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Today was Touko's fifth day at the mysterious castle. She wondered why at times she was there in the first place. So she decided to ask Anthea and Concordia. She was currently seated, Pato in her arms while the other Pokemon were currently in N's toy room playing with N. She sighed to herself awaiting for the two women to come through that door. And as if the castle was reading her mind, they both came in with serious faces. They looked at Touko for a few seconds, who smiled at them, but they still held their serious face. Touko lost her smile and decided to ask them the most important question that was on her mind.

"Why am I here? In this Castle?" Touko finally asked.

Anthea and Concordia looked at each other, before sitting down close to her smiling slightly.

"Touko, let's first tell you Ghetsis' plan." Anthea said. "When we tell you the plan, you'll know why you're here." Touko nodded in response, listening in on to what they were going to say.

"Ghetsis wants N to hate human contact-"

"What?" Touko interrupted. "But he- Oh.. sorry.."

"It's alright, anyway... Ghetsis wants N to hate human contact, however, when he watches you two, he sees he's receiving the opposite of what he wants, so he changed his plan slightly. He decided to let you stay here for the time being to help N know from right and from wrong, since he has no time to teach him." Anthea said.

"So.. like a conscience..." Touko mumbled, raising one single eyebrow.

"Indeed. Furthermore, you're here to be his conscience. But you're also here as a-"

"Concordia! We must not tell her yet! Let Ghetsis tell her himself." Anthea whispered.

"Tell me what, exactly?" Touko asked, crossing her arms with a frown on her face. "Let me guess. I have to marry him."

"No no no no no no!" They both said quickly. "Absolutely not!"

"Oh.. right, I have to be a Princess." Touko laughed, while Pato looked up at her with a puzzled look.

"Well.. yes, you have to- No wait...Ohhhh... We have to speak with him about that.." Anthea said, Concordia nodded over to her agreeing. "So you do in a way have to be N's teacher at the moment."

"How do I know if I have his full consent to teach him anything I want?" Touko said, squinting her eyes at them.

"We guarantee you have his full consent." Concordia said. "Now.. about N. He was raised with Pokemon, it's the reason he can speak to them and even hear them. He's a kind young boy, he doesn't have a human friend, except you. He seems to trust you Touko, enough to even allow you play with him and his Pokemon friends."

"But.. N, he has you two.. right? You're his friends too!" Touko exclaimed, Anthea and Concordia smiled slightly nodding.

"But he's been interacting with you the most in such little time. He's come to know you as a friend for the past four days." Concordia murmured, she caressed Touko's head, fixing her hair slightly. "He's a innocent boy.. but being in little contact with humans, he knows little of the outside world and of humans."

"Yeah, no kidding. He didn't know what marry was." Touko said. "But I can't blame him... nobody taught him anything, and he's only seven."

"Indeed, this is where you come in Touko." They both replied, Anthea grabbed both her hands in hers and smiled down at her. "Can we trust you with this Touko?"

"Of course! We'll help him! Right Pato?" Touko exclaimed.

"Ruuuu!" Pidove cooed, flapping his wing and jumped on Touko's shoulder.

"You're just a little infant, so I have to teach you some stuff too!" Touko laughed scratching his belly with one finger.

"Touko..N does not know this, you must not tell him anything... Are we clear?" Touko nodded in response, awaiting. "N has been brought Pokemon from time to time. But do you notice the types of Pokemon they're bringing him?"

"He was brought.. a Deerling... and.. a Purrloin." Touko said, scrunching her nose. "What does that have to do with their types?"

"Did you notice anything about them?" Anthea said. "You saw N speak with them, right? What did the Deerling say?"

"He was abandoned because he was weak." Touko replied.

"And the Purrloin?"

"Well. Nothing! He scratched me like he didn't like Human conta- Ohhhhhhhh!" Touko exclaimed, realizing it just now.

"Exactly, Ghetsis is only bringing him Pokemon that were mistreated by Trainers. We can't tell you anymore from here, if Ghetsis were to find out we told you this he would kill us.." Anthea said, Touko was clueless, why would Ghetsis do that?

"But why-" Suddenly the door opened, and Ghetsis came right in with a glare on his face.

'Like always.. can't he ever smile? Now I know where N gets it from.' Touko rolled her eyes.

"Master Ghetsis." Anthea and Concordia bowed slightly, they lost their smiles immediately right after the door opened to reveal the dastardly man.

"Leave this room. The Sages and me are going to have a meeting." Ghetsis said. "And take that girl with you, I don't want her eavesdropping."

