The Dark Heroes


Naruto x Harle x ?


Story start


"Hey Puddin'?" Harley called out from the king-sized bed, brushing out her thick, long blonde locks while humming a random song. When she received no response, she shouted out to the blond.

"Something you need Harley?" For the past few days Naruto had been putting together a list of recruits and spending much of the time putting together the time and resources to track them out. Currently he was shifting his gaze back and forth from his desk as he was looking up at the massive board where their were papers tacked along with the photos of the recruits he was considering.

She tipped her head to the side, a small smile appearing. "Well…I was just thinking...that maybe we could..." She drew out the last word.

Naruto paused and turned to the lovely blond. "Well come on, don't be afraid to tell me." He knew it was touch and go with Harley at times. From time to time she would slip back into little behaviors from her time as the Joker's lackey. Pulling some strings Naruto found someone reliable to be Harley's therapist who she visited twice a week.

"Well I was hoping we could have a date night?"

Naruto's lips twitched as he saw her blue eyes twinkle innocently and hopefully. Naruto had to admit he had been rather busy as of late and Harley was not only a very social creature, but one that craved lots of affection.

Naruto got up from the desk and turned back to Harley. She was kicking her legs back and forth gently. It was difficult to think how this energetic and playful sprite could have committed the atrocities she did. He knew he got a good deal of flack from several of his associates of even bothering with Harley considering her background, but at the end of the day people seem to forget that despite his heroic nature that he was still raised an assassin. That he had fought and killed for his village and killed when he did not need to. Hell his first kill was Mizuki at age twelve when he was more capable of beating the man without killing him.

So he was being a bit more lax on the blond then others would who felt she was not worth being redeemed, but he simply could not give up on someone who had extenuating circumstances.

While he was not trying to suggest her abusive father was an excuse for her some of her atrocities it helped contribute to her mindset and development. While doing his own digging into her past and the stories Harley told him he had been working with a few acquaintances to get a full understanding of Harley's condition and the best way to make sure she had the best treatment.

There was also the fact that simply killing her or locking her up for life was a waste. It was far better for society if she used her abilities for good and eliminate other scum because she still had the capability to do good. She toed the line but she was still capable of caring about others. That was what made her and those like her worthy of recruiting while those like the Joker needed to be eliminated.

Those who only cared about themselves and took sheer joy from murder and torture. But as much as he despised the Joker, but he was just one of those of the list who truly needed to die. Those who had far more influence, wealth, or were a bigger danger to life in general. Darkseid, Mongol, Zoom, Zasz Zod, and other threats that had more then enough power to wipe out cities if not planets.

"Puddddin!" Harley's whine drew him out of his thoughts.

"O-Oh...sorry kind of drifted off there for a moment." He apologized, "What were you asking about again Harley?"

"Can we have a date night?" She once more insisted.

He proceeded to stroke her hand. "Well, I don't see why not."

She promptly let out a squeal and threw her arms around him.

"So what do you want to do?"

Harley swiveled around him and promptly straddled his lap. She began playing with his hair. "Weeelll. I was thinking we could go to a nice restaurant. "

"That would solve what to do for dinner. "

Harley placed a long tender kiss on Naruto's cheek. "Alright I gots to get ready! I gotta look perfect for my Puddin'!" She shimmed off him. She sprinted to the bathroom, and he heard the shower turn on.

Harley finished curling her golden locks, then stepped back to admire her handiwork. She had styled her hair so it hung straight behind her fully with the exception of a twist segment she done down the middle.

She put on a fair amount of eye make-up and orchid lipstick. She had to admit, not having to put on and wear that grease heavy white face pain was a god send. It was a pain to wash off and took a long time to apply in the first place.

While Harley was using the main bathroom Naruto was using the other one. He didn't have much to do in regards to his hair. He just made sure his face was completely smooth and clean shaven. After his shoe he put on a light amount of cologne. He was going to put on the red dress shirt that Harley picked out for him. Harley really had a thing for the colors red and blue, no matter their shade.

"Nar! I'm reeeeeeeady!" Harley called out just as Naruto finished putting on his dress shoes.

