Chapter One

I sat on my bed in my dorm that i shared with Zoey and Lola. I was studying for a test that i had in a couple of days but i wanted to be ready for it. Just then, Zoey came into the room.

"Hey Quinn" said Zoey.

"Hey" i replied back as i closed my science book and pushed it to the side. She sat down on the edge of my bed.

"What's up?" i asked her.

"Not much. Chase wants to go to the beach and stay there for the weekend and i suggested that we should go with all of our friends" Zoey answered me.

"Sounds like fun" i said.

"So does that mean you will go?" Zoey asked. I nodded and she smiled. She hugged me.

"awesome. Logan is going to ask his dad if we can borrow his beach house in Hawaii for a couple of days. He wants to talk to you about it" said Zoey.

"Okay" i said. I got off my bed and followed Zoey out of the dorm. We walked down a bunch of hallways till we reached Sushi Rocks.

"Hey guys" i greeted as i walked over to my friends. i looked around for my boyfriend of six months and found him talking on the phone with his dad a little ways from everyone else. I walked over to him. Then i sat down at the table across from him. He smiled at me when i sat down and i grinned back. Then he hung up his phone.

"Well, guys dad said we can borrow his beach house for a couple of days," Logan said with a big smile. Everyone cheered. I got off my seat and hugged Logan. Then we kissed passionately.

When we pulled away, Logan spoke. "So is that okay?" he asked me.

"Yeah it's great Logan" i said. "I would love to spend a couple of days on a beach in Hawaii with my friends and amazing boyfriend."

Logan smiled and kissed me again.

No One's POV

"So when are we leaving?" asked Lola.

"Tomorrow morning so i suggest going to your dorm rooms and start packing" said Logan.

"Sweet" said michael as he grabbed his gf's Lisa's hand and they ran out of Sushi Rocks.

"This will be awesome won't it Zoe?" asked Chase to Zoey.

"Yeah it will. It will be so much fun," said Zoey. She kissed Chase and he kissed her back.

"I just can't wait to get out of here," said Lola's boyfriend, Vince. "even though i do love PCA it gets really annoying around here when theres not much to do."

"Yeah it does," agreed Lola. "But i'm sure when we go to the beach, we will find plenty of awesome things to do" she winked at Vince and he smiled and blushed slightly. Then he picked Lola up, which caused her to squeal, before he ran out of Sushi rocks, with Lola in his arms.

"Well, if we are leaving in the morning, I'm going to go start packing" said Zoey as she got off the couch she was sitting on with Chase. Chase got off the couch too.

"Can i help you pack, Zoe?" he asked her.

"Yes, as long as you pack as soon as I'm done packing my things" said Zoey.

"Okay Zoey" said Chase. He smiled and put his arm around her shoulders. Zoey turned and looked at Quinn and Logan but they were too busy making out to even notice them.

She shook her head with a knowing smile before she and Chase left the hangout.

Quinn's POV

When Logan and i parted so that we could take a breather i turned around and saw my friends all had left.

"Hm, they must have gone to their dorms to start packing" said Logan as he wrapped an arm around my waist.

"Probably" i said.

Logan kissed my cheek and i blushed. He smiled and kissed down my cheek to my neck where his lips lingered. when he was just about to bite and suck my neck, i pulled away from him.

"I should get back to my dorm and start packing as well" I said to Logan as i looked at him.

He pouted. "But babe why can't we stay here for awhile?" he gave me a puppy dog pout.

I giggled and kissed his nose. "Sweety i would love to but if i don't start packing soon-" he interrupted me by kissing me hard on the mouth. I grinned against his lips as we french kissed.

when in came for the need of oxygen again we pulled away. i placed my hands on Logan's face. "I love you so much Logan Reese" i said.

"I love you too Quinn Pensky" said Logan. i smiled and kissed Logan. Then, hand in hand, we left Sushi Rocks.