"Ch... Grumpy much?" Touko growled. Pato cooed angrily under his breath, almost growling at the tall green haired man. Concordia elbowed her slightly, and they all left the room quietly as the other sages entered, two of them staying outside for a moment watching Touko (who had an angry face) walk out of the door with her Pidove.

"Ahh. Princess Touko." Giallo called. "Good Morning to you."

Touko froze on her spot, her back facing the two sages. What did he say? She could've sworn she heard-

"Come Giallo, we must not have Ghetsis wait. Let her highness do her business." Rood exclaimed, both Giallo and him walking inside and closed the door. Touko couldn't believe it...

"Touko, what's wrong?" Anthea and Concordia said, they went on ahead and were waiting for Touko. She dazed out a bit before shaking her head and looked up, following them. "Nothing." She replied back.

Touko walked alone through the halls, she opened the door to see N on the floor. "Hey N!" Touko called. He looked up from petting Zorua, who was sleeping peacefully. His face turned from a blank face to a wide grin. He looked really excited.

"Touko!" He whispered, he jumped up from the floor and ran over to her. Touko almost expected a hug from him, and she held her arms open. But he tilted his head, almost not knowing why she held her arms out. Touko lost her smile, he didn't know what a hug was? She rolled her eyes.

"You don't know what a hug is now, do you?" Touko asked. He shook his head, she still held her arms out. "Get over here." He pouted like a Magikarp and scooted closer. She huffed in annoyance and enclosed her arms around his waist. "This is a hug N! It's to express affection, to show friendship, or to put it this way, to show you like the person!"

"Oh!" N exclaimed happily, wrapping his arms around her quickly, now that he knew the meaning of the word. "Hug." He repeated.

"Yup. We're friends, right?" Touko said, pulling back from the hug.

"U-huh! Friends!" He exclaimed, going to hold her hand and pulled her down to the floor where Zorua was asleep. "Shhhh! He's asleep."

"That's why I'm whispering, N." Touko giggled. "So. N, I'm going to be your teacher, I'm going to teach you a lot of things today, OK?"

"Teach? Teach me what?" N said.

"Everything you don't know! I taught you what pretty, and beautiful meant, and just now I taught you about hugs!" Touko said, N nodded his face growing into another excited smile.

"Oh boy." N said, giddily kicking his legs.

"Alright. Now. You know what..." Touko tapped her finger on her chin, thinking of the possible things he wouldn't know. "Do you know how to read?"

"R-read..?" N asked, he shook his head again.

"Oh gosh, I'll teach you that some other day. Dance?"






"Ugh.. you don't know how to do anything.." Touko huffed. "What about.. Do you know how to play Leap frog?"

He stood silent at this. "I don't know how to play Leap frog.."

Touko slapped her face with her palm. This kid-

"You. You seriously need to be taught. First, I'm going to teach you about right from wrong." Touko smiled, raising one hand separately for each one.

"Right? Wrong..? But.. how will I know?" N asked, Touko smiled even more.

"It's simple really." Touko smiled. "The right things may seem wrong at times, but the wrong things could also be right too. So it's a little hard to understand. Depending on what it is, it may be different. For example. In my house I would always eat the leftover cake from parties that we would bring back home. Anyway, I would always eat the leftover cake. Now, to me that was the right thing at the time because well... I was hungry! But it was wrong because I didn't ask my mom for permission to eat the cake."

"I think I understand..." N said.

"First of all.. N, do you lie?" Touko asked.

"Lie? Nuh-uh!" N exclaimed.

"You're a pretty honest fellow right?" Touko asked, N nodded his head. "That's no fun. You have to learn to lie N!" N's eyes widened.

"But it's... wrong!" N exclaimed.

"Right! You got the concept. But. You have to learn to lie, for good causes. For example, you can't just go waltzing up to a friend of yours and say, 'Hey! We're planning a birthday surprise for you!' or else, it wouldn't be a surprise now would it?" Touko laughed. "To be a good liar, you have to avoid giving emotion, and don't avoid eye contact either, that just gives it away. Now, let's practice a little bit."

"What happened to Zorua's leg?" Touko asked suddenly with a gasp. N, not knowing if she either forgot or she was playing stupid went along.

"Don't you remember Touko? Your friend hurt him." N said, Touko slapped her face again.

"No. No. NO!" Touko whispered angrily. "You're being too honest! Learn to lie a little!"

"O-oh.. S-sorry.." N whispered.

"Let's make believe I'm Ghetsis now! It starts!" Touko exclaimed she pulled him up to stand, and then taking the blanket on the floor, draping it across her shoulders, she frowned like Ghetsis. "Boy. What have I told you about going outside! How many times have I told you!"

