Thief Kings Love

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There wasn't much in the world that could phase the king of thieves.
Nothing expect for his stunning beautiful lover.
The ex harem boy of the pharaoh was smart, a bit evil, caring for his new master, and of course gorgeous.
Shoulder length hair shined like the desert sun.
Lavender eyes glimmered like a beautiful jewel.
Lips and skin as soft as the finest Egyptian silk.

The finest of all gems in all the world.
Malik Ishtar was a rare find indeed.
Bakura imagined with glee at how enraged the pharaoh had been to awaken the next morning and find Malik missing.
It had been three years ago when Bakura had taken Malik for himself.
Three since he had fallen heavily for the boy that could only be one of Ra's angels.

Malik's beauty emitted from the inside as well as the outside.
The little things he would do would still make Bakura's heart skip a beat.
His laugh, his smile, his touch, his kiss, they all sent a jolt to Bakura's system.
This boy had some how manage to worm his way into the white haired Egyptians heart of ice.

He had managed to calm all the inner demons Bakura had harbored growing up.
To lessen his rage to kill Yami.
To tame him like the wild beast that was Bakura.
If it had meant having Malik stay by his side the white haired man wouldn't mind giving up all these things.

To keep Malik by his side he would happily give up all the treasure in his crept.
Change his way.
Hell he would even make friends with High Priest Seth if it was what his desert rose requested.

But Malik said his love for Bakura made him want none of these.
Malik loved him for who he was and wouldn't ask him to change for anything in the world.
Malik would stay by his side until the day he died.