Naruto looked up and his eyes widened at the vision of loveliness that was Harley. He looked her up and down with a calculating and appreciating look.

She was wearing an orange dress that clung to her quite tightly. There was no straps and it was low cut enough to show off her bountiful breasts. The heals she wore emphasized her long and lean legs and made her backside give off quite the nice jiggle.

"Liking what you see honey?" she replied with a purr.

"Definitely," he said as he walked over and wrapped his arms around her. He playfully pawed at her backside causing her to giggle. "But orange? Really? I get people associate me with orange, but I like other colors to you know."

"Oh, sorry," Harley's face dropped from what was a perceived goof off.

"Hey, come on," he placed a kiss on the bridge of her nose causing her to squeak then let out a giggle. "You look great Harley, just don't feel like you have to dress outside what you like to please me, kay?"

"Well, will I get a treat for my troubles?" she asked as she began trailing her finger along his chest.

"More then a treat." His fingers sunk into her cheeks causing Harley to moan as he lifted her up for a passionate kiss. Their lips locked as Harley moved her hands on the back of Naruto's head and guided her fingers through his spiky locks.

Both moaned in their affectionate embrace and looked each other in the eyes as their tongues tasted and rubbed against one another. Naruto caressed her as he wagged his tongue against hers and she deeply blushed as their tongues wrestled.

While their tongues warred, Harley felt herself becoming hot with passion and lust as she felt his biceps and abdomen before closing her eyes in bliss. Naruto ended the kiss and started licking Harley's neck as she mewled from him doing so.

"Puddin if we keep this up we won't even make it out of the apartment." Harley seductively purred.

"Then we'll have to save that later." He said as he laid his forehead down against hers. "Okay my little vixen let's head out to dinner."

The two of them arrived to one of the more expensive restaurants in the city. Harley seemed to be taken in by the atmosphere and look at the place. Naruto had to admit the infrastructure was impressive with the restaurant and bar as layered, plush, and richly detailed as a grand hotel. Using sumptuous materials and meticulous craftsmanship, it had a sense of history and tradition. The center piece of the restaurant had to be the 24-foot-long mahogany bar, which was guarded by carved elephants.

It didn't take them long to get sorted. Their waiter was a rather tall man who was bald, but had a rather thick yet well kept black beard.

"Your best bottle of your Bordeaux blend." He looked to Harley. "Are you okay with that or would you like something else?"

"I'm fine with that." she answered.

"I'll be right back, madam, sir." He replied as he left.

The pair scanned their menus before finally deciding on what they wanted. "We're ready to make our order." He told the server who arrived. "I want stuffed lamb breast with lemon, ricotta, and orenga with an order of crab cake."

The waiter finished the order before turning to the other blonde. "And you madam?"

"Braised Lamb Shanks With Fish sauce." Harley didn't get a chance to have much lamb and was not going to miss out on a chance to have some. "Oh and for the appetizer I would like an order of fried shrimp!"

An hour and a half passed and most of their meal was done. Naruto and Harley spend more time flirting then eating which made the meal last so much longer.

"Naruto," She began, reaching across the table to put her hand on top of his. Whenever she called him by his given name that meant she was being completely serious. "I just wanted to say thank you. I know you don't like talking about...him. But if I were still him I could never imagine have a date like this. I always had to be so careful not to set him off or I'd find myself on the end of a beating. Making excuses...justifying why it was my fault, but you showed showed me how a healthy relationship should be..." Her smile made her soft features glow. Her bright blue eyes gazed into his. "Naruto...I...I love you..." she admitted completely seriously and sincerely. Naruto realized just how serious Harley's feelings were now. "...and it's okay if you don't love..." she was cut off as he got up and captured her lips with a kiss that left the blonde breathless. When he pulled out her eyes fluttered a bit.

"I...I like you Harley. I definitely hold a lot of affection for you. Honestly, I can't out right say I'm in love with you because we don't have those experiences , but I am open to the idea of growing close to you and loving you. I hope that's enough for now."

While she was disappointed that once more she was a bit more in love with the person then the person she was with being in love with her, this time she had hope that with time it would be reciprocated. "For now, its good enough." He said as the two of them shared another loving kiss to cap off what was a nice pleasant evening.