N's eyes widened, he back away slightly. "I- I didn't go outside!" N exclaimed.

"You better be speaking the truth! Or you'll be severely punished!" Touko growled, still acting like Ghetsis. N looked like he was about to cry now, did he really take this seriously?

"I didn't..!" N replied. Touko glared at him, then with a swish of a cape, she turned her back to him.

"Very well. If I hear that you're escaping to go outside, I shall show no mercy." Touko said, then she let go of the cape and turned to him with a smile. "N! That was really good for a first try! Oh, don't tell me you're going to cry..."

"I'm not going to cry." N sniffed, rubbing his eyes. "I just got something in my eye.."

"What could possibly go into your eye?" Touko exclaimed placing her hands on her hips.

"Well. Your cape.." N replied. Touko smiled.

"I'm so proud of you." Touko said running over to him and hugging him briefly before pulling away. "You're doing good! Now. You know the basics from right and wrong.. right? And you know how to tell a basic lie... Now. Marry, or Marriage..."

Woobat laughed out loud, afterwards speaking with N.

'You seriously don't know what marriage is? Even I know what that is!' He exclaimed.

"I know what marriage is!" N puffed his cheeks angrily, afterwards crossing his arms.

'I've never seen anyone get married..' The Deerling replied. 'Let's just listen to Touko, she knows what she's talking about.'

"Anyway." Touko laughed. "Marriage is.. when a man and a woman.. become husband and wife! But before the two become legally united through marriage. The guy has to ask the girl to marry him. Now. N, let's take this into a real scene. But first, let me tell you what a date is. A date is almost like a get together thing with a lover, a boy and a girl have a romantic meeting. Now, you have to romantically love this person to go out with them. So, let's say we're out on a date. Not in real life OK? This is just pretend."

N nodded his head quickly, while Touko was getting into the whole... Date thing, Woobat laughed very loudly with Deerling. N looked at them with a frown and back at Touko.

"Now. Yadda yadda, we go to a restaurant, walk together, and do romantic things, until finally! N... bend on one knee.." Touko whispered the last part, N did so in front of Touko. "Oh.. And by the way, in asking the girl to marry you, you have to have THE RING. Which is the most important thing of all times if not you'll lose your head!"

N gasped grasping his neck and looked around. "Where's the ring?" N asked.

"I'm not going to be there when you really ask a girl to marry you. If you're like this in real life you're doomed." Touko rolled her eyes, she looked down at her right hand. There was a ring on her middle finger. She took it out and handed it to N. "Now that you have it. You bend on one knee, take out the ring and say. Will you Marry me."

"Will... you.. marry.. me... OK!" N exclaimed, taking the ring and smiling. "Touko, Will you marry me?"

"No." Touko said with a frown.

"W-what?" N said, his voice rather disappointed. "Why?"

"Because! We're too young! Are you out of your mind?" Touko said.

"But.. you said this was pretend.." N mumbled, squinting at her. Touko laughed.

"I'm just kidding! You're so gullible. Well. Not about the age part. You can't marry until you're what.. eighteen I think?" Touko said. "About the marriage thing, you have to go to a church and do a lot of things I don't know."

"Are you a little hungry? I'm starting to get a little head ache.." Touko grumbled. "Any of you guys hungry?" The Pokemon all howled and ran over to Touko. N walked over to a sleeping Zorua and picked him up. "To the kitchen!"

They walked through the halls of the castle, their stomach's stuffed with food. Zorua was back asleep right after he ate something, and all the other Pokemon were satisfied too.

"OK N, now the next thing I want to talk to you about is-" Touko started, they were going up the stairs, and after walking N froze suddenly making Touko just stumble backwards from the collision. "N, what's the matter?" She looked forward and felt N's hand pull her to the column on the side. He looked from his hiding spot and noticed to Plasma grunts, Touko poked her head too and saw what they were doing.

"Touko.. What are they doing?" N asked, pointing at the two Plasma grunts.

"You. Have got... to be kidding me, in the hallway?" Touko growled, the two grunts were unaware of the children, and they still did it in the middle of the damn hallway! "N... That's kissing...Ewww.."

"Kissing?" N asked tilting his head. "Is that why their mouths are connected...?"

"Yes! That's kissing you dummy!" Touko whispered. "There are different kinds. Friendship, Love, whatever."

"Let's go to my room." N exclaimed.

"SHHHHH!" Touko whispered. "Learn to be quiet while you're eavesdropping!"

"You mean being sneaky?" N replied with a grin.

"Yes being sneaky. Now let's turn back around and make believe this didn't happen-" She didn't say anymore, because she was pushed abruptly by N. She fell backwards onto the hard floor. She frowned up at N, but then looked over at the Plasma grunts, they were both looking at them.

