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Chapter 2: Coffee Anyone?

Jade's POV:

I grumble, the blaring alarm clock waking me up. I'm immediately pissed, irritated at the measly machine that woke me up. I open my eyes a little, scanning the room. My eyes find spot the clock with a knowing gleam, I wrench it apart using a pen that had conveniently been found next to the pitiful victim. Sighing contentedly, I droop back down on the pillow, pulling the covers higher, to hide from the sun. Only to be woken up again, this time by my gorgeous boyfriend.

"Well thanks Jade, that was my 2nd alarm clock that you broke in 3 days." says Beck, surveying the wreckage of wires and plastic.

"Mmmhnnngg" I mumble incoherently into the pillow..

By now, Beck was already changed and ready for school.

"Jade, it's time to get up now" he says, gentle shaking me. I slap his hand away. "Mmmhnnngg!" I mumble again.

"You know that you're not making any sense right?" he asks me. I can just imagine him, his right eyebrow raised, his expression exasperated and his brown eyes filled with love. I open my eyes and sure enough, that's what I see.

"Beck?" I ask as I stretch out on his bed.

"Yes?" he answers. His face was unbearably close now, and he leaned in for a deep kiss, and as much as I wanted to continue, I pull away. Beck pouts. I giggle, I doubt anyone at Hollywood Arts has ever seen this side of Beck, let alone see him pout. His adorable-ness was only mine to see.

"Beck!" I say again.


"Where's my coffee?"

He smiles, "Right there," he says pointing at the table at the far right. I sigh then pull off the blankets and got up. I walk to the table, my coffee inches from my fingertips when it is suddenly whipped away. Into Beck's hands.

"Beck," I warn raising my eyebrow. He smirks lifting the white styrofoam cup into the air, toying with it.

"You want this?" he taunts.

"Give it to me." I yell stalking over to him, but he lifts it up high over his head, where I can't reach it.

"BECK!" I yell, " Give. It. To. Me" I say enunciating each word, "NOW!" I scream hitting his chest. But Beck knows I hardly have any energy before drinking my coffee. Soon enough, I'm tired and fall to the floor, coffee deprived.

"Beck, when I get my coffee, I swear, you'll wish you'd never woken me up," I threaten. Beck just sits down next to me, and to my surprise, takes a sip of the coffee. My jaw drops.

"Beck," I seethe, and I glare so hard I see him visibly draw back.

"JUST GIVE ME THE DAMN COFFEE!" I scream and I pounce on him.

He leaps back and no matter how far I reach or jump, my deprived body just can't do it.

"Oh my god! Beck! Just give me the coffee!" I pant, exhausted.

"What's the magic word?" he teases.

"Please?" I'm practically begging now.

He passes me the coffee, and I gulp it all down greedily. I've never drank coffee as good as the one Beck makes. I don't know how he does it, but it seems to get better every time. I've never told him this obviously, nothing worse than a guy with an inflated ego.

"You never fail to impress me on how much you'd do for coffee." he says, smiling. I look up from the cup to glare at him. He smirks and puts an arm around my shoulders pulling me toward him. I shake him off, still pissed, but his warm eyes stop me in my tracks. I've always felt such trust in those eyes. They'd never let me down.

Yesterday had been a pretty bad day. He'd stomped back home after a non-profitable day. The cursing began after just a few swigs from the bottle, I was a good for nothing piece of shit in his eyes. I didn't mind that much though, it wasn't anything I hadn't heard before. He went on, complaining on how all his money was all being wasted on me and that stupid art school of mine. I knew it wasn't true, I hardly had enough money for lunch, and he didn't pay the bills, I was there on scholarship. Besides that, my father was the CEO of a huge company. He had enough money to cover for 7 children's worth of school fees easily, but no, most of his salary was spent on expensive liquor and drugs.

I had known him long enough to figure out the best option now, to flee. It was nearly 6 anyway, might as well get to Beck's early.

I grabbed my purse and strode to the door when I heard him.

"Where do you think you're going? Hmmm? My little Jadey." I froze from fear, that tone, I could have picked it out in a crowd of millions. It is a voice that haunts me.

I immediately turned the knob, I just need to get out if here. Big mistake. He grabbed me roughly and slammed me against the wall. I tried to run, as I always do, screaming, kicking and shoving, but it always went his way. This time it was the phone that saved me. His office had called, something about missing files. He was furious, kicking me hard on my back. I was shaking, crying silent tears. He'd said he was going to the office, that when he came back he didn't want to see me. Then finally, he spat on me and walked away.

