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This idea has been in my mind but I can't find my notepad to write it down the parts I imagined yet. So, I decided to post them up for now since it could end up being deleted if I left it on my comp. It is a mess right now so this would be a very mini spoiler I guess of what to come. It's rather bad but hopefully when I find my notepad I can write it out and repost this page. For now you will have to deal with this. Its rather short as well since I only had some of the dialogue thought out. On repost dialogue may or may not change depending on how the rewritten chapter will look.

I was inspired to do a fic like this beacause of this Naruto Hentai Doujinshi I was reading. 'Ninja Dependence vol. 1'

Warnings: Genderbending, rape, and etc.


"Sasuke-kun! Naruto!"

"Orochimaru! What are you doing here!"
"My, my Anko. Haven't you grown."

"You know when we were told of this mission. Orochimaru-san told us the Uchiha was a boy."
"Oi, Dosu, how about we have a little fun with them first. After all, they would be dead soon."
"Kin, hold down the pink haired girl so she doesn't get in our way."

"No! Stop!"


Oh damn! I cannot believe I forgot to put this poll up! Grr!But I remember and this poll is important to the first chapter I'm going to rewrite. This isn't the repost I was going to do but when you forget, you forget.

Poll: Do you wish for Team 10(ShikaInoCho) to appear? Yes or No. If yes do you wish for it to before, after or during Sakura's 'attack'.

I'm not going to make Team Gai appear at this like in canon plus the 'attack' is something else. Vote Please! Poll ends when new chapter is reposted.