"Oh my, are you alright?" The female grunt asked.

"Urr. What were you two doing?" Touko asked, N appeared from hiding and looked down at Touko. "Can you help me up? You were the one who pushed me!"

"Um.. well we were- urr.." The male grunt stuttered. N bent down a little bit, helping Touko up to her feet.

"But Touko, you said they were-" Touko covered his mouth with her hand.

"Let's just go, OK?" Touko said, walking past the grunts with the Pokemon. Touko grinned while she passed them by and when they were out of site she ran up the stairs with everyone.

"N. What did I tell you about being sneaky?" Touko said.

"Oh. Heheh!" N said, scratching his neck. "I forgot."

"This is another thing for lying. That was a lie that I said." Touko said. "Do you know how to kiss? I don't think so."

"Yeah! I do!" N exclaimed, Touko started coughing out loud, pounding her chest and trying to breath.

"W-h..What!" She yelled. "No way.. Really?"

"Yup! I'll show you!" N exclaimed.

"Wha! No!" Touko exclaimed, she saw him leaning forward and closed her eyes tightly. She waited for it, but she felt something touch her nose. Her eyes opened and went wide at the sight. N was rubbing his nose against her own, Touko frowned at this. "N. That's not a kiss."

"Yes it is!" He exclaimed pulling away, "I've seen my friends do that to each other."

"OK. It's a POKE kiss. Humans do it differently, but I am NOT teaching you how to kiss. That is a separate issue that you need to learn on your own." Touko was blushing now, she pointed at him menacingly. 'I can't believe I'm starting to get nervous around this kid. Every time he's near me- I don't even want to think about it!' Touko thought biting her bottom lip. 'I can't take this anymore.. Hasn't he ever heard of personal space? Oh wait.. I forgot. He's not like other kids.'

N blinked, sadly looking to the floor. "Did I do something wrong?" He mumbled.

"What? No! Of course not! Why would you think that!" Touko exclaimed.

"You seem to get angry when... you ask me if I know something, and I say I don't..." N whispered.

"No.. umm.. It's just I would expect you to know about these things already, but it's not your fault!" Touko said. "Don't worry! I'm not angry! Now, let's continue with the teachings. OK?"

"...This is getting boring!" N complained, it had been five hours later, and N was sitting on the floor in the hall. Touko on the other hand was standing.

"Well. It would be fun if you would stop complaining." Touko mumbled. "OK. Fine. Just a little break.."

"Yay!" He yelled suddenly. "Darmanitian! Where are you?"

"Darmanitian?" Touko said, where could there possibly- But suddenly! The ground started to shake, and a big Darmanitian began running down the stairs and over to them. "DEAR RESHIRAM!" She quickly hid behind N as the Darmanitian made an abrupt stop and puffed smoke through his nose.

"Darmanitian!" N exclaimed, running over to hug the big creature.

"Darr!" It exclaimed, sitting down before waving at Touko. "Darrarr!"

"Hello." Touko said nervously, if it wanted to it could incinerate her to smithereens. But she grinned nonetheless at the creature.

"Darmanitian! Let's have some fun!" N exclaimed.

"Bafuuuuu!" It puffed before grabbing N and placing him on his back along with Zorua. "Come on Touko~!"

"Urr.. No thanks." Touko declined, N lost his smile tilting his head again. Pato blinked from Touko's shoulder and went into her arms.

"Why? What's wrong?" N asked.

"Nothing, it's just-" She didn't finish her sentence when Darmanitian grabbed her too and placed her on his back. "Oh come on!"

"Darrr! Maaaaa! Darma!" Darmanitian grinned widely like a Chesire cat and puffed more smoke from his nose.

"He says to hold on, it's going to be a bumpy ride!" N smiled, Touko quickly wrapped her arms around N's waist as he held on to Darmanitian's fur. Touko held Pato securely on Darmanitian, while Zorua was under N. Deerling and Woobat were ready to follow the Monkey like Pokemon around the halls. "OK Darmanitian. Go!"

"DAAAAAAAAAAR!" It roared before sprinting off.

"WAHHHHH!" Touko yelled from the speed. These Pokemon were really fast! "Sloooooooow-dooooooooooooown!"

"Dar! Ma!" He laughed.

"He says that's no fun!" N translated. "Haha! Faster Darmanitian!"

"I think I'm going to be sick..." Touko groaned burying her face in his green hair, feeling very very dizzy and nauseous. Darmanitian clung to the Columns of the castle, swinging from each one and jumping everywhere, racing around the Castle. Touko felt a slight tingle in her head and looked at one door as they passed it. "N! Go on ahead with Darmanitian."

