Chapter 6

The others watched Logan and Quinn go just as Lisa and Lola walked into the room.

"where are Logan and Quinn going?" asked lola

"they are going out for a special dinner. they will be back later" said Zoey.

"That sounds nice. what are we all going to do for dinner?" asked Lisa as she sat down on the couch. Michael joined her on the couch.

"i was thinking we order pizza wings and soda" said Chase as he sat down in abig comfy lounge chair. Zoey sat down on the arm of the chair and Chase put his arm around her waist.

"That sounds good man" said Vince. "i could go for some pizza."

"me too" said michael. Charlie came into the room.

"Did i hear you all say you would like some pizza?" he asked the teenagers. they all looked at him and smiled.

"yes we were just talking about that to have pizza and wings and soda for dinner. Can you please order us some Charlie?" asked Zoey.

"Of course Ms Brooks. What kind of pizza would you all like?"

"i like some pepporonie" said Zoey

"Me too" said Chase.

"Cheese for me please" said Lola

"Hawaiian for me" said Lisa.

"what she said for me as well" said Michael

"And for you Mr Vince?" asked Charlie.

Vince thought about it for a moment. "A meatlovers please Charlie" he then said.

"Alright and what kind of wings would you all perfer?"

they all looked at each other. "BBQ?" they all said in unison.

Charlie nodded. he took out a pad and pen and wrote down their orders and the wings." we have a very large selective soda machine in the kitchen so I dont need to order that" Charlie told them.

"A soda machine?" asked Zoey.

"oh yes Mr Reese bought one from an old gas station that went out of business a few years back. works great. has many different types of soda to choose from. you can even mix match your drinks to different flavors" Charlie said.

"sweet lets go try it out Chase" said Michael

"Im in" said Chase. they both got up and left the room heading for the kitchen. Charlie followed them dialing the pizza place on his phone as he left the room.

"Never seen Chase leave the room that fast before" said Zoey moving herself so she was sitting in the chair. she pressed a button and recliner went up so she put her legs up.

"Yeah you would think his pants were on fire or something" said Lola. she grabbed a remote that was on the table near her and turned on the 80in plasma screen tv that was mounted on the wall across the room.

She sat down on the couch next to Lisa. She started surfing through the channels on the tv.

"ive got to tell you guys something" said Zoey. Lola and Lisa looked at her.

"what is it zoe?" asked Lola.

"logan is asking Quinn to marry him tonight while they are at dinner" said Zoey.

Lola and Lisa squealed with delight.

"OMG Quinn is going to be so happy!" said Lola

"I cant wait to see the ring" said Lisa.

"me either" said Zoey. "but guys dont you think Logan is rushing it with Quinn?"

"Uh no. i would be thrilled if Vince asked me to marry him right now" said Lola.

"Heck me too but i dont think that will happen with me and Michael for awhile" said Lisa.

"i mean i would be happy if Chase asked me to marry him too but right now we are all still in high school. Quinn has her whole life to settle down and get married and all that. it just seems to me like they are rushing it" Zoey said.

"And so what if they are? its their life girl. we only have one more year left at PCA anyways so its not like their completely rushing it because Quinns pregnant or something" said Lisa matter of factily.

"Shes not is she?" asked Lola.

"No she would have told us" said Zoey

"Would she? I mean we all have our own secrets. Maybe she is and hasnt said anything and has been able to hide it. Or maybe Logan really loves her and wants to spend his life with her so thats why hes asking her to marry him. it could be many reasons" said Lisa. "but point of the matter its their life. We cant stop them. Im happy for them."

"im actually kind of jealous too" she then added sheepishly.

"Its okay to be jealous. i am too a little" said Lola. "but it will happen for us with our men when the time is right"

"your right about that girl" said Lisa.

"im happy for them too" said Zoey. "just concered and think that they are rushing it. but your right Lisa. its their life. If logan askes Quinn to marry him then good i hope Quinn says yes"

"me too and i hope we all get to be bridesmaids" said Lola.

"we all probably will be Lola" said Zoey

"oh right haha" said Lola.

"here give me that remote lets turn on some music and dance" said Lisa. she grabbed the remote out of Lolas hand and pressed a button on it. music came on the tv. The girls all laughed and squealed. they all got up and strated dancing away.