Chris had said those words millions of times before but this time it was different. Granted Kim was not from his world but she was his world. He could not turn her away. He had lived far too long without her. Thank GOD Ellen had died. He did not have that to worry about… being in love with one woman (Kim) whilst greatly liking the other and having a responsibility to both. Her visa papers were not in order… nor were her emigration papers. Had he been the best of the best and she had showed up in his world she wouldn't have her passport ((so to speak)) but he would no more be able to turn her away in a case like that as he was unable to turn her away now.

"Kim," he whispered.

"It is me," she replied holding the 3 year old little girl in her arms. Tam was the exact copy of her mother.

"And this?"

"Tam," Kim said, "She is your child"

"Well," Chris cleared his throat and stamped approved on her papers, "I'm going to take the day off. Jon cover for me"

Jon nodded and gave the family time to be together