"Where are you going?" N asked.

"To eavesdrop of course!" Touko said before jumping off of Darmanitian with Pato. She watched as N went on ahead and Darmanitian crawled up the stairs. Touko stood silently, and turned to the door, hearing voices. She tip toed over and pressed her ears to the door.

"Ghetsis. I have a plan. Why not have the two ... each other? They do make a good couple." Somebody said, she listened in more hearing the voice of Ghetsis afterwards. She didn't hear the word properly for it was below a whisper.

"Hmm.. I don't want that BRAT to ... my son! She's had a bad influence on him already. I'm afraid he's start to think that humans can be nice to Pokemon!"

"Oh.. but it only applies to Touko! I'm sure he thinks she's the only one. We still bring him abused Pokemon. So his perspective won't change in the slightest!" Another voice said. Touko frowned, this time leaning on the door and blinking slowly.

"Alright. Agreed. N will be wed to Touko." Ghetsis finally said. Touko shook her head, her eyes widening. She clutched Pato close to her chest and then ran away from the door. If she would've stayed longer, she would've heard what would have come next. "And after... I SHALL CONTROL RESHIRAM AND ZEKROM AT LAST! I am positively sure she is the hero we are looking for!" Then he started to laugh evilly in the crowded room. Touko panted, running as fast as she could away from there, running up the stairs. She bumped into Anthea as she ran, not bothering to stop and talk to them.

"Touko! What's the matter?" Concordia called, but she didn't listen. She ran up the stairs again, tears now welling up in her eyes. "Touko!"

N sighed his hair now in another mess as he sat on Darmanitian. He chuckled happily as he stopped completely and watched as N smiled. "That was fun Darmanitian! Thank you!" He opened his eyes to see Touko running towards him. "Oh Touko!" However, she passed right by him, ignoring his calls. "...Touko?" He saw her open the door to his room, and told Darmanitian to follow her. Touko went inside N's room, turning off the lights and running to the corner behind the skateboard ramp. She scrunched herself into a ball, setting Pato down and hugging her knees to her chest. Her back was facing the wall and her hair covered her face as she rested her head on her arms. She cried silently, her tears wetting her sleeves. Darmanitian walked over to the door and looked inside. "Touko...? Hello?" N called once more, reaching over and turning on the lights. He got off of Darmanitian, and walked around the room, when he heard a sob from behind the skateboard ramp. He ran over and saw Touko in the corner, and Pato rubbing his head against her leg. Pato looked over to N, and began to speak with him.

'Mommy ish cwying..! I don't knoes why...' Pato exclaimed. 'She eavesdwopping, gasp and wun away!' (Cutest accent ever. British baby-ish~! x3)

"Touko.. What's wrong?" N asked, bending down and placing a hand on her back. "Did anything happen?"

"Of course something happened you idiot. Why else would I be crying!" Touko exclaimed, however, her voice seemed muffled a bit. N flinched at her words, his eyes closed halfway.

"Don't cry.. It's not OK to cry.." N said. "Don't be sad..."

"Then what am I supposed to do? Smile! N! I can't smile after what I heard your father say!" Touko yelled, raising her head up to look at him. A fiery glare in her eyes, she slapped N's hand away from her. "I thought I was here to be your conscience, your teacher!" Touko stood from her position, N fell back gazing up into her blue eyes. "But NO! I'm here to be your stupid.. stupid-.. PRINCESS."

"I don't understand.." N mumbled.

"Don't you get it N!" Touko yelled. "...I HAVE TO MARRY YOU!" N stood silent, before slowly getting up and looking at her.

"But... how is that-"

"It's every little girl's dream to become a Princess... to be taken away and live the life of a fairytale... And be taken away by her knight in shining armor... But I don't want my life to be! This isn't my idea of spending the rest of my life!" Touko growled pulling on her hair.

"I thought... marry was a good thing.." N mumbled lowly.

"It's not we're engaged! Engaged is another subject! It's not a good thing if one of us doesn't want it to be married! Why... Why..? Why did it have to be me?" Touko mumbled. "I can't marry you!"

"Why not?" N asked.

"Because I DON'T LIKE YOU!" Touko yelled, the entire room went silent. N's face held one of slight sadness in his eyes, and was that.. anger.. in his eyes too? Touko didn't know what to expect. He was sad a moment ago, and now a frown was quickly growing on his usual innocent, happy face. "I don't even.. love you romantically! N, it just can't be!"

"You... don't like me..? I see..." N replied, he sounded rather cold. He turned his head away with an angry look on his face.

"N. That's not what I meant-" Touko went over to place a hand on his shoulder but he shrugged her off, now staring at her with an angry look on his face.

"Stop lying! I know what you said! I know what you meant! You don't like me as a friend! You hate me!" N yelled.

"N. When I meant like, I meant romantically-"

"What does that have to do with anything!" N exclaimed, stomping his foot. "I trusted you! I-.. I-I thought that.. humans were nice! T-that y-you were my real f-friend! I started liking you even more! I can see I was wrong this entire time about humans! YOU'RE ALL THE SAME!" Tears were now rolling down his cheeks as he sprinted away. Touko's tears swiftly came down. Why does life have to be so cruel to her?

"Fine. Be that way.." Touko whispered to herself. Pato looked sadly up at Touko, rubbing his head against her leg. "Why does this have to happen to me Pato..? Why?" The little bird cooed, and poked her leg. She bent down to pick him up and hugged him softly, crying into his feathers. "Mom.. what do I do?"

"Exactly what I taught you young lady!"

Touko jumped in fright at the voice, seeing her mother by the doorway with her hands on her hips and with a frown on her face. "Mom!" Touko exclaimed.

"Touko. What's the matter? You've never been this angry! I've taught you better, and I expected more from you." Annabel lectured, swinging her finger from left to right. "Now. What happened that got you so mad that you just had to yell at poor little N."

"You don't understand Mom. All these things happening to me! I HATE this place!" Touko exclaimed.

"Ah ah. No need to yell, tone your voice down a bit." She said.

"I heard Ghetsis talking with someone. They said I was going to be wed..." Touko said, placing her hands on both her cheeks.

"To N?" Annabel asked.

"Yes!" Touko said.

"Oh Touko congratulations! I knew this was going to happen! See? Mother's intuition never fails." Annabel said ruffling Touko's hair a bit.

"MOM! I don't want to get married to him!" Touko exclaimed.

"Oh.. Why not?" Annabel leeched, she placed her hands on her hips again. This time Touko closed her eyes. "He's... handsome. Innocent. Oh Touko he's prefect for you!"

"No. No. NO! That's what I'm scared of!" Touko said.

"Well.. Touko- Wait. If you marry N... that would make you a-"

"Princess!" Touko said, her mother's eyes sparkled. "Oh Touko! That's every little girl's dream darling! Why don't you want it?"

"I... don't like him like that." Touko said. "I was here to be his guide. Not his wife! This isn't what I want!"

"Well dear.. It's not up to us to decide that. Nobody told me why we're here... But. You're here to be his guide? Sounds exciting." She said.

"It's fun.. but.. it's not fun being engaged.." Touko growled.

"Life's not fair, is it? You just have to learn to deal with it... You know.. it's odd how they picked you. There are millions of little girls out there, and Ghetsis took you... hmmm.." Annabel pondered.

"Tell that to Ghetsis! Wait... tell... I just got an idea! I'm going to talk to Ghetsis about this and see what he says! Maybe he's at the room... Can you hold Pato for a few minutes?" Touko said, handing over Pato to Annabel before running off. "See you later Mom! Thank you!"

"Anytime sweetie! Wait... Sweetie! Oh. Never mind." Annabel huffed, smiling as her daughter left the room with speed. "My... How interesting this turned out to be. Never thought this would happen to US now! Ho ho!" She placed a hand on Pato's head, who chirped happily.

Touko ran across the halls, she passed through many rooms, and ran down the stairs to the second floor. She ran across the halls, passing even more rooms.

With N, he was crying into Anthea's stomach, sobbing loudly. She caressed his head lovingly, she looked up at the other Goddess with a look of despair. "A-and...! A-and..! Sh-She.. Sh-she said she didn't like me!" N exclaimed, clutching onto her robes tightly, crying into her dress.

"There there, N... I'm sure she didn't mean to." Concordia replied.

"Of c-c-course she did-! Or else.. She wouldn't have said it!" N replied. "She was my only human friend that I ever let my other friends play with! I t-trusted her!"

"N, there's no need to cry for these things. She didn't know what she was saying. Who could ever hate you?" Anthea said.

"But.. father hates me..." N whispered, Anthea huffed.

"He's nothing but a grumpy old man. He loves you! He just... has a... different way of showing it. And so does Touko. Give her time.. she's been pressured on highly with all the things she's been told. And her getting married is another issue she has to deal with." Concordia replied, with a slight smile on her face. "Understand her position N... It's not easy for her."

"She.. still said it." N mumbled. "Touko doesn't like me!"


"She said it herself.." N growled.