It hurt, it wasn't the first time, I mean you'd expect me to be used to it by now, but the tears streaming down my face contradicted to that thought. When I was younger, I used to think my father was the strongest man in the world. I went around my kindergarten, telling everyone about how my dad kicked ass, while the teacher scolded me, wondering where I'd learned such vulgarities. Now I realized I had been right all along. And it wasn't just anyone's ass he kicked, it was mine.

By the time he was done with me, it was already past 11, I stumbled up the stairs and took a quick shower. Then I basically smothered concealer and foundation on every patch of red I saw. There was a cut on my leg where he'd pushed me onto the corner of the table. I quickly plastered that up as well. I lined my eyes with black and comb my hair.

Once i was done, I grabbed my purse and left, running for my car. I drove down the driveway, turning into the road. I went down the route I knew like the back of my hand. The route that would take me to Beck's. I was nearing his neighborhood when I caught sight of myself in the rear view mirror.

I was a mess. My eyes were red from all the crying and my face was so pale the patches of concealer stood out like a sore thumb. I had applied it all over my face, but my tears seemed to have wiped some away. I parked at the side of the road and reached into my purse to fish the beige powder out, but my fingers shook so much that the whole compact fell somewhere under the seat. I swore, scolding myself for being so weak. I tried taking deep breaths, unable to control my lungs.

I needed him. I needed Beck.

Swearing again, I left the car, slamming the door. Still breathing heavily, I made my way over to his RV. I wondered what he would say when he saw me. I wanted him to hold me tight and wipe away my tears. I wanted him to tell me it was all going to be okay and that he'd always love me. Forever and ever.

I was in sight of the house when Beck suddenly opened the door, but it wasn't to let me in, he was letting his father out. He said something to him, and he laughed out loud. His smile made my heart melt. Then suddenly, I turned around walking back the way I came. I couldn't see him now, he didn't deserve to see me this way. I would ruin everything. I picked up my pace and started a run. I didn't want anyone to see me. Especially Beck.

I knew there was a deserted playground around this area, so I headed there. I sat on the swings, trembling as I sobbed. My phone buzzed a couple of times and i knew it was Beck. But I couldn't trust myself to speak without having my voice break halfway, however good an actress i was. I just sat there, swinging. Swinging and trying to let go of everything.

Finally I left. I was pretty sure the makeup had probably faded, but it was so dark, I doubted anyone could see me at all.

I reached his RV and knocked softly.

"Beck?" I asked. No one replied.

Who was I kidding? It was probably past 3 anyway. I sighed and began to hit the door with my purse. For a while nothing happened, I raised my arm to hit the door once again when Beck suddenly opened it.

"Finally! What took you so long? I was starting to think you'd died," I say and I can tell he's annoyed by my late visit. I plomped down on his bed, perfectly contented just being surrounded by his scent. We began to argue about the door and the key. I barely paid attention to what we're saying, talking back was one of my specialties after all.

He started to tickle me, and I begged him to stop. He didn't, of course. I could feel my mood getting better by the second, and it hadn't even been 2 minutes. When he started kissing me, I kissed him back, just as passionately, if not more. My whole body was screaming from the joy of his touch. He was all I could ever ask for. I would be happy all my life if I could just be with him. But happy endings like that are rare, and sure enough, he soon pulls away from me. Following his gaze, I knew that he saw something. I had told him everything about a year ago, when he'd first spotted one of my many bruises. When he'd first heard, he wanted to do something, get social service or call the police. It had taken a lot of persuasion and strength just to keep him from murdering my father himself. I didn't want everyone to know. I didn't want anyone to know.

Beck calmed down after a while, besides I was usually able to run out before anything happened so episodes like these weren't common.

"Jade," he says, and the concern and anguish in his voice is just overwhelming. So I looked at him.

He's looked at me too, and I knew he was finding the places he'd hit me.

He kissed them before asking: "Does it hurt?" his voice was so soft, I couldn't help but smile. Not anymore, I thought to myself as I shook my head. All felt now was the warmth from his lips.

Then he lied down and I snuggled closer, he stroked my hair gently.

"Beck?" I asked, suddenly remembering something.

"Hmmm?" he responded.

"I lost your key," I said sheepishly, and I could tell he was trying not to laugh. I scowled.

"Don't worry babe," he told me, "I'll always be here to open the door." he said and we both smile.

Beck was shocked when I didn't retaliate, "Jade?" his voice pulled me back to the present.

"Don't get used to this," I smirked before leaning in for a kiss. I could tell he was still a bit confused but when I deepened the kiss, he played along, the coffee long forgotten...(:

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