Pidove in her arms. She walked, looking around the little crowd of people. There weren't much, there were kids too. But she only wanted to find her mom at the moment. However, she fell back on her butt when she had suddenly bumped into someone. She looked up to see who it was, and saw a tall man, with long green hair, and a device thing over his right eye, and a red eye on his left. He wore weird clothing, Touko thought, but she decided to keep her mouth shut. The man looked back, and below seeing the little girl on the floor, he slightly glared. Touko swallowed, she didn't know what to say.

"Touko!" A voice, only Touko recognized as her mother. Her mom helped her up, realizing she had bumped into the man saying nothing. "I'm sorry, my daughter wasn't watching where she was going. I hope it's alright." She swiped away the excess snow off her butt, and her coat.

"I assure you, it's nothing to worry about." He said, staring down at the little girl with mean eyes. Suddenly, men in weird suits came by his side.

"Sir.. We must go now. The schedule for the plan is at six." The grunt called. He looked back and nodded, looking back at the little girl and then walking away with the two grunts.

"You saved me mom." Touko said.

"I sure did, you would've stayed there on the floor for who knows how long. Oh? What's that you have there Touko?" Her mother asked.

"It's... a.. Pokemon. Mom.." Touko whispered, afraid she would say to return it to the wild or something. Her mother looked down at the Pidove as it hid more in her scarf away from her mom so as not to get caught. Her mom raised her eyebrows at Touko, pleading for an explanations.

"I found him in the forests! He was hurt! I couldn't leave him there!" Touko exclaimed. "I took him to the Pokemon Center, and got him healed up, and I have to care for him, and I have to make sure he-"

"Alright, slow down!" Her mom laughed. She looked down at the little Pokemon who stared up at Touko's mom for a long time. "Looks like he's grown fond of you! But looks like he's just a baby. Poor thing. Alright Touko! It's up to you to take care of him!"

"Really!" Touko exclaimed, unbelieving of her mother. She was going to let her take care of him? "YAY! Thank you mom! I'm going to feed him, sing him a lullaby-" She went over to hug her mother while not hurting the little Pidove in her arms.

"That reminds me. Touko, I heard they're having a singing contest over at a Musical Theater in Nimbasa City! You want to attend?" Her mom asked excitedly. Touko bit her lip, and made a face of distress.

"In front of people?" She asked.

"Of course in front of people!" She said. "Otherwise who would you perform it for?"

"Pokemon?" Touko shrugged, and even showing a little grin.

"Oh, Touko." She said laughing a little bit.

"OK.. But. I'm only in it. To win it!" Touko said.

"That's my girl! I heard it was at six today!" She said.

"At six! Today!" Touko exclaimed. She looked down at her Pidove, then back at her mom.

"I just thought to let you know." She said. Touko nodded.

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