"I've never seen him like this.. this is bad..." Concordia whispered to the other woman. She nodded in repsonse. At that moment, Touko swished past them in a run, going off somewhere they didn't know. "Touko? Where is she off to I wonder..."

Touko panted, exhausted from the run, she went to the door she was eavesdropping by, and knocked. A minute later, Sage Gorm opened the door. She waved slightly. "Hi, is Ghetsis around? I have to talk to him."

"Oh, you just missed him. He's up with three other sages in the throne room. Top floor." He replied. Touko groaned loudly, slapping her face with her palm. She swears she's gonna get a concussion from all these face palms.

"I just ran down! Ugh.. Thanks." Touko said, before running off again back where she came. She passed the three again, completely ignoring them.

"Ohhhh Touuuuukooooo!" Concordia called. Touko made an abrupt stop, looking back. "Come here darling!"

"Can't! I have to talk to Ghetsis!" Touko exclaimed before sprinting away.

"Talk to- What could be the reason for her to want to talk to Ghetsis? Odd." Concordia whispered.

"Yes... She was in a hurry too!" Anthea said. N watched as she left, his tears remained, blinking in worry and in fear of what father could do to her.

"Father.. will he hurt Touko?" N asked, tugging on Anthea's dress.

"There are other sages with him. I don't think he will.." Anthea assured. "Don't worry N.."

N watched as she left, "...Touko. I- I have to make s-sure!" N exclaimed, running off to follow her. Anthea and Concordia watched as he left, a smile on their faces.

"They make a lovely couple.. do they not?" Concordia said.

"Concordia don't be ridiculous." Anthea said. "You've noticed that just now?"

"I know I noticed it from the moment I met the little guy!" A voice said.

"Who was-"

"Oh sorry. I have a habit of appearing out of nowhere when somebody talks about those two." Annabel giggled.

"How did you get down here?" Anthea asked, "You were upstairs..."

"I don't know how exactly.." Annabel placed a finger on her lips, pondering herself. "Oh yes. A guy that works here used his Pokemon to teleport me!"

"No wonder.." Both Goddesses said.

Touko dragged herself up the stairs, panting from exhaustion and crawling up the stairs. She finally came up to the top floor, and caught her breath. She ran through the hall, this time in a jogging motion over to the grand doors. She looked up, slightly intimidated by the size, and opened them. She looked inside to see huge columns and a King's chair over by the end. She saw Ghetsis there, but something else was there too. A little Pokemon was on the floor, looking hurt. She realized it was the Purrloin from before. Touko gasped softly before running over by the end and grabbing Ghetsis' arm who held the little cat by the scruff of his neck. "No stop! You're hurting him!" He let go of the Purrloin immediately, thoroughly surprised of this visit. The Purrloin fell to the ground with a thud, laying almost motionless if he wasn't trying to get up. Touko walked over to him, she went to touch him, but he hissed softly. Touko retreated for a second, but she pet the Purrloin on the head.

"You insolent brat- You dare protect this creature!" N was by the door, he found it slightly opened and peeked his head inside.

"It's a Pokemon! They are our friends, not our enemies." Touko exclaimed, frowning up at Ghetsis. "Why were you hurting him?"

"Do not question my authority, girl!" He roared. N took that moment to stumble back in fright. "This benevolent filth should be disposed of, along with any disobidient Pokemon! Get out of my way!"

"Over my dead body!" Touko yelled, going in front of Purrloin holding her arms up. The Purrloin's eyes widened considerably, he'd never seen a human do that for him.

"You wretched-" Ghetsis growled, his hand going forward to grab her hair. She whimpered loudly, her hands flying to his to try and make him let go. "I don't know what the sages find in you that's interesting for them to even THINK you should marry MY SON! You're not qualified to be a Princess. Just as you aren't qualified to be the hero!"

"Hero?" Touko asked. Ghetsis smirked down at her.

"You don't even know what I speak of. Pity... It's a shame you don't know. Maybe you'll learn something once I send you to the dungeon. I'm going to hear my son begging for your freedom. It's quaint how he finds you so different yet fun at the same time, yet you're beginning to pick on my patience!" Ghetsis growled in a low tone. N peeked over again from behind the grand doors, whimpering to himself softly. He hesitated in whether to go over there and help Touko, but he was too scared.

"Run Purrloin!" Touko exclaimed suddenly, seeing the beaten cat on the floor struggling to stand.

"Pathetic. You think he can run that far? Humans are monsters. The only reason he's all weak and disheveled is because of the constant abuse he received from his previous trainers. In fact, this Purrloin will NEVER find a trainer that will love him! All Pokemon trainers are heartless monsters that strive to only be the best. And reasons like this is the reason we have to get rid of them!" Ghetsis said, using his free hand to point at the Purrloin on the ground. The Purrloin looked to the ground, away from everybody else.

'It's true... He's right. Pokemon Trainers are heartless monsters.' the Purrloin said.

"That's not true! Not ALL trainers are like that-!" Touko began.

"SILENCE!" Ghetsis yelled, pulling on Touko's hair to shut her up. "You misbehaved child! You shall definitely be punished for this behavior! You do not raise your voice to a SAGE-" He stumbled on words when he felt teeth sink into his arm, realizing it was the Purrloin! "You disgusting- FELINE!" He tried shaking away the Pokemon, making him let go of Touko's hair for a minute. N took that chance to run over to Touko, he did it as quickly as possible as the Pokemon distracted Ghetsis.

Touko looked back hearing footsteps and saw it was N. "N! What are you doing here?" Touko whispered. Ghetsis growled, grabbing it by the scruff again and this time throwing it across the room, however, luckily N caught it and fell backwards on his back. Touko helped him up with the little Pokemon in his arms, all three looking over to Ghetsis.

"N! What have I told you about coming here!" Ghetsis roared once more, baring his teeth. N whimpered back, biting his lip at what he was about to do.

"T.. T-Touko's right! N-not a-all p-people are like that!" N exclaimed. Ghetsis' eye twitched, this stupid brat-

"WHAT. Did you say!" He growled through bared teeth. N retreated back once more, but took a step foward.

"T-touko is n-n-nice to P-Pokemon! J-just l-leave her a-alone!" N said handing the Purrloin to her and going in front of her.

"YOU DARE TALK BACK TO ME!" Ghetsis said, grabbing his hair and throwing him to the ground harshly.

"N!" Touko exclaimed, but she was once again grabbed by the hair. Ghetsis picked N up by clutching his hair as well, holding both children violently in his grasp.

"Guards! GUARDS!" Ghetsis called, and immediately, two Plasma Grunts came running into the throne room.

"You called Master Ghetsis?" One of them said.

"Take these three to the dungeon. They'll learn not to disrespect an adult." Ghetsis said, throwing them both over to the grunts as they grabbed them by their arms. "Take them away."

"Right away sir." The other said. They dragged them down to the first floor, they opened a mysterious door to a dark abyss, and soon after they were thrown in a cell and locked inside. Afterwards being left alone in the dark and dirty place.

Touko looked down at the Purrloin in her arms, unable to look at N at the moment. She crossed her legs, and so did N, but he was looking at the Purrloin as well. He opened his eyes and looked around, using his paws to scratch his big ears and pulling away from Touko's grasp, he turned to look at all of them and blinked. "At least your safe from Ghetsis. It's OK." Touko smiled.

"Father.. I don't understand.. He would never do something so terrible.." N mumbled.

"Well. He is unpredictable... he does look mean and all..." Touko replied. She glanced back at the Purrloin with a sad look on her face. The Purrloin purred blinked some more, before walking slowly over to Touko with his ears low, and went over to her bandaged hand and began to lick it simultaneously. Touko's eyes widened, afterwards he purred and rubbed his head against her leg, sitting and looking up at her with the swish of a tail.

"I'm sorry." N said out of nowhere.

"N- It's OK-"

"No. That's what Purrloin said." N replied, Touko tilted her head. The Purrloin looked like it had smiled a bit and meowed slightly.

"It wasn't your fault little guy." Touko grinned. "Hey.. Do you have a name?"

'I have none. But... you two could name me if you guys want.' He smiled.

"He says he has none, but.. we could name him if we want." N said.

"Let's pick a name.. What about.. Courage?" Touko said.

'That sounds like a name a dog would have...' The Purrloin laughed, and so did N. N shook his head in response.

"What about... Fluffy?" Touko exclaimed, Purrloin screeched rather annoyed at the name.

"What about.. Mittens?" N suggested, Touko bursted laughing falling back on her backside kicking her legs in the air.

"I know! Sparta!" Touko said, sitting back up and grinning down at the cat. "Sparta! Like it?" Sparta meowed in response, and rubbed against Touko, then at N.

"He likes it!" N exclaimed, clapping both his hands.

"We're... still friends.. aren't we?" Touko asked, N looked over then looked away sadly from her. "OK. I didn't mean to yell at you N.."

"I know..." N smiled afterwards, holding his hand out. "Friends..?" He asked, the most cutest look on his face. Touko smiled back, taking his hand and shaking it.

"Friends forever!" Touko exclaimed. "Till the day we die!"

"Nyaaa!" Sparta